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What is this conference about?
It’s an interfaith Supernatural/ Paranormal/ Metaphysical conference. We explore alternative views of reality, healing, divination, energy work and spiritual practice.
Our goal is to provide hands-on, how-to workshops on all things “occult” (Supernatural/ Paranormal/ Metaphysical), and also to get past the “introductory level” to the most useful techniques and tools.
We include folklore and exploration of diverse spiritual paths as the spirit world is integrated and interactive with the physical world.
All paths are welcome and respected. Respect is fundamental as our other large goal is to bring those from different backgrounds together (for example those who study ESP, and those who study magick, those who pray and those who cast spells, those who study and those who do) together so that we can share our experiences and wisdom, and build on them together.
If you want a better idea of what it’s about, keep coming back and checking out the guest blogs on the Good Stuff Here page. Sometimes our speakers will be doing guest blogs.


Our goals:
To teach effective, practical use of energy work and magick;

To encourage intermediate and advanced work, classes and presentations;

To better grasp the history of esoteric studies and spiritual practices;

To foster communication between the communities who study and practice these.


When is the conference?

November 15th through 17th ; we open Friday at noon, (classes will start at between noon and 3 depending upon how many classes we can cram in) until Sunday afternoon.

Where is the conference? (for my GPS)

Honor’s Haven Resort
1195 Arrowhead RoadEllenville, NY 12428


How do I get there? Is there public transportation to the con?

There is a Short Line Bus route that offers a stop at Honor’s Haven, making public transportation easy from Manhattan.  

The closest Airport is Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, NY.  

All travel information can be found here:  Honor’s Haven DIRECTIONS and MAP


How much does the conference cost? Are there discounts?

Registration for the full conference is $99

$10 for a shopping pass (vendors room only)
$40 for one day pass, Friday or Sunday only/

$50 for one day pass Saturday only

There are special rates for rooms booked in our hotel block.  Visit HERE.  

Kids under 12 free.
$5 discount for students, seniors, and groups of more than 5 people registering together
Volunteers can earn discounts, even get in free. Contact us to find out how.

How much does it cost to vend/read at CTCW?

Vendors get registration and one table for $175, $75 for extra table, $50 for registration for a vendor’s assistant.

Our reader spaces are filled with a waiting list.  Limited vendor spaces are still available.  


Are you still accepting Workshop proposals?

No, here’s the form if you want to join us next year.

Where can I find the Schedule?

We are finalizing the 2019 schedule and we will post that as soon as it is available. 

Are there Press Passes available?
Yes, although we expect all members of the press who are admitted to be respectful of any attendees or speakers who do not wish to be photographed or interviewed. Press Release here:
How big is the conference?
We expect 200+ this year. We run 3-4 workshops and panels at the same time, and have 25+ speakers, and dozens of classes, hands-on workshops, healing rites, a concert, raffle, auction and a ballroom filled with amazing vendors, readers, and healing practitioners. 
Please join us on our facebook group with any suggestions or just to talk about this stuff between now and then. Let us know about your events.
Is there food available at the conference?
This resort has a food plan for those who are staying on site, they say they can feed you no matter what your diet, just let them know.  Commuting guests can purchase meal tickets at the front desk of the hotel upon arrival. There is a cafe in the hotel open for a more affordable lunch option.  There are local eateries and restaurants within 1+ miles of the resort.
There are also nearby copy shops, drug stores, and anything else we could think of looking for.
Our Hospitality will be offering a few healthy snacks for our presenters and vendors. If you have allergies or special needs, you must tell us in advance so we can do our best not to trigger them. This is NOT competing or replacing the resort food plan, but a way to keep you grounded as the conference generates a great deal of spiritual and emotional and intellectual energy, and we understand how food helps ground.  Hospitality will be offering snack-type items only, and does not provide meals.  
If you’d like to help, hospitality is accepting donations. Healthy bottled drinks (water), and foods are welcome. Please avoid and label anything that could trigger allergies. (nuts, gluten, milk, soy, corn, eggs, etc.)
Hospitality is also organizing and accepting donations for the Raffle (to help with our expenses), which will be held Saturday nights after the concert. You can buy raffle tickets in the Hospitality Suite.
How handicapped accessible are you?
The facilities are handicapped accessible. No Smoking.
Can I bring my dog?Cody and MaryAlyce
Honor’s Haven only allows Service Dogs on premise. Please arrange this with the hotel in advance.
Will there be entertainment?
This year Chris LaFond is performing a concert Saturday evening after dinner, and there is likely to be spontaneous singing in hospitality.
Will there be rituals?
There will be a Norseworking on Saturday is a powerful healing ritual,  and a there may be other guided meditations and small rituals in the workshops. We do not promote any ritual practice or group of practices. It would be difficult if not impossible to separate spiritual practices from energy working, and we are trying to reach out to everyone. This is an interfaith conference. We’d like it if various faiths could explain and perhaps show each other what their rituals are like, but there will be no rituals that include any participant who doesn’t volunteer for it. Opening and  ceremonies will not be rituals.
Will there be special activities for Children?
We have not before this,  but are discussing it. Please let us know if having programs for young people would be welcome, although we are emphatically not venturing into child care. We love young people, but don’t expect them to join their parents unless they are interested in learning magick and developing their abilities. Clearly people learn different skills at different ages, so if they are ready to learn, we will welcome them. Do let us know if you and your friends need this sort of programming. (We can look for speakers eager to teach the young the basics- like grounding and centering, dowsing, healing, herbs, ethics, and the whole “when to keep silent” bit.)  Honor’s Haven has extensive recreational activities.  Please visit their website for activities that your children may enjoy.  
Can I advertise in the program booklet? How about on the website?
Yes, the costs are here. Please contact us about website banner exchange.
How can I become part of the conference?
Like our Facebook page. Join the Facebook group.  Follow us on Instagram.  
Most of the people in the Facebook group are presenters, dealers, volunteers etc. We talk about what we want the conference to be, and how to make it happen. This is where you can arrange ride and room shares, or volunteer for security, or other help.
How can I help get the word out?
We’d love to have you put up a poster at your local bookstore, library, school, church or anywhere else you think others who come there would like to know about us. There are posters in black and white and color you can download and print.  Contact us for a current copy.

Next year’s CTCW will probably be November 13-15 (it’s not locked in yet). The theme will be Stillness and Holding Space.


More Questions? Please contact us.








Honor’s Haven Resort
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