These Presenters will be coming to speak at the 2013 Changing Times-Changing Worlds Conference. Workshops will be added as they become available.

Sha Blackburn (Loonwitch)

Sha Blackburn

Seventy-eight of Your Closest Friends- Incorporating the Tarot into Everyday Life

Sha Blackburn is; The LoonWitch a psychic intuitive healer.  She
incorporates a variety of psychic tools including the tarot, runes, the
pendulum and psychometry to help her clients transform their lives.

She is an honest and insightful psychic, who has been studying and
practicing various forms of divination for over 20 years. -read more-



Channeling Deity and the Art of the Divine

CoyoteSkyWoman has been a member of the Pagan community in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for the last 25 years, and she has been a practicing shaman for only a little bit longer than that. She works closely with the trickster spirit, Coyote, and has worked with The Sagefire Fellowship and A Sacred Place since their inceptions.

Seanara Coyote 

Seanara Coyote

The Reader as Counselor: How to read ethically and therapeutically for others.

Seanara Coyote is a Wiccan high priestess trained in Peruvian-based core shamanic techiques, a professional Tarot consultant, and a R-LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) in New York State. She has been teaching and leading workshops in these areas at Pagan and metaphysical gatherings since 1991.


Morgan Daimler

Morgan Daimler

Connecting to the World of Faery

Omens and Augury

Spirits of the Otherworld, Spirits of the Land

Morgan Daimler has been an Irish pagan since 1991. She is a member of the Druid Order of the White Oak and helps to run an open women’s circle and a neo-pagan Witchcraft tradition in Connecticut. She has also studied the Norse practice of seidhr and is the gythia of a small heathen kindred in Connecticut. Morgan recently published several books that re-paganize prayers read more

Michelle Gabrielle Elinsky

Michelle's ManeadDreamscape and your inner soundstage
Ghosts and other creatures of the night

I believe that learning should be pursued throughout your life; as such I enjoy learning and exploring the changing world around us. I have been teaching to a diverse audience for over 30 years and continue to teach one-on-one as well as well in larger groups. Over the years I have covered diverse topics from Tarot to Healing to Crafting Ritual items and techniques and much more.  My more recent focus has been with Griffon’s Gate women’s study group. My heritage has provided with the insight and gift of seeing and sensing.  read more

Linda Grace Farley

newage image

Student of Life Studies: Energy Healing practicioner with Certifications as Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic practicioner in the Quero lineage of Peru, Past Life regression / Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Spirtual Mentoring, Transition / Death Coaching, NLP, & EFT, Chakra & Crystal healer, Reconnective, Soul retrieval, & Guided Meditations.

Starting at a very young age ,I would always asked the question “What If” and this has led me down some interesting paths.  Following my analytical mind,    read more

Claire Fitzpatrick

clair fizpatrick

Body Talk: The Flesh Speaks Louder than Words

Retrieving Divine Wisdom from … Capitalists??? (Part 1 of 2)

The Usefulness of Muggles and Other Recipes (Part 2 of 2)

DR. CLAIRE FITZPATRICK is an authority in the fields of human empowerment, chiropractic philosophy, natural health, physical sensuality, and Western mysticism. She is a faculty member of The Akashic Temple School of Magick and  read more

Lois Fitzpatrick

soothsayer's guild logoSewMagical is a woman of many telents. She is an accomplished sewer, crocheter, beader, machine-embroidery, tarot reader and teacher. She ran a sewing-related website for several years, answering questions, posting articles, and writing project tutorials.

read more



Rachel and BrianRachel Ginther and Brian Premerlani

Transmutation: The Art of Transformation


Rachel’s background is in holistic healing read more


Lynn HartwellLynn Hartwell

Understanding the Healing Power of Crystals and Gemstones

For nearly 20 years Lynne has been studying various spiritualities, methodologies, and holistic healing techniques that combine ancient knowledge with modern day energy healing methods. She learned dynamic transitional shifting modalities and removed the negative belief patterns read more

Ellen Evert Hopman

Ellen Evert Hopman

Communicating with the Tree Spirits

Scottish Fairy Lore

The Secret Medicines of your Kitchen

Ellen Evert Hopman is a Master Herbalist and lay Homeopath who holds an M.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling.   Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of a growing number of books. Her first novel, Priestess of the Forest: A Druid Journey (Llewellyn, February 2008), was an exciting new project for her, read more



Airikir Dick HuntingtonAirikir

Personal Bind-Rune Amulets (twice)

Painting Word Pictures

Dick Huntington (Airikir) is an interfaith minister, poet, skald, and Founding Elder of the Yggdrasil Kindred of the Tree of Life Fellowship. He is also a program designer/presenter at the School of Sustainable Living at Sproutwood Farm, CSA, and an advocate of all things humanely spiritual.

