These are the workshops we accepted so far, we’ll be adding a new batch each month until the schedule is full.


The Best is Yet to Be  with Catherine Kane

In this culture, youth’s valued and aging feared. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join Catherine Kane at 60 for a rollicking tour of getting older. We’ll look at alternative health options, quality of life issues, coping with the challenges of aging, as well as the advantages of getting older and how to make the most of them. Grow old with me- the best is yet to be!

Shamanic Cacao Ceremony with Willow Diana Pressler

Before the invention of chocolate as we know it, cacao had been used for centuries by Mayan, Aztec and other indigenous people of traditional plant medicine. It is served in community for the purposes of healing and connecting with each other and higher consciousness.
Cacao is an incredible antioxidant, has been revered for its powerful ability to open our heart chakras and feel peaceful and centered.
~join Willow for a magical evening involving ceremonial raw cacao, meditation, drumming, song healing and connection. People who attend these ceremonies notice that in the days that follow, blockages in their lives shift, powerful synchronicities occur and even deep healings take place. All with the help of some delicious chocolate!
As the cacao takes effect, you’ll feel your heart chakra gently expand as you’re guided on a healing meditation and journey. When working with the cacao spirit, you can ask her to show you what is unseen, to show you the next steps on your path or simply to come out and play. The circle provides a safe and nurturing space for clearing, healing and release work. All you need to do is turn up,
How to prepare for the Cacao Ceremony:
• Fasting is not necessary, however it’s best not to eat for a couple of hours beforehand
• Do not have any dairy the day of ceremony ( Cow’s milk is said to block intestinal assimilation of flavonoids )
• Make sure you drink plenty of water in the lead up to, during and after the ceremony
• Avoid drinking caffeine on the day of the ceremony – you may feel jittery from the combination of the caffeine and the cacao, and it is not recommended for the kind of inner journeying work we will be doing
• Dress in loose, comfortable clothing
What to bring
• A large bottle of water. Cacao is a diuretic and it’s important you stay well hydrated
• A cushion and yoga mat so you can make yourself comfortable on the floor (there will be seating available if you choose)
• A blanket to stay warm – when journeying it can get a little chilly!
• Something to cover your eyes with (like a scarf or handkerchief) to block out the light and help you turn your focus within. relax with the cacao, and surrender! You will leave feeling lighter and more energized
Health Benefits of Cacao
Cacao is the heart’s “blood” due to its relatively high levels of magnesium, antioxidants, and love associated chemicals, making it truly a “food for the heart”.
The medical and scientific buzz about chocolate began with studies of the Kuna, a group of indigenous islanders whose high-salt diet did not lead to high blood pressure. The early studies determined that Cacao was the cause, not genetics – the Kuna drink about an ounce (28 gm) of Cacao a day.
With Cacao, the heartbeat becomes pronounced, breathing is deepened and nourishing blood circulation is increased throughout the body. This increases physical and mental energy and endurance, arousing the senses and heightened awareness.
Pure Cacao has recently been found to contain high levels of antioxidant polyphenols, oligomeric procynanidins and other flavonoids that help boost the immune system and offer significant protection against “bad” cholesterol and heart disease. It is also very nutritious, having a high protein content and is reported to be the richest natural source for magnesium, an important mineral highly deficient in modern diets. The raw seeds are also surprisingly high in vitamin C and an excellent source of natural sulfur, a mineral associated with healthy skin, nails, hair and proper liver and pancreas function.
There is also much in the scientific literature about how Cacao not only lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol, but how it increases blood-flow to the brain which may delay dementias like Alzheimer’s, and about Cacao as a heavy metal chelator, binding and removing them from the body.
While the medical profession is suggesting that people eat dark chocolate, they don’t mention that most of the chocolate available lacks the essential components that are in the type of Cacao that much of the research was done with.
We think of our cacao as a plant medicine. Like any potent medicine, it is important to be mindful in its use.
In most cases, there are no concerns to be aware of. The pieces listed below are mainly a concern in higher doses, like when we use the cacao ceremonially. In these cases, the combination of potent cacao and a higher dose warrants some additional mindfulness. Cacao is a strong bitter and power detoxifier as it helps cleanse the liver. Because of this, in higher doses people might experience detox symptoms such as headache or nausea. In this case, take it as a blessing and drink plenty of water as your body lets go of whatever it didn’t like. This will likely be accentuated for people on a raw diet or who are fasting. Go with lower doses in this case.
Many anti-depressants are contra-indicated with the tryptophan and MAO inhibitors in this cacao, so we recommend checking your meds first. Again, this is because our cacao is more potent to begin with and often taken in higher doses. Chocolate doesn’t have enough strength to cause these effects. Worst case scenario is headache and nausea, but avoid the hassle and do research first.
Serious heart conditions. The theobromine in cacao increases heart rate significantly and is a vasodilator, lowering blood pressure. If you have such a condition, go lighter on amounts. Pregnancy & breastfeeding. Like coffee or tea, it is important to reduce intake of stimulating foods. The theobromine in cacao, which is very similar to caffeine, has a stimulating effect. Thus using lower dosages is recommended.


