Kathryn has been a student of the esoteric in various forms since the mid 1980’s, and began studying with R. J. Stewart in 1996. Since then she been exploring both the Western esoteric traditions and fairy lore. She’s currently pursuing advanced studies in teaching esoteric topics with R. J. Stewart and Anastacia Nutt. Under the pen name Kathryn Scannell, she has published several short stories and a novel.


Kabbalah: Concepts and Historical Overview

Publish your Own Tarot or Oracle Deck


Using Tarot in Fiction Writing

Publish your Own Tarot Deck


Mapping the Major Arcana on the Tree of Life: A Survey of Systems


Cleansing – Not Just for Sacred Spaces

Crafting a Guided Meditation

Basic Grounding and Centering


Finding the Right Teacher-

Speaking and Presentation Tricks for Teaching and Ritual


Deathwork and Animal Companions

Ancestors of Spirit: Ancestorwork for the Disconnected

Hidden Magic: Esoteric teachings from traditional Ballads and Folktales


Introduction to work with the Inner Convocation and Inner Temples

A Visit to the Crossroads – contacting Faery allies for sacromagical work

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