Catherine Kane

Cathrine Kane Headshot

A Touch of Accupressure- the Point is Feeling Better

The Mind-Body Connection

Reading for Children
The Psychic Power of Your Dreams: Practical Skills For Working With Your Dreams For Insight, Information, Creativity And A Better Life

 and also (with Starwolf) she hosts Tealeaf Reading Party

Catherine Kane is a professional psychic, a Reiki Master, a bard, a metaphysical Christian, and   a delighted student of the Universe (amongst other things). She brings creativity, an eclectic body of knowledge, and an attitude of fun   read more

Adam Latin

Adam Latin

Using Palmistry to Aid in Relationship Communication

My name is Adam Latin. I have been a healing/helping professional since 2001. I am a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master, intuitive, mystic and teacher. In my intuitive practice I primarily use palms and cards. I have studied read more



Loonwitch   read more (picture above under Sha Blackburn)

Maryalyce Merrit

maryalyce and cody

Reiki Level II

Reiki Level III

and Open Healing Session

Maryalyce (aka Akasha’s Heart)  is an ordained minister, priestess, ritualist, writer, teacher, and healer.  She is a member of the Hands On Trade Association, is a Reiki Master Instructor, Advanced Level IET Practitioner, Run Valdr Instructor and   read more

Colleen McCartney

Colleen McCarthy

Essential Oils for Children and Pets
Essential Oils for Energy Work
Everyday Uses for Essential Oils
Hi my name is Colleen and I was born and raised in Fairfax County VA with a large Irish family. I love Irish Step dancing and am the Keeper for the DC Gales Camogie team. I knew about essential oils for years but I found doTERRA while searching for a solution to my sudden severe allergies that were prohibiting me from going outside. After using the lemon, lavender,  and peppermint combination to ease my allergies I found the Lifelong Vitality Supplements made the allergies virtually disappear. I also have Narcolepsy and since I started taking the MitO2Max my daytime sleepiness  read more

Rev. Robert Nolan

rob and deb

The Importance of Sacrifice

The Loss of Men’s “Mysteries” in America

Walking the Warriors Path

Rev. Robert Nolan has been a practicing magician and priest in New Hampshire for the past 16 years during which time he has been involved in events and festivals run by The Sagefire Fellowship and A Sacred Place, and is currently involved in th eestablishment of a pagan men’s group.

Larry Obern aka Spawn the Supreme Being

Larry Obern

Psychic EMT

Other World Relations

Ground, Center, Sheild

Larry Obern is a third generation Family Traditionalist.  He has worked with Ecumenicon as a teacher for several years.  He was ordained as a priest by the following Organizations:  ULC, Nomadic Chantry of the Gramarye, and Ecumenicon more

Dr. Opeyemi Parham

opeyemi parham

Demystifying Mushrooms for Planetary Evolution

Opeyemi left 20+ years in family medicine in 2007. She is now an herbalist, ceremonialist, health educator, and writer (October’s Sage Woman for an article by her). She is eager to share her enthusiasm for medicinal mushrooms and paradigm shifts in Western healing practices.

R& B Brian Premerlani(with Rachel Ginther above)

Ormus Questions and Answers

Come find out more about the amazing substance Ormus!

