Larry Obern

Larry Obern is a third generation Family Traditionalist.  He has worked with Ecumenicon as a teacher for several years.  He was ordained as a priest by the following Organizations:  ULC, Nomadic Chantry of the Gramarye, and Ecumenicon Fellowship.  He continues his clergy under the auspices of the ULC, and Nomadic chantry of the Gramarye.  He has taught basic level classes, as well as the more advanced forms of the same classes.  He offers a wide variety of classes usually at each conference he attends, and allows the Organizers to fit his classes into their Conference.


Otherworld Relations

Advanced Techniques  Center, Ground, Shield

Chaos and Order – finding balance in two magical systems


Center, Ground, Shield

Grounding Review

Psychic EMT- Metaphysical First Response

Psychic Self Defense


Ground Center Shield  101, Advanced Ground, Center, & Shield, Other World Relations, and Psychic EMT


Nightmares and Demons, The Other Kind, Role Playing Games as Worship, and Wards and Barriers


Advanced Ground, Center, & Shield, Psychic EMT, Nightmares & Demons

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