Deities of Change with AVee Baron

Change is never easy. In order to grow, we need to change; and changes allows us to grow. Gods and Goddesses aid us in how we need to change or give us ways to implement change. We will be discussing the Deities associated with change. Some are gentle; some forceful. I’ll be sharing some experiences with these God/ess. We will also learn how to work with them through ritual, meditation and devotionals.

“The Hero’s Journey with CoyoteSkywoman

– Following in the Footsteps of Greatness”: Joseph Campbell spoke at length about the idea of the Hero’s Journey and its meaning in regards to myth and modern culture. along the way, he created what is referred to as the “Monomyth,” a set of steps all heroes take on the way to reach their final goal. In this discussion, we will examine some classical myths that follow this pattern, including “Gilgamesh” and “Gawain and the Green Knight,” and look at some of the more modern stories that also follow the patterns of the Hero’s Journey and the Monomyth.

Initiation into Reincarnation: A Magickal Right!with Ariel Sirocco

The acceptance of reincarnation (in some form) has been at the center of magickal belief from the beginning. In this session, we’ll touch upon some of the “customary” seasonal and lunar perspectives before diving into some of the older rites, rituals, and power associated with the spiritual attunement of life, death, and rebirth. This will be an examination of reincarnation from an occultist point of view as we uncover and discover the Magnus Opus of All Initiations! This class is for the true psychonaut and spiritual adventurer! Disclaimer and warning: This class is not recommended for those with hyper-empathic senses. PowerPoint Presentation.

1.5  hours


Kahina Stones with Rebecca Hamilton

Readings and Interpretation You’ve got Kahina Stones! Now what do you do with them? Join creator and reader Lalla Rebecca as she offers an in-depth tutorial on using, interpreting, and sometimes RE-interpreting this unique system of divination.



Norseworking with Jane Sibley

Norseworking: This is a high-energy circle in the Norse tradition, in which we may do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, experimental magic, distance work, and whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed, so please come on time, fed and rested, and pottied. Due to the high energies we will be working with, we will have grounding and tuneup for anyone (no matter their expertise) who has never been to a Norseworking before.
You MUST be able to ground and center to participate.

If you have a loved one who you’d like us to work on during the Norseworking, please contact them before we start to get permission for us to heal them.


Reinterpreting the Tarot with Nichol Montfort

Reinterpreting the tarot, make your own card. As the creator of a one of a kind tarot deck, I propose a class that would allow students to study the symbolism of a card of their choice and look at examples from different decks (which i will provide) and then utilize craft materials (paint, magazines and collage materials, glue sticks, card stock, etc. which I will also provide) to interpret a card of their choosing and create a piece of artwork, their own tarot card to bring home with them. As presenter, I will discuss the meanings of the cards as I have personally interpreted them as well as how they are traditionally represented. I will also advise on creation methods to assist students if need be.

Road Opener Spirits with Luna Jean Hacker

We will learn some of the best road opening Saints, and Spirits to work with. Learn how to petition them to help them open your roads, bring good fortune and remove obstacles from your path.


RúnValder with Starwolf

RúnValderis a stand alone magical system using both the Runes and a symbol set gifted to Rodney Cox. It can be used for healing, creating magical objects and spell work.



Santa Muerte with Luna Jean Hacker

Dispelling the Rumors about Most Holy Death/ The Angel of Death This workshop is a guide to dispel misinformation about Holy Death and develop a clearer understanding on how to work with Santa Muerte. Including is she the right Spirit for you? How to set up an altar and devotional to her; as well as offerings and prayers. We will learn about her manifestations, colors, and also some magickal workings with her.



Service or Servitude: Where do you fall?  with Mama Kimball
Many of us are happy to be in the service of others in our community. You know the ones that give of themselves to care for others. But what and how does this become servitude? Join us as we explore the things that cause us to go from in the service of others to servitude to others.


Titans and Jotuns and Thurs, Oh My! with Christopher Kimball

The nature of paranatural beings from folklore and myth, including primordial, deities, ancestors, ghosts, spirits, fairies, angels and demons. Come and join us as we explore the behavior these entities.

“The Trickster – Essence of Change” with CoyoteSkyWoman

Although many may see the Trickster as a figure of humor and humility, the role of the Trickster in most societies goes far beyond that. The Trickster is a middleman to the gods, an impetus for learning, and a force of change. Come and find out what the trickster’s historical role has been, and the loss and replacement of the Trickster in our modern society.


Vampires in History with Tchipakkan

Let’s look at these blood (or life) draining monsters (spirits, revenants, gods, demons,…) and try to sort the yarn-spinning and mechanisms for social control from the accounts that may tell us something about the nature of life, death and the spirit. What kinds of vampires are they? (What’s in a name?) What do they do in different locals? How have they evolved over the centuries? Are they dangerous, and if so how do you protect yourself?

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