I’m a pagan. I’ve practiced new age, Buddhism, Wicca and Witchcraft. I am a Reverend in the Correllian Tradition.  I currently teach, speak publicly and own Witchy Spellz N Wares occult online shop in Connecticut and have several facebook pages and other sites.

This is the link for Witchy Spellz N Wares, for products and spell services. http://witchyspellzandwares.wixsite.com/viatrixsage. Sage Willow and Horn University- Studies in in Paganism and Witchcraft   covers my online or in person eclectic study courses.

A Witches Journey  is about craft and pagan information; Babalon Shrine Scarlet Woman is a Thelemic and related page; the Shrine of the Mystical Stag Group.   The Witchy Spellz N Wares  Page lists my working services and products.


Ancestor Ritual



Working with Ancestor Spirits



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