Akichita Wakan’: Way of the Sacred Warrior-

Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Throughout human history, there have been those warriors who have achieved metaphysical awaking and spiritual growth through the intense discipline and practice of their martial lifestyle. From the Shaolin Monks of China, the Native American Warrior Societies, the Samurai of Japan, the Holy Orders of Knighthood, etc., come some of the most selfless and enlightened people in history. Learn how the path of a sacred warrior can be used to achieve spiritual and metaphysical growth, as well as experiencing first-hand the calm eye of the storm center through actual physiomeditative exercises and techniques. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in and a mat for the floor if they wish.

Alchemical Gold – Ariel Sirocco

The Art of Alchemy has often been referred to as the True Mother of all magical arts.  This lecture by Ariel Sirocco, teacher of manifestation and energetics of The Akashic Temple, has often been referred to as “A Feast in One Serving.”  If you’ve always wondered but never understood what all the fuss was about regarding the secrets of alchemy, and more importantly its history, here is your opportunity to take your fill. Full PowerPoint presentation.

 Ancestors in Norse and Sámi Traditions- Jane Sibley

Naming customs of descendants were a part of Norse life. In some cases, noble families (or wannabee nobles) claimed a god as their clan father as a means of legitimizing their nobility. In other cases, a deceased ancestor might order a given course of events, including the naming of a baby. One could also, in trance, contact ancestors for advice or help.

Ancestors of Spirit: Ancestorwork for the Disconnected- Kathryn Smith

Ancestorwork has been getting a lot of attention, and can be very helpful, but in modern American society many of us look at it in bafflement. In every workshop on ancestor work taught from the perspective of a tradition where ancestor veneration is part of the cultural fabric there are people who look at it hungrily and say “But I don’t know anything about my family. I’m an orphan. I’m adopted. All my immediate relatives are nasty people. My parents won’t talk about their ancestry, or they don’t know. Or this is for a particular ethnic group and I don’t belong to it. I’m a little bit of everything. What can I do?” Physical ancestors are not the only kind of ancestors you can work with. Ancestors of spirit are a valid path, and can provide many of the same benefits as ancestors of blood, but you get to pick them. They’re the people whose lives have inspired you, venerated teachers, shining examples of the things that are important in your life. We’ll talk about how identify them, and what you can do with them. We’ll also look briefly at the idea that you may be one for someone else someday too.

 Being the Change- Sue McIntosh

We can be both humans doing and humans being by practicing centering, discernment, awareness, health and fusion of body, mind and soul.

Break Down Blocks with E.F.T. …  – Catherine Kane

The mind-body connection is one of the greatest forces of Nature there is- so, why can’t we make it work to our benefit more often? Often it’s because of our beliefs and fears, conscious or unconscious, that block our dreams and goals, and keep us from attaining our highest good.

Create Your Sentence of Passion – Corbie Mitleid

Your “Sentence of Passion” is not who you are, or what you do, or even how you do it— it’s your “vapor trail”, what you leave behind in every encounter. Be ready to dig into your history, your beliefs and your dreams. Find out what is at the core of your reason for being Here this time. Take home the secret for making every part of your life come alive with meaning, assuring that no matter where you are, you’re in the Right Place at the Right Time.  Bring a notebook and pen, and come on time. Limited space.

Deathwork and Animal Companions- Kathryn Smith

Our animal companions are friends, familiars, chosen family. Yet they are not honored as such in our society. What actions do we need to take when they pass, both for ourselves and for them? Our grief for them is no less real than for a human family member or friend, but society as a whole gives it far less respect. We need to seek solutions for that, both for ourselves and for those we may be called on to counsel if we are priests or priestesses. This workshop will discuss both practical and spiritual aspects of dealing with the loss of beloved companion, in terms which can be applied to a variety of traditions. No specific ritual methods will be taught. Instead we’ll discuss concepts and principles, so that you can go home and find ways to express them in the context of the traditions you follow. This workshop is about giving you tools, not off the shelf solutions.

