Ancestral Chant Journey with Kellianna

Ancestral Chant Journey with Kellianna: Join Kellianna in a ritual chant circle to honor the Ancestors. In the darkening days of Autumn we gather at Samhain time to sing to the Stones of the Earth. To sing to the Bones. To sing to the Ancestors. To honor our line back through the generations to the very beginning. When the veil is thin we can hear their call, as they can hear our song, when we sing to the Stones, when we sing to the Bones, when we sing to the Ancestors.

The Ancients: Their Names and Natures with Chris Kimball

What are the oldest of being’s? What came before the God’s of our ancestors? How do they fit into the stories of old? Let us take a look at the pagan understanding of Dawn Time and the powers existing in the world since the creation.

Angelic Allies with Maryalyce Merrit

Many spiritual practices across the globe refer to Angels or angel-type energies or beings. The Angels are ancient beings which pre-date many of the world religions, yet have been written about in various religious texts. Their presence is felt during times of crisis, stress, joy, healing, and worship. In this class we will discuss the Angels, their areas of specialties, how to communicate with them, how to incorporate them into setting up Sacred Space, and how to respectfully call upon them for healing and other work. We will discuss which Archangels help us through some of our Transpersonal Chakras, which we can call upon for Akashic Record work, and which we can call upon for healing. We will also discuss sound healing and crystals which have frequencies which resonate well with the Angelic Realm.

(Apps for the Technophobe see below under Using Tech to Help Magick)

Assyrian Beliefs with Coyote Skywoman

Iraq;_Nimrud_-_Assyria,_Lamassu's_Guarding_Palace_EntranceAssyrian Mythology and religion was long buried and forgotten in the sands of Iraq until the 1850’s when two men changed history. Botta from France and Layard from England undertook excavations in the harsh conditions in Mosul, and uncovered many pieces of art and literature, including the flood narrative which served to validate the flood story and provide us with the Epic of Gilgamesh. In taking a look at the information uncovered, one begins to get a sense of what the worship of the Assyrians was like and how their cosmology came to be. In this talk, I will be examining the rediscovery of the Assyrian belief system, and looking forward to what more may be salvaged from the recent efforts of ISIL to wipe ancient civilizations from the landscape.

A Touch of Acupressure with Catherine Kane

Let’s get right to the point -a weekend convention is lots of fun, but too much fun can take its toll on your body. Basic acupressure (no needles involved) can help you regain your health and center, as well as strengthen your health in the long run. All in as little as one minute per issue per day. (Yes, you did read that correctly…).
In this class, learn simple points to relieve sinus and migraine headaches, give you an instant “burst of energy” (without a post-caffeine slump), relieve pain and other helpful applications. Practical, easy to learn skills that you can use immediately.

Center, Ground and Shield with Larry Obern

This workshop will explore and demonstrate various basic techniques in centering, grounding and shielding. These skills are typically considered the basic building blocks to safely do energy work, including magick and healing. As experience is the best learning tool, the group will be lead through each step of the process.

Chango: fighter/lover/magician Lady AMber Dawn

All you ever wanted to know about the Loa/Orisha/Orixa of fire, thunder, lighting and of the drums but were afraid to ask.

Chango/Sango/Hevissco is one of the Major figures of the African Diaspora religions. He is one of the Warriors. He is in almost every religion in the Africa Diaspora and His role remains the same in each one. His European counterpart is THOR! He has hung Hisself on the Worle Tree similarly to the God Odin for eternal wisdom after punishing to death two of His disciples. He was resurrected. He is the father of the drum. He is the master of the dance. He awaits for you! Set up-an air conditioned room. Although He will not be formally called, he tends to “heat up” a room Class Level: Intermediate   Class time: 1.5 hours  Pre-req: should have a basic knowledge of the African Diaspora.

Creating a Meaningful Life With Tarot with Stone Riley

Talk and discussion. When a Tarot reading is going well the people there have entered a certain psychic space that we may call Sacred Community. That intimate psychic space is a universal part of human nature, a realm of vast creativity where truth and beauty can come into practical existence. Of course Sacred Community appears among us constantly in many forms but for our society today, and for the New Age we are building, divination seems to be an especially open path into it. Includes discussion of the Seth Material.

Death/Ancestral workshop with Thor Halvorsen

Discussions about near-death, death itself, and Ancestral Veneration, Also will be discussion the need for more people in the fields to acknowledge the need for work in this area, especially relating to grief, terminal long-term illnesses, and also how to coordinate withing belief systems, so that a person’s religious beliefs are honored. This workshop will also discuss the ways in which we can approach Ancestral Veneration, the ways which connection can be achieved, and will be given a chance to actually enact your first “dip” into the world of meeting (or at least meeting) an ancestor.

