Lailani (The Grey Goddess) is a Healing Facilitator, Diviner, Espiritista, Magickal Practitioner and Educator with over 23 years of experience.

As a Diviner, she connects with Spirit, spirit guides, ancestors, past lives, and the subconsciousness of her clients to assess their current situation and offer practical guidance. Her style is straightforward, yet compassionate; serious, yet humorous; real, yet unbelievable. In order to establish a strong connection with the client’s Spirit guides, Lailani uses “Tactile Perception” in her readings. 

Lailani had to cancel for 2019
How to work with the Energy of Anger
Emotions like anger, hatred, grief, jealousy, depression, rage, etc…are considered lower vibrational energies, falling on the side of the fear-based spectrum. But what if we could learn to use these energies in our our magick, in our healing, for our spirits?
This discussion intends to show the student practices on how to properly transmutate these lower vibrational energies for your healing as well as how to make them work for you in your magick.

Reading the Flames; Fire Divination
Candles are so much more than an ingredient in your magick, a source of light on your altar, or an offering for your spirits. They are also a wonderful form of communication between you and your god(s)/spirits and can be used to divine for others.
In this discussion, learn how to read candles and their flames. Add a new skill to your magickal and spiritual toolbox!

Spiritual Self Care: Healing the Wounded Healer
Panels: Sometimes a Stick is Just a Stick
Healers and Personal Responsibility
Self-care in a Magical World

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