Deck-a-Dance Corbie Mitleid

Designing your own Spreads and Finding your Own Intuitive Voice. Bring an oracle/divination deck that is NOT Tarot-based. Tarot has thousands of volumes, courses, and instructors to give the ins and outs on how to use those familiar 78 keys of wisdom. But what do you do with the new decks that have nothing to do with standard Tarot archetypes?  Because there is not “tradition” associated with them, there’s no standard way to read them. (Limited space)

And that’s where the adventure begins. Join psychic medium and Certified Professional Tarot Reader Rev. Corbie Mitleid for an afternoon of discovery. Learn how to design your own spreads for nontraditional decks and read them in a whole new way. No experience required- just an open  ability to think outside the (card) box! (list of recommended decks will be here in a few weeks)

Essential Oils – Colleen McCartney

Colleen will help you learn to take care of yourself naturally with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. You will learn what essential oils are, how they work, and the how to use them. Colleen travels teaching classes; empowering others to take charge of themselves with informed self-care. Genuinely caring about how she can help you improve your life, Colleen is able to show you how using the purest oils can make many improvements to your life.
Because these are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils you can use them as daily dietary supplements as part of your daily regime as well as clear migraines, relieve cramps and menopausal symptoms; release anxiety, aches and pain; get rid of insomnia; treat infections, bug bites, and other health related problems in a holistic and natural way and at a lower cost.

Contact at : 571.306.2110 Colleen@godoterra.com

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Guest Right- Robert Nolan

The laws of hospitality in the modern world.  A Socratic discussion on the roles the laws of hospitality play on modern pagan ethics and moral judgement, framed in a historical context. From Sodom and Gomorra, to the Lokshana, Together we will probe the expectations and obligations of guests and hosts in this world as compared to the ancient. When are you obliged to welcome someone into your house? If you are a guest, what should you do for your host? what shouldn’t you do? This is part one of the Modern Old Laws series.Prerequisites: A brain, a voice and a willingness to use them(unattended brains will be fed to zombies)

Hidden Magic: Esoteric teachings from traditional Ballads and Folktales- Kathryn Smith

Did you ever wonder why some ballads with the same story spring up everywhere? Some of them make sense because they’re about being human. There are murders and lovers triangles everywhere. But others are a little different. Looking at the images within them, you can sometimes tease out bits of hidden lore, and that hidden lore is part of why they stick in people’s heads even when they don’t seem to make sense. We’ll look at the esoteric imagery behind some English/Scottish ballads and tales.

Honoring the Moments- Laura Wildman Hanlon

Birth, Marriage and Death…Rites of passage offer a time for rituals to help asknowledge and celebrate the special moments in time when an individual’s life takes a major change. This panel will discuss the various Rites of Passage and how to create personal rites to hornor those moments.

Into the Dark: Working With Our Shadow- Seanara Coyote

At Samhain-tide, the dark time of the year, we do shadow work. Shadow is, in Jungian terms, those parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of, despise, or try to negate or hide. Shadow work is the shamanic journey into the West, working with the Jaguar, the power animal of the west. Jaguar operates on an emotional level. The emotional residue of past trauma can stay with us, tainting our current happiness, affecting the stories we tell ourselves, negatively impacting our present and limiting our future. Only when we are willing to go down into the gates of death, face our fears, confront painful memories that are holding us back from living to our highest potential and transcending them can we move forward and come out the other side.

This class will include a discussion of how fear limits us, how to move past our fears, and a guided meditation where we will journey with the Jaguar, the Morrigan and the Dark God, the leader of the Wild Hunt and ask them to help us face and transcend a persistent fear and/or limiting belief about ourselves.

Suggested reading:
The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker
Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo

Intro to Flower Essence Counseling – Ellen Evert Hopman

A slide show of flowers used in this counseling technique, based on the Doctrine of Signatures. Spiritual affirmations are a vital part of this healing modality. Ellen Evert Hopman M.Ed. is the author of SCOTTISH HERBS AND FAIRY LORE, A DRUID’S HERBAL FOR THE SACRED EARTH YEAR, WALKING THE WORLD IN WONDER – A CHILDREN’S HERBAL and other volumes.


Many spiritual entities act according to obscure rules of debts and favors. From the creatures of faery, to Semitic daemons, to the gods of the Norse, they all hold themselves to laws of lien and obligation. By learning to manage and trade these debts the practitioner can learn to tread the other worlds in more safety.

