Here is the list of program items planned for this year’s conference. They are separated into in-person and virtual sections, and arranged in alphabetical order by class name.

Astral Temples, Strongholds, and Way-Stations

Presenter: Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Many practitioners from a wide range of systems and traditions speak of using permanent or semi-permanent structures on the astral plane to do rituals or perform other tasks. Often these are called astral temples, though many are not strictly temples, but it is the most prevalent term. Some of these pieces of astral architecture have anchoring points in the physical world, but many are only moored in the astral itself. This workshop will explore the uses of these structures for individual and collective work. I will also give recommendations on how to design and construct astral temples, strongholds, and way-stations. There will also be suggestions on when, why, and how to use them. Lastly, I’ll cover how to take them down when their utility has passed.

Elemental Herbal Energetics

Presenter: Raven Kaldera

A “Pagan Herbalism 201” class, for those who already have some grounding in herbalism.
Both herbs and physical ailments can be divided by the elements,
according to energy, taste, and action. This class will discuss how
to find the right herb for the job, and how to tell if it will work
for the body in question. Derived from old European herbalism and
some spirit-taught traditions, this will illuminate herbalism as much
more than just a “cookbook” of plants.

Pre-requisites: For people who already have some background in herbalism.

Fire in the Head: Igniting the Spark of Awen in our Lives

Presenter:Jhenah Telyndru

In Welsh tradition, the gift of Awen, or Divine Inspiration, was obtained from the Cauldron of Cerridwen – She who is Goddess and Muse. Bards sought the Awen to illuminate their art, birth forth poetic prophecy, and ignite their spirits with the transformational fires of wisdom. In this workshop, we will discuss the history and lore of the Awen, explore the symbol of the Three Rays /|, and work with several techniques – both ancient and modern – used to connect with the Source of Awen and prepare the vessel of the self to experience its soul-changing power.

From Goddess to Grail: Reclaiming the Quest for Sovereignty

Presenter: JhenahTelyndru

One of Western Tradition’s most evocative tales is the Search for the Holy Grail, that sacred vessel which will heal the Wounded King and restore the fallow land to bountiful abundance. But what is the true nature of this quest, and what wisdom does it hold for the spiritual seeker of today? Together, we will trace the evolution of the Grail Quest back to its origins, and examine its connection to the rites of kingship in Celtic traditions. We will compare the types of Sovereignty figures appearing in Irish, Welsh, and Arthurian legends, and discuss the importance of being in right relationship with the Lady of Sovereignty. Finally, we will consider ways to reclaim the Vessel of Transformation, so that we may work to revive the Wasteland – both within and around us.

Hekate’s Torches – Igniting Witchfire(ritual)

Presenter: Sara Mastros

We’ll begin with a short lecture on Hekate, focusing on her title Dadophoros (Torchbearer), and then we’ll engange in a short ritual to commune with her. Each participant will be given the option to swear compact with Hekate – She will ignite your witchfire, grant you power, and teach you witchcraft. In exchange, you must promise to stoke that witchfire, own your power, and relentlessly learn witchcraft. This is a serious oath, it is not obligatory to make compact. Participants who do swear will receive a small token of the compact. If you can afford to, please consider donating $5 to help defray the cost of materials.

Inner Awareness Levels Meditation

Presenter: Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork

This is an open-ended sytle of meditation that takes you into your own inner life. Examine problems and concerns in a variety of ways that are intended to help you grow as a person. Repeat this meditation weekly to keep track of your life and find creative ways to solve problems.

Labyrinths for Foot and Finger

Presenter: Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork

Wend your way through a pattern that focuses on specific energy. Learn the
difference between walking it with foot or finger. Planetary,
elemental and other patterns will be available to walk, with others
presented as finger patterns. The Chartres pattern will also be
available to walk. A brief introduction will review uses of labyrinth
patterns, and then quiet time will be provided for you to walk your
choice of pattern.

Mithraism: A Mystery Cult In The Roman Empire
Presenter: Jane Sibley

Mithraic temples were found throughout the Roman Empire, from Hadrian’s wall, the
Adriatic, North Africa, and of course, the Continent. Temples were
privately funded, essentially underground, and open only to (male)
initiates, who had to be invited in order to be admitted into the

As in Freemasonry, there was a sequence of initiatory
grades, each involving particular mysteries and symbols. Also, the
cult was essentially the same, wherever the temple was located. What
we know of it is essentially from archaeological finds, since they
never wrote anything down outside of dedications on various items
donated to the temple. Mithraism arose before Christianity, and a few
elements therein did seep into Christianity, notably a birth on
December 25th. The cult remained active into the 400s CE, and may
have survived even longer, hidden from the onslaught of Christianity,
which swept over the lands wherein Mithraism had been active,
possibly via the Knights Templar.

Mystic Rite of Transcendance

Presenter: Rev.Gretchen A.L. Schork

Celebrate the Light of Life in the form of water infused with the
energies of the planets. By reaching toward a transcendant ultimate,
we can experience the presence of that Light and our relationship to
it. There are no names given to the Ultimate Realtiy that we will
reach toward, and so this ritual is not sectarian. It is designed to
join all people in the uplifting of their spirit toward union with
the highest we are able to touch.