Selina Rifkin

selina rifkin

Healing the Hearth: Bringing the Sacred Back Home

The Nature of Nourishment: Sustainable Eating and Healing the Earth

What Not to Eat: The things in Our Food that are Most Dangerous to Our Health

Selina Rifkin, L.M.T., M.S. is a graduate of Temple University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In 1998 she graduated read more

Dennis Windsinger Seavey

dennis windsinger seavey

Akichita Wakan’: Way of the Sacred Warrior


Finding your Spirit Guide: a guided meditation

Dennis Seavey-Windsinger began his journey on the pathway of Akichita Wakan’ literally from the crib.  Of mixed ancestry, Dennis was surrounded by the oral traditions, ceremonies, and traditional skills of the Elders around him simply as day to day elements in his life.  Dennis had his first conscious  metaphysical experience at the age of five more

Jane Sibley

Jane Sibley

Communications with the Gods

The Sami Pantheon


Jane T. Sibley, Ph.D., is a traditional Norse practitioner and a specialist in Norse folklore and  runes.  She has taught at many Pagan events for decades, including at Rites of Spring, Feast of Lights, Twilight Covening, Beltane, Ecumenicon … more

Ariel Sirocco

Ariel Sirocco

Sacred Geometry

Personal Protection

Talismans, Sigils & Amulets, O My! Introduction to Symbology

Ariel Malachi Sirocco is a teacher of Western esoteric history and traditions, a Hermetic alchemist, a 32 Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, and a High Priest of Wicca.  He is the founder of The Akashic Temple, School of Magickal Arts and Ritual, and a teacher of Western mysticism and magickal manifestation for the school. Ariel has an academic background in biology and 15 years with the American Museum of Natural History; from these studies and experiences, Ariel evolved his understanding of science into a philosophical and spiritual pursuit. more

Kathryn Smith

Kathrine Smith headshotFinding the Right Teacher-

Speaking and Presentation Tricks for Teaching and Ritual

Kathryn has been a student of the esoteric in various forms since the mid 1980’s, and began studying with R. J. Stewart in 1996. Since then she been exploring both the more


Starwolf headshot

Tealeaf reading practice and Teaparty

As a shaman, Witch, professional psychic, Reiki Master and metaphysical engineer, Starwolf brings a broad range of knowledge and experience to the fields of magick, metaphysics and spirituality. His practical approach to   more


Tchipakkan headshot

RúnValdr  Introduction

RúnValdr Activation

RúnValdr Advanced Practice

&  Runes for RúnValdr

Practical Palmistry

Tchipakkan is an artist, writer, healer, and eclectic pagan-heathen-rustic. Openly pagan since the 60s, she’s currently living on a small farm in NH aimed at self sufficiency and sustainability, with 3 adult children- all artists and writers, and a varying assortment of animals- friends and livestock. On weekends Tchipakkan teaches at SCA, pagan, SF and other conferences & festivals, while her daughters sell more

Starr Traveler


A life time student of Astro-Numerology. Starr has a B.A in Religion from StonyBrook University. Starr became a Reiki Master in 2003. A former Radio Announcer and also 25 years in the field of Human Services….Starr now as an Interfaith Minister has dedicated her life to helping others find their true life’s purpose and mission to Planet Earth. Starr is a fourth generation Channeler/ Tarot reader; and began at age 14  a formal study of Astro-Numerology with her Uncle.


bottle treePractical Financial Magic

Protective Magic

Turnsteel is a practicing rootworker and sorcerer trained in southern hoodoo and modern sorcery. His workshops focus on combining practical spellwork with real world action to help achieve your aims. Trained in traditional hoodoo, folk magic, and drawing on techniques from around the world, Turnsteel is a reader and rootworker who specializes in making real world changes through the fusion of skillfully applied sorcery and practical mundane effort.

Kirk White Kirk White

The MAgic of Freemasonry & the Golden Dawn: Old Men’s Mysteries for Modern Men (and Women too!)

Witches Heal

Kirk White, M.A., L.Ac., is a healer, teacher and author. He has been a practicing Witch since 1973, a psychotherapist for 15 years, and a licensed oriental medical practitioner for 16 years. A past president of Covenant of the Goddess (North America’s oldest and largest association of Witches and Wiccans), and past director of the University of Vermont’s Parapsychology Program, – more-


Lady AMber Dawn has had to withdraw her workshops on Khemetic and Voudoun rituals, as she won’t be able to make it this year. We are hoping she will offer them next year. Laura Wildman Hanlon will not be able to make it this year, but hopes to make it next year.

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