Distance Healing Clinic with Leigh Russell

Receive remote ( hands off) energy clearing will be done for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns.

Divination Show and Tell with Emralde Kat

DowsingAlmost everyone has a favorite method of looking for information about the future, come and see a bunch of them. This workshop will feature a brief overview of a variety of divination methods including tarot cards, scrying, pendulums and even tea leaves. Anyone is invited (and encouraged) to bring and share their own favorite forms of divination. This will be an exciting and wonderful hands-on experience to anyone, including those that are simply curious or just starting out. We will have many decks of Tarot cards, oracle decks, pendulums, scrying mirrors and bowls, and other mediums that can be used for practice I chingshould anyone want to try their hand at them.Jogo_de_Ikin_Orossi




Fat is not a moral issue with Selina Rifkin MS

For 40 years doctors have been telling us that the reason people get fat is too many calories and not enough exercise. Of course that implies that if we gain weight, then we have been gluttonous or lazy. But not only does this idea go against prior generations understanding of what worked for better health, it denies the actual chemistry of how we accumulate fat. Come and find out what really makes us fat and what we might do about it.

Folktales: A Look Backward with Chris Kimball

As the Grimm brothers traveled throughout the Germanic country side they collected many stories of old. Did you ever wonder what the true stories may have been that the Grimm Bothers based their fairytales on? In this class we will look at specific tales from Grimm’s the fairytales from a Heathen perspective. Letting us observe the subtle preservation of pagan elements from an earlier religion, in a Christianized society.

Good Vibrations with Maryalyce Merrittuning fork therapy

Good Vibrations: Healing with Sound Energy

This class will provide you with an introduction of how sound healing works and how to use tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, and your voice for healing. We will discuss the fundamentals of sound healing & how sound waves can be used to heal body, mind, heart, & spirit. We will begin the class with a short healing session, and then discuss why sound healing works and explore a variety of tools such as singing bowls & tuning forks to demonstrate these concepts. We will also discuss working on others and incorporating sound into other healing modalities. You do not need to have any sound tools to take this class. If you are not sure which sound tools you want to start with this class will give you an excellent overview and you will likely know where you want to start after taking it.

Grounding Review with Larry Obern

Because you need to know how to ground. For Norseworking & Life.

Great Balls of Fire with Lady AMber Dawn, Jane Sibley, & Mockingbird

Added Saturday- Fire Gods and gods of Thunder, Fire, Volcanoes, each culture seemed to have their own.

Guedra- North African Women’s Trance Ritual with Lauren Grover

Guedra is ecstatic movement-based community building ritual done by women in Morocco and Mali, in which the supporters build energy and send it to the dancer(s), who then guide it to where it needs to go. This is pure energy, and so it highly spiritual, but nonreligious. We will learn the version of it which is done seated while chanting and clapping. If you want to dance, remove any jewelry which moves, and bring a light blankie or sheet that will cover your head to your waist when seated. Guedra needs at least 8 women.   2 hours


Henna in Ritual with Lauren Grover

Henna is such a versatile tool! Come discuss its use in intentional practices, including setting time limits for goals, practicing letting go of that which is not needed, linking lovers, and focusing intent. Plus, you know, awesome skin art. We’ll also go over safety and application techniques. Materials available for sale, but NOT required for the class.(1 hour)

Herbal Winter Remedies with Marita Orr

HERBAL WINTER REMEDIES. During this workshop about how to prepare for winter coughs, colds and flu. We’ll make several simple effective herbal remedies including elderberry syrup, sage-horehound cough drops, and Echinacea tincture. Participant will take home recipes and samples of herbal remedies we discussed during the workshop.

Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning- with Starwolf

The real defense against the Dark Arts….

Hypnosis for Healing and Spiritual Growth with Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Hypnosis is undoubtedly one of the most misunderstood techniques in use today. Discover the real facts about what hypnosis is and what it is not. (Like whether you can be hypnotized against your will or in another language.) Get a better understanding of the training and process for becoming certified to use this technique professionally. Finally, experience hypnosis first hand in a guided group session designed to meet your personal needs and situation. He’ll be talking about how he ties hypnotic techniques with other things in your life.