Little Manifestations – Catherine Kane

We are always manifesting- so why don’t we manifest something better? The world is made of energy and our own energy determines the things, people and experiences in our lives. Better energy-better life. The trick’s knowing how to use your energy to manifest the life you want.

This class is about doing just that. It’s about the little manifestations- easy, quick, fun and practical ways to attract or create a more positive world around you. It’s about avoiding resistance, so you don’t end up sabotaging yourself. It’s about choosing what you manifest.

Are you manifesting something better? Learn how. All experience levels welcome.

Making Kitchen Medicines – Ellen Evert Hopman

In celebration of Ellen Evert Hopman’s newest book THE SECRET MEDICINES OF YOUR KITCHEN (mPowr Publishing) learn to make simple home remedies from the foods and spices already in your kitchen. The book is suitable for beginning herbalists and children, with gorgeous full color illustrations, copies will be available for signing.

This is a lecture, no special equipment needed. A table and chairs is good because folks usually take notes.

Medieval Dagger – Sir Christian Tobler

This hands-on class will provide an overview of the techniques of dagger combat in the Middle Ages. Drawing from several historic German sources, we’ll learn how these methods can be applied with and without a weapon in hand, and even explore how they might apply to today’s self-defense needs.

Meeting the Handmaidens of Frigga – Linda Demissy

Norse Gods get two books full of stories. Goddesses get two pages. What’s a gal to do if she wants to rediscover their sacred stories and honor them properly? For over two years, I’ve spent a month with each of Frigga’s twelve Handmaidens, offered a monthly spirit supper and collected stories I was given. Come hear what they’re all about, listening to a few of their stories of personal transformation and healing as each one goes through her own darkness to achieve greatness. Note that this workshop is nearly entirely based on personal gnosis, as each Goddess only has about one line’s worth of description in the lore.

Menopause: Embracing Your Inner Demon- Claire Fitzpatrick

Are you 45+, going through menopause and, metaphorically speaking, feel like a demon from hell with each hot flash?  Join Dr. Claire Fitzpatrick as she unravels just what is going on with you, how you can embrace your inner “demon,” and natural steps you can take to nourish your body as you undergo The Change.

The Mighty Dead in Norse Tradition – Jane Sibley

The deceased could be friendly or scary, or in many cases, singularly useful in both Pagan and Christian lore. Corpses, especially hung thieves and execution/murder tools (hangmans’ ropes, knives, bullets) were also of use in traditional magic and healing. We will explore the gjenganger (again-walker) and the draugr (drowned at sea), which could be pretty scary, as well as binding the deceased to his/her grave.

Nightmares and Demons- Spawn the Supreme Being

Things that go bump in the night are real. How to recognize them, deal with them, and make sure you are protected and safe from them. This covers things from a to z in the world of Things Looking at you for a snack. It also discusses how to prevent becoming a snack, and what to look for around you to show you what is up in mundania. Just remember sometimes the cake really is just a cake, and the cow really is just a cow….2 hours

Nine Sisters: Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Seas – Raven Kaldera

Today the oceans are threatened more than ever before in the history of the Earth. We tend to think that the seas are unimportant to us, but the Gods and Goddesses of the Oceans would disagree. In this workshop we’ll explore the ancient Norse deities of the cold northern seas, especially the Nine Sisters who are the daughters of Aegir and Ran, and who have begun to approach modern Pagans once again. Come and discover their magic, their danger, and their beauty – and learn more about the power of the seas, and how you can help. We’ll also have a short ritual to help heal the oceans.


A discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of applying old world ethics to modern situations. How can a person watch over those under their protection in this litigious age of the state? How can you redress dishonorable actions of another when tolerance is held paramount? Why is honor more than the trappings of respect and more important than ever before?

The Other Kind- Spawn the Supreme Being

What are the Other Kind? Who are they? Is there a group, or a government? What to do if confronted by one. This will cover the typical Other Kin that wander around in our world, and how to interact with them, without giving offense.