Presenter: Jane Sibley

A high energy in-person circle focusing on healing; best run in the evening. A preliminary grounding exercise will be held before we get into the Working.

Pagan Polyamory

Presenter: Raven Kaldera

Polyamory, or ethical, negotiated non-monogamy, is a lifestyle that is growing by leaps and bounds in the Pagan community. This workshop discusses how we Pagans do it differently from other groups, and how polyamory can be used as a spiritual discipline of love and relationship. It’s also a good basic primer for people who just want to know what polyamory is all about, what it is that we do and don’t do. By the author of “Pagan Polyamory: Building A Tribe Of Hearts”.

Protection in the Northern Tradition: Runes, Plants, and Gods

Presenter: Raven Kaldera

This year’s theme is Algiz the Rune of Protection, so let’s talk about how protection, defense, and boundaries work in the Northern Tradition. What deities can be called on for this, and what do you offer them? How can you protect things with Norse/Germanic runes? What plants and herbs are protective, and in what way? We’ll make charms for setting boundaries for ourselves or others.

Sefer HaOtot: A Hebrew Book of Seals

Presenter: Sara Mastros

Sefer HaOtot is a never-before-translated, never-before-published book of Solomonic seals which may be among the most complete and intact transmissions of the famed planetary pentacles. In this lecture, you’ll learn about the manuscript and its history. Then, we’ll talk about the process of translating and midwifing a new grimoire into the world. Finally, you’ll get to see one seal from the book. Some familiarity with Solomonic magic is useful, but not required. This will be a bookish class – if you’re not a nerd you probably won’t enjoy it.

Slavic Bean Divination

Presenter: Patricia Robin Woodruff (Boyana)

Information on Slavic Bean Divination is hard to come by. This divination technique has been used for hundreds of years in Central Asia by Turkic shamans and it seeped into the Slavic cultures. Using 41 stones or beans the “wise one” connects with these objects by touching the beans one by one to their forehead or by blowing on the beans in their hand. The beans are then sorted into various groups and laid out within a grid. The method incorporates the traditional four elements and is guided by the Ancestors. While it is best known in Kazakhstan and Mongolia the shamanic witches in some Slavic lands use this technique as well. This class will be hands-on, creating our own divination cloths and learning the techniques. Requesting a $5 suggested donation for materials.

The Lunar Lock and Key – Solomon’s First Lunar Pentacle

Presenter: Sara Mastros

After a brief lecture on Solomonic magic, the Greater Key of Solomon, and the planetary pentacles, we’ll do an in-depth dive in to the first lunar pentacle, the Lunar Lock and Key. We will construct pentacles, and learn to consecrate them. Initial rituals will be done in class, and complete instructions for the final consecration at home will be provided. If you can afford it, please consider a $5 donation to cover materials.

The Many Forms Of Polarity

Presenter: Ivo Dominguez, Jr

The use of polarity is one of the keys to harnessing energy for magick. Its understanding is often limited to simplistic notions. In this class we will be taking the concept of polarity far beyond plus and minus or male and female. In reexamining the concept of polarity, it is more productive to focus on how accepted ideas are incomplete, rather than dismissing all of them. These are two of my expanded definitions for polarity in the context of magick and ritual:

Polarity can be thought of as any difference in position, alignment, state of being, or attribute that causes, directs, catalyzes, or encourages the flow, production, or expression of energy.

Polarity can also be an entangled state, of mutual interaction, of relationship, between forces and/or forms that share essential natures, thematic resonance, or primal attraction.

The Myths Of Avalon: Reclaiming The Legacy Of The Holy Isle

Presenter: Jhenah Telyndru

From beyond the mists of time and through the pages of literature, Avalon calls to us. A half-remembered legacy arising from a confluence of history, mythology, and legend, this Otherworldly Island of Apples has nevertheless intrigued and inspired us for almost a thousand years. But what do we really know about Avalon? Was it ever a real place? Was it truly an island of priestesses? What relevance does it have for modern spiritual seekers? In our time together, we will explore the intertwining elements that have come to inform the vision of Avalon we have inherited today. We will trace the Avalonian Stream of Tradition back to its source, following it as it winds through the landscapes of Arthurian legend, Welsh mythology, Gaulish historical accounts, and lore from Celtic, Germanic, and Greek lands. Then, guided by the mythic map that this work has revealed to us, we will undertake a journey over water to reach the shores of the Holy Island itself.

Understanding and Removing Negative Workings

Presenter: Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Although devotion to your faith and positive energy and positive outlook are great starting points, they are not always enough to ensure safety. This workshops teaches ways to detect and to guard against spells, workings, beings, atmospheres, and energies that are unwholesome. I will give an overview of intentional and unintentional negative workings as well as things such as crossed conditions. More often than not curses are more imagined or feared than real, but when real they need attention. I will share a few easy diagnostic measures and simple remedies for the most common problems. There will also be suggestions on what to do when simple measures are not enough.

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