Into the Toy Chest with Starwolf

Technology and Magick- together at last! Learn about devices to clear negative energy, support your body’s ability to heal, focus energy, make you less conspicuous, protect your energy field, and do other interesting things. History and how-to!

Kaizen with Catherine Kane

Kaizen : Using Baby Steps to Work Wonders

 All of us are capable of accomplishing amazing things; but at many times, we find ourselves stuck and leave our dreams waiting. Come learn the basics of Kaizen, the art of using small actions to overcome our resistance and inertia in order to make big things happen.

Labyrinth Tracy AThe Labyrinth: 4,000 Years with Tracy Andryc

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern over 4,000 years old that has been found in various forms throughout the world from Finland to Greece and India to the Americas. The labyrinth has come into the consciousness of humans in waves from as early as 2,500 BCE. The labyrinth can be used as a tool that can re-integrate our scattered energy; mend our fragmented self and bring about deeper spiritual focus. It can lead us to divine inspiration, mirroring the journey of our lives with its twisting path leading to sacred center. This presentation will include the history, types and uses of the labyrinth.

Mansions of the Moon with Christopher Lafond

Most of us are familiar with the waxing and waning cycles of the Moon.  But for thousands of years, a parallel system of Lunar Mansions has existed, and been the basis of Lunar Magic.  When combined, these  cycles can be extremely powerful for beginning work or projects or making talismans. Come find out the basics and dive into this rich world of magic. No previous astrological knowledge necessary.

Mapping the Major Arcana on the Tree of Life: A Survey of Systems with Kathryn SmithTree_of_Life_2009_large

Western Occultists have long observed that there are 22 paths connecting one sephiroth to another on the most commonly used diagram of the Tree of Life, and there are 22 Major Arcana in the most traditional Tarot decks. The temptation to connect them is overwhelming, but which card should be assigned to which path? The best know system is that proposed by the Order of the Golden Dawn, but there are other alternatives. In this class we’ll look at some of those other systems.

(Meaningful Life with Tarot above as Creating a Meaningful Life)

Midwifing Deity with Rob Nolan

Midwifing Deity: Origin of God

A discussion of the origins of gods, both ancient and modern. Throughout history gods have emerged and faded. New gods have come from many places, from conscious acts of creation, to the veneration of ancestors, to the ascension of mortals.


Mind/Body Connection with Selina Rifkin

The Mind/Body Connection is Real: How Your Gut Affects Your Mental and Emotional Health

Our mental and emotional health is dependent on our ability to be nourished by what we eat. If our digestive system is not working right, then the rest of the body, which includes the brain, doesn’t work right either. ADD/ADHD, depression,Arwen_zps3e0ca28d schizophrenia, anxiety, and autism spectrum are all closely related to gut health. Find out what causes gut dysbiosis and what to do about it.

Norseworking with Jane Sibley

This is a high-energy circle in the Norse tradition, in which we will do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, experimental magic, distance work, and whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed and guarded, so please come on time, fed and rested, and pottied. Due to the high energies we will be working with, anyone (no matter their expertise) who has never been to a Norseworking before must attend Grounding 101, or get permission from Jane. It is also recommended that babies and children do not attend; as it would be bad form to toast them (we’re not sure it would, but one doesn’t experiment on those who can’t give permission.) IF there’s someone to whom you’d like to have healing sent, you must get permission from them before the Norseworking. Preferably arrange it before you go, or call before coming in.

Open Healing in the Healing Room

Palmistry Basics with Tchipakkan

You will be able to read palms when you leave this class, not as well as you’ll be if you then pursue this fascinating branch of divination, but well enough to give you insight into the people with whom you work and play, and more importantly, into yourself. The science of hand-reading can last a lifetime, but it can begin with this 90 minute workshop. We’ll cover the Head, Heart, Life and Fate Lines, the elemental palm shapes (the easiest way to start), special marks, color, texture, flexibility, what the nails can show you about your health, and your fingerprints. If you are already a palmist, this will probably be too basic, but if you are interested but haven’t really started, this class is for you.

The Practical EmpathCatherine Kane

Psychic empathy (sensitivity to emotional vibrations) can be a blessing, overwhelming, or anything in between. Learn skills to survive/thrive as an empath, such as shielding, protecting your energy, grounding negative energy,  positive uses for empathy, interacting with empaths and much more.