The Palmist Goes to Work (Money and Career in the Palm of Your Hand)- Catherine Kane

Love and money – the two most frequent topics asked about in readings. Given the gradual economic recovery, this advanced palmistry class will be focusing on prosperity, career and other ways that money comes into your life. Learn about career choice, income, multiple streams of income, job changes and the influence of luck vs. money, amongst other things.

Minimum prerequisite- Some experience with doing readings of any type. Advanced class, but will be adapted to the needs of the actual students.

Palmisty to aid in communication- Adam Latin – cancelled

Learn about how specific attributes of the palm show how an individual is most comfortable communicating.

 Pentagrams – Kathleen N’Astarte  one hour

full instructions on how to perform invoking and banishing pentragrams—12 of ’em

The Practical Empath… Empathy 101- Catherine Kane

Psychic empathy (sensitivity to emotional vibrations) can be a blessing, overwhelming, or anything in between. Learn skills to survive/thrive as an empath, such as shielding, protecting your energy, grounding negative energy,  positive uses for empathy, interacting with empaths and much more.

The Practical Necronomicon: From work of fiction to magickal path – Starwolf

Since it was first dreamed of by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920’s the Necronomicon has fascinated scholars with the question, “Does it actually exist?” Starwolf will discuss and display the various necronomicons produced since the 1960’s with the thesis that taken together they form the actual work of the “Mad Arab” and can be used as the basis for a magickal system.


Discussion and ritual focused on helping participants visualize prosperity and invoke the Divine and the spirits of nature to move us toward that vision. 2 hours

Reiki Level II – Maryalyce Merrit 

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)-

Prerequisite:  Students must have already completed Reiki Level I training, and have received the Level I attunements.  All students that sign up for Level II class are required to be able to offer proof of this and be able to tell me their lineage.  You may arrange in advance  by fax, scan, email, or snail-mail me a copy of your Reiki I Certificate or other acceptable proof. akashasjourney@aol.com
The Level II Attunement will be given.  Cho ku rei & Sei he ki symbols will be explained and given.  Students will be taught the proper hand placements to heal others when they are present.  We will work on each other to become comfortable with this energy and to gain confidence.  Students will also be taught a 20 minute healing for “treat ‘em & street ‘em” Reiki opportunities should they arise.

In the second session, distance healing for individuals will be taught.  The symbol of Hon sha ze sho nen will be given.  Please come to this class with the name of and permission of an individual that you know that would like to be sent Reiki healing over a distance.  Students will receive a set of written materials for this class, and upon completion will earn certification for Reiki II. Suggested materials:  A set of chakra crystals (available for sale at Akasha’s Journey), and a pen & paper to take notes.

We strongly recommend that this class also participate in the Healing Practice Session.

Reiki Level III – Maryalyce Merrit 

Master Teacher, Distance Healing Grids, How to Teach & Attune Others

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)

Prerequisites:  Completion & proof of having been attuned to & taught Level I & II Reiki.  Please see applicable forms of proof stated above. Reiki II available Saturday.
Students will be taught the Reiki Masters Symbol, Dia ko myo.  The Masters Attunement will be given.  Students will learn how to prepare and charge distance healing grids for groups of recipients. (Reiki crystal sets will be available for sale at Akasha’s Journey) They will also learn how to teach others Reiki, and most importantly how to attune.
Students will receive a Reiki grid, a set of written materials, and upon completion will earn certification of Reiki Master.
Materials:          Students will be required to have a set of Reiki grid crystals.  I will have them available for purchase at Akasha’s Journey.  It is also suggested that students bring a pen & paper to take notes.

Role Playing Games as Worship- Spawn the Supreme Being

This class shows how even mundane things can be made into a worship session. How to talk to your god without seeming weird. What to do in situations where you need to talk to your god, and know that he is listening. The class teaches what all people should know about gaming, and that not all the gods are represented the right way.

