Here’s a list of the speakers we’ve got lined up for this year with links to their pages! (not entirely updated yet)

One of the best things about CTCW is that not only can you go to their workshops, and see some of them on panels, but you can speak to them during the conference, talk to them about how they learned what they know, you can share both your questions and experiences. We may not have huge “names”, but that keeps the conference affordable, and we still pick people who know what they are talking about, and have a passion to share it.

Sha Blackburn (Loonwitch)
Steven Blais
Dan Casar

Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue

Lois Fitzpatrick

Brother Granite

Luna Hacker

Thor Halvorsen

Raven Kaldera

Catherine Kane

Sean Kane (Starwolf)

Mary (Mama)Kimball

Christopher LaFond

Lailani Martinez  (can’t make it this year)

Mockingbird (Francis Braunlich)

HPS Sarah Livermore

Rebecca Obozuar

SacredOwl Q Quinones
Kathleen OBrian
David Rea
Anne Rutherford
Sophia Kelly Shultz

Gretchen Schork

Jane Sibley

Ariel Sirocco

Kathryn Smith

Davis Sprague

Patty Taylor


Kirk White


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