Psychic EMT – Metaphysical First Response with Larry Obern

Magical and metaphysical experiences can be transformative. While such experiences are overwhelmingly positive for most participants, there are times when the energy and experience is a bit too much and participants can become overwhelmed. In this workshop we will cover what to look for and how to best respond to such situations in an immediate way. We will also discuss the ethics and the duty to act. Topics include quick grounding, safe trance breaking, energy siphoning and others. Questions are encouraged.

Psychic Self Defense with Larry Obern

Sometimes the world is not all roses and buttercups. This class will teach the defensive techniques used to protect, and deflect all manners of psychic assaults from the mundane to the metaphysical. We will review techniques that would be considered most useful for the most likely scenarios. While we will cover advanced material, this is NOT strictly an advanced class. Most of the techniques taught in this class can be considered basic survival skills in our crazy world. It will also teach you when you need to seek more practiced, learned, individuals to help you.

Ritual Baking with Sheri Ann CookWiccan kitchen almond crescents

Learn how to cook in a conscious way. Practice self-actualization every day. An activity that we need to do – is nourish our bodies and foods consume. We can help you with your worthy plight. Take the class and walk in might. All in a day and all in a night, ignite your powers and gain insight.

Rock My World! with Maryalyce Merrit

Rock My World!
Are you drawn to crystals? They aren’t just about the shine factor. Crystals are allies with their own vibrations, provided to us by Mother Earth to assist us in learning and healing. In this class we will discuss the metaphysical, scientific, and ethical usage of healing crystals. We will begin the workshop with a group divination, and then discuss why they are exceptional for healing, how to communicate with them and work with them as divination tools, and how to care for them. We will talk about using them independently in healing sessions, integrating them into healing modalities, setting up crystal grids, and using them for scrying and channeling.

Role of Clergy with Thor Halvorsen

Role of Clergy, Over the years what it means to be clergy has changed (last workshop I did at CTCW on this topic totally blew me away! Thanks to those that showed up!!). Now we look at the issues, how do we answer the needs of our community, socially, professionally (Social Work, Counseling, Ministry (?), and rites of passages? How does a community so diverse, have differing views, paths, values, and expressions, reach out to another beyond just normal avenues and reach out to those that need us? Mental health, addictions, suicide, abuse, and ethics, all impact religious groups, regardless of religion, what strategies do we utilize? How do we know where to turn for help? Will they honor our beliefs or be judged for them? Safe to be “open” or have we exited the “Charmed” era?

RunValdr with Tchipakkan (and Starwolf)

This is a system of energy healing using Runes and another set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately.

Scandinavian Thunder Gods with Jane Sibley

Northern European thunder gods, magic, and folklore

Thor is perhaps the best known of the northern thunder gods. In this class, we will trace his development into the saga version, as well as explore Finnish and Saami thunder god and thunderbolt lore.DSCN1613

Jane T. Sibley, Ph.D. (co-con chair) is a traditional Norse practitioner and a specialist in Norse folklore and runes. She has taught at many gatherings for decades, including at Pennsic, Rites of Spring, Feast of Lights, Twilight Covening, … the list goes on … and also hosts MithraCon, which focuses on Mithraism and other cults in the Roman Empire. Her books, as well as spices, are available in the dealers’ room.

Secret of the Serpent with Mockingbird

The workshop which I have entitled “the Secret of the Serpent” is a result of my long studies on the structure of poetic imagery, and on the structure of the calendar and its relations to the seven planets. The three calendars most pertinent to my considerations are the Celtic tree calendar, the Essenian calendar implicit in “The Book of Jubilees”, and the Chinese beast zodiac. There is a serpent hidden in the system.

Shadow-Self, the Self, and Pathworking with Thor Halvorsen

This will be a discussion of the aspects of the shadow self, from inner to external, and metaphysical aspect. our perception of the self, pathwork and knowledge.

Simple Spell Crafting – Create Your Own with EmraldeKat

Learn the steps to crafting and creating simple and effective spells suitable for any tradition. The power of fire and intention when mixed with the right ingredients can change the world, or at least your part of it. We will discuss the steps of simple spell crafting, a number of basic spell types and where to look for inspiration and research. After the discussion participants will have the opportunity to choose materials and create their own basic spell kit.

$5 materials fee if you make a kit.

The Star with Lady AMber Dawn

The Star When you wish upon a star, your dreams will come true! The Star, one of the most liked and most used of the tarot cards, is the FOCUS of this class. In this class, we will meet the beautiful lady who holds the golden “rays”. When you towards the night sky, to see the light of the distant stars shining from a place far away from our old world and its everyday concerns. We will see when we journey to The Star

Class Level: Intermediate
Knowledge of guided meditations, helpful

Knowledge of grounding, centering and releasing is important!