Introduction to Runes- Tchipakkan

The basic Elder Futharc, and Anglo-Frisian Futhorc will be presented, with history of the magickal and non-magickal uses. The three aitts, and a basic description of what each rune represents, as well as how they have and can be used. This is useful for anyone taking RúnValdr, but is good for anyone who’s interested in the Runes for magick or divination. 1 hour

Introduction to RúnValdr – Tchipakkan

This is a system of energy healing using Runes and another set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes or the attunement. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately. 1 hour

RúnValdr Activation- Tchipakkan

At this session we’ll give the attunements and start learning to use the system, including passing on attunements to others. You must have been to the Introduction to RúnValdr to be attuned. 1 hour

RúnValdr Advanced Practice –Tchipakkan

In this session we’ll practice healing, distance work, making magickal objects, and other things RúnValdr  enables you to do. Feel free to attend this if you have been attuned at any other event. I’ve discovered that when people have actually practiced with RúnValdr, they are more likely to use it when they leave the conference, because they’ve seen it work. If you get the attunement- please try to come to this practice session.1 hour

Sacred Geometry: the Point, the Circle, the Triangle, the Square –Ariel Sirocco

The Art of Sacred Geometry has been with us since time immemorial and has been a spiritual key in both Eastern and Western spirituality. Join Ariel Sirocco, teacher of manifestation and energetics of The Akashic Temple, as he helps you start your own journey of self-discovery. Learn how to create your own spiritual relationship with the world of forms and use the spiritual language of sacred geometry. Full PowerPoint presentation.

Sacred Meat And Leather: Being A Spiritual Omnivore – Raven Kaldera

While one’s choice of what food one chooses to eat is – and should be – a personal choice, there are ways of being omnivorous and utilizing the parts of a dead animal that are highly spiritual, and there are Pagan spiritual paths that support them. Let’s talk about the Hunter, John Barleycorn, and the ancestral contract between our species and our food animals, and whether we are still upholding it. Let’s talk about sacrifice – theirs and ours – and how to make honorable and reverential decisions about wielding Death.

Sacred Sexuality & Food- Claire Fitzpatrick

Food and sex have been inextricably associated with each other throughout the ages.  Is it true that some foods have an almost magical effect on sexual arousal and performance?  How much is too much of a good thing?  Dr. Claire Fitzpatrick presents a fascinating look at performance foods – in and out of the bedroom.

Soul Fusion – Sue McIntosh, M.D.

Identify and obey the nudgings of soul. By living “in the flow” and making choices each second, we create our own reality.

Spirit Suppers by Linda Demissy of Lokabrenna Kindred

There are many ways to get to know the Gods and enjoy their company, but the simplest one is to invite them over for supper. There aren’t any strange rites to do beyond being a good host; just serve them good food and drink and pay attention. Dumb suppers, named such because the spirit guest is mute, have been practiced for a long time to meet with dead loved ones but they work just as well to meet Pagan Gods. For a few years now, I’ve been hosting monthly suppers to befriend lesser known Goddesses and learn their lost stories. Come share your own experiences and hear what has worked best for us through trial and error in practicing the virtue of hospitality.

Symbolism in Selohaar Ceremony – Lady Maureen Chalmers

This class will present the structure and symbolism used in the group rituals of the Order of Selohaar. Focus will be given to various correspondences of the number three, representing the inner world, and those of the number four, representing the external world – all drawn from the Western mystical canon.

Tea Party and Manifestation- Starwolf and Catherine Kane

The Starwolf and Catherine

Totally Amateur

Tea leaf reading experiential Experience and Tea Party

(Possibly with Cookies…)

Wow, there are a lot of cool advanced classes here. This isn’t one of them.

The bad news? We’re not expert tea leaf readers. The good news? We’re professional psychics with over 40 years of experience apiece, and we find psychic skills often generalize between different methods. We invite you to join us for a gathering where we all sip tea, experiment with reading tea leaves and enjoy each other’s company. Tea and reference material provided. (We may also have cookies, if we feel ambitious.)
If possible, please bring your own teacup and saucer. If not, please come anyway. We’ll have disposables available. All experience levels welcome. Raised pinkies optional.