Bring YOUR OWN The Star Tarot card WITH You, please

Talking to the World with Chris Kimball

Have you ever walked in nature and heard whispers in the wind? Or caught something out of the corner of you eye, that wasn’t there when you turned and looked? Join us in an open discussion about the various methods that an observing pagan can use to maintain an open dialog with the natural flow of events. And the different perspectives needed to use these talents to interact with the creation that is all around us.

Tarot Major Arcana with Lois Fitzpatrick

Of all the 78 cards in a Tarot deck the 22 cards of the Major Arcana can be the hardest to learn. There are many theories about the structure of this deck-within-a-deck. Theories are great, but not if they don’t help you in your readings. We will go over each card and come up with mental images and words you can really make use of in your readings.

Tea Therapy for Chakra Balancing with Maryalyce Merrit

Join us for a tea party with a twist of therapy thrown in! In a very casual setting, we will discuss balancing Chakras through the consumption of tea. We will use a variety of green, black, white, oolong, and herbal teas for their healing properties. We will experiment with different flavors, and try stirring in runes, sigils, and symbols to enhance the magick. Akasha’s Heart will provide a variety of teas and sweeteners. You are encouraged to bring your own mug or tea cup.

(Touch of Acupressure above as A Touch of Acupressure)

Using Technology to Help the Magic: Apps for the Technophobe with Lois Fitzpatrick

In today’s world, technology has become more and more inventive and flexible. Yet many of us are still afraid of it., or confused by it. In this session, we will sicuss some of the apps which are available for computers and smartphones. Come share your experiences on which are thegood apps (or the not-so-good ones!). We will aslo give general instructions for downloading and installing software.

What Dreams May Come with Juniper Talbot

What Dreams May Come – understanding and unlocking your dreams

Winter is a time for dreams. What we dream in the dark heart of night holds significant wisdom for us. But often it is hard to unlock the kernel of truth nestled deep within the symbolic, poetic, metaphorical language of the dream. We will share dreams and learn effective methods based on the work of dream pioneer Jeremy Taylor for unpacking the layers of meaning available within. Even if you rarely remember a dream this workshop can helpful. Bring a dream or a snippet of a dream to share.

Wild Faerie Soul: Law of Attraction Meets Magickal Lore with Jenna Green

Wild Faerie Soul Workshop If you love faeries and never outgrew magical tales, then you are a “Wild Faerie Soul!” Hidden within faerie mythology is ancient wisdom that can empower. In this workshop, mythic musician and holistic healer Jenna Greene will teach you how to use these secrets to tap into the Faerie powers deep within you and give your life wings! Jenna’s love of Positive Psychology, Law of Attraction and Faerie wisdom are woven together to create what she impishly calls her “lore of attraction.” This workshop will take you on a journey through 13 portals to a more magical life. You will learn how to: _ connect with the faerie energy within and surrounding you _ embrace faerie glamour to gain confidence _ open magical portals to help dreams come true _ reconnect with Nature and your own wildness _ fan the flame of creativity _ direct the power of your imagination _ create a magical reality It is Jenna’s dream and goal to transform this workshop into a 13-chapter book, 13-song sound track and 13-meditative art pieces. She is working with the Faeries to make this lofty dream a reality!

Yemaya with Lady AMber Dawn 

(This class is being put off until next year We’re leaving it up so people who come looking for it don’t wonder if they imagined it- you didn’t we just decided to not have Lady AMber Dawn not do three huge, high powered workshops in one weekend.)


Yemaya-Queen of the Seas: You all KNOW Her by the waves of the ocean, the smell of the sea, Her ”blue”: dress of the water and by the COMPANY She regularly keeps! For She is the Mother of all of the Orisha especially Her son Chango/Sango/Shango.She’s also the cousin of the Goddess Ast/Ausset/Isis. She’s the Queen of the Mermaid and Mermen. Stir does the sea when She dances ! She’s the Mother of fish….She’s YEMAYA !! In this class, we’ll look at Yemaya and Her influence on our modern lives; in an out of the water! Then we’ll construct a small special dance to bring forth Yemaya energies into our bodies! I’ll close the class with the exercise of making “Yemaya” water. Everyone will be taking home a small sample back home with them.

Class level: Beginner

2 hours

Material fees $4.00 (for making the Yamaya water)

There will also be an auction at the end for a Yemaya candle or statue.

(So- something to look forward to next year!)



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