Taking Control: Creating Personalized Tarot Spreads- Laura Wildman Hanlon

Take control and write the story! Go beyond the common tarot readings and design your own spreads. Explore ways to answer challenging questions by fashioning spreads where the cards may interact, linking together to form a larger picture, and tell a story through which deeper personal insights may be gained. Prerequisits:  familiarity with tarot cards

Taking up the Shawl – Andrea Brenton

Women share a special place in the Community. We hold the “power” of the Cycles, that Men do not hold. We are the Keepers of the Water, Sisters of the Moon, and Daughters of the Earth. When a woman makes the deep decision to answer the call of her soul and begin the journey home to herself, she is picking up the shawl.  It is time for the Women to “Take up the Shawl”, accept our special Roles, and step into our place in the Communities in which we live. This is a journey of self-accountability, authenticity, compassion and love for herself. For only then, can she bring what is needed to the people.  This workshop is intended to be a Sharing, as well as teaching. It is important for us to learn from each other, to Gather in Circles, and assist in Awakening the Wisdom of our Hearts and Souls.  We will start with a Women’s Water Prayer ceremony, and the story of Selu, the Corn Mother, the 13 Moons.  A discussion of what we perceive as “roles”, and how we take them on.  How do we work at Healing ourselves, in order to carry that forward to the people?

Talismans, Sigils and Amulets: Oh My! “Introduction to Symbology” –Ariel Sirocco

What power lies in these fabled tools of the spiritualist and magician? Join Ariel Sirocco, teacher of manifestation and energetics of The Akashic Temple, as he takes you on a journey to unlock Begin learning the secret codes that have been hidden from us throughout the ages. This is The Rosetta Stone of all mysteries. Learn the secret language of fable and mythology, legends and occult thought. Unravel the secrets of the spiritual power of words and symbols. (Your own secret decoder ring might be included!) Full PowerPoint presentation.

Talking To The Spirits: Getting Better Signal Clarity- Raven Kaldera

The issue of who can hear the Gods and spirits, and who can’t, is one fraught with pain, anguish, and often accusation, in the Neo-Pagan demographic and throughout history. How do we develop better signal clarity for otherworldly Beings, and how do we tell if what we’re hearing is real or just mental sock puppets? This workshop is a blunt look at what can and can’t be done, and how to improve what you have. By the author of “Talking To The Spirits”.

This is not your Grandmother’s Tarot Deck – Sew Magickal

There are so many tarot and divination decks available now it can be hard to know which one to choose. We will look at various decks and discuss similarities and differences.

A Touch of Acupressure -the Point is Feeling Better…  – Catherine Kane

Let’s get right to the point -a weekend convention is lots of fun, but too much fun can take its toll on your body. Basic acupressure (no needles involved) can help you regain your health and center, as well as strengthen your health in the long run. All in as little as one minute per issue per day. (Yes, you did read that correctly…).
In this class, learn simple points to relieve sinus and migraine headaches, give you an instant “burst of energy” (without a post-caffeine slump), relieve pain and other helpful applications. Practical, easy to learn skills that you can use immediately.

Trance Tips from a Hypnotist – Linda DeMissy

Leading trance journeys and group meditations is easy, you just tell a story: see this path, imagine that tree, open that door. But are there ways to add punch to your guided visualizations? You bet! You can use directive (Classical) or non-directive (Ericksonian) suggestions to deepen the trance and get different effects, use props, emphasis, word choice and host of other techniques to turn your trances into full-on lucid dream states where folks will get the experience they need. Bards of old could make a crowd sleep or bring them to tears with only their words. Come learn how it’s done.

Tree Medicine Tree Magic – Ellen Evert Hopman

A slide show of some common North American trees illustrating their medicinal, spiritual and magical properties. Ellen Evert Hopman M.Ed. has been a Master Herbalist since 1983 and a Druid since 1984. She is the author of A DRUID’S HERBAL OF SACRED TREE MEDICINE, TREE MEDICINE – TREE MAGIC and other volumes about plants and trees.

Tricksters: Essence of Change – Coyote SkyWoman

Although many may see the Trickster as a figure of humor and humility, the role of the Trickster in most societies goes far beyond that. The Trickster is a middleman to the gods, the impetus for learning, and a force of change. Come and find out what the trickster’s historical role has been, and what the loss of the Trickster means in our modern society.

Wards and Barriers- Larry Obern

This will teach the student how to create wards and barriers. Techniques are taken from several sources 1.5 hours

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