Authors Table

Many of our speakers are also authors, and at the table by registration you will be able to buy a selection of their books. Also there will be scheduled book signings in the Atrium.

Akasha’s Journey

Akasha’s Journey offers a variety of hand crafted and magickally charged products including Reiki tools, crystal sets, black scrying mirrors, mojo bags, candles, and custom altar cloths.  I have a line of “Portable Pagan” items that include mini altars and mini altar tool sets.  I also have a line of “Pagan Pet” items that include pet healing mojo bags and magickally charged pet bandanas.  I offer Esoteric Consultations including Natal Chart casting & interpretation, chakra crystal energy therapy, power animal retrieval, Medicine Card, & Tarot readings.  I am also overjoyed to over a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, IET, and Run Valdr.  All healings are offered for both humans and their pets or familiars.

Artist’s Muse

Alison Blair is the creator of Esme’s Heart Pockets, Penelope’s Charms and Lord Montague’s Kilt Pins. I am a solitary practioner of the craft with a passion for gemstone and animal magicks. Esme’s Heart pockets are small pocket-like designs in a multitude of colors, designs and themes; they offer a unique way to carry your gemstone magic with you.  Penelope’s Charms are crafted from real gemstones and crystals, made for people and pets.  They may be worn alone or used with my Heart Pockets to enhance the gemstone magic.  Lord Montague’s kilt pins are sturdy, distinctive pins.  Esme and I believe everyone should always;  “Wear Their Magic!”
*And who is Esme? A very large and  royal gray cat who happens to be my very best friend!
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Auntie Arwen’s Spice Blends

Auntie Arwen’s Spices offers a huge selection of seasoning blends, from the flat calm to melt-your-fillings hot. We also have fudge, teas and coffees, and some interesting miscellanea and closeouts.


Cabochons- silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, hand painted silks, unique jewelry with semi-precious jewelry, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan’s cookbooks, wood burned and painted boxes, and more…

Crystal Connection

The Crystal Connection: tumble stones, pendula, massage stones, chip necklaces, and miscellaneous specimens to delight the senses. Inexpensive items for “show and tell” at elementary school, too.

Debbie’s Delights

The Door Opener 

The Door Opener is a 24-year old Connecticut magazine focused on spirituality, holistic health, and metaphysics.

Driven 2 Distraction  (Sadly, did not make it)

Driven 2 Distraction offers an assortment of products based on Green Living in partnership with the Earth. Quilts, aprons, dresses, robes, and bags, made using re-purposed and/or green materials. All natural yarns, and infant needs. Art.

Fabric Dragon

Fabric Dragon Designs began as a convention merchant selling garb and costuming supplies, (hence the name) but has since become best known for metaphysically oriented Jewelry and beads.
The owner, Kirsten, specializes in genuine gemstones and fossil jewelry and beads, many of which are difficult to find in commercial bead stores. Owning a metaphysical gift store exposed her to many more unusual stones, and their combinations, and she has continued to take classes, workshops, and expand her understanding of these topics.
Today she is back in college for Design, and also teaches textile and stone related classes such as :spinning, knitting, clothing construction, stone meanings, combining stones for specific purposes, making yoru own jewelry, and amulet construction.
Since Kirsten’s jewelry making style tends to the understated and classic, most of her work can be worn in mundane office and evening settings, despite its “meaning based” construction.

Forest Garb

Juniper sells velvet cloaks, dresses, and pouches, batik pants, medieval brocade belts, and beaded jewelry.

Garden of One

Are You Ready to Bloom?  Rachel creates unique Flower/ Vibrational Essence & Aromatherapy Products:  Mysts, Oils, Baths, Essences, Candles, Energy Peels, Kits and more.  Designed to bring comfort and alignment to body, mind and spirit these products release the patterns and behaviosr that are preventing us from living an authentic life and rebuild the energy patterns so that we can create and manifest that which we truly desire.  Rachel will be available to work with you personally to test and choose the ideal products for your situation.

Green Dove Press

  The Mayan Calendar has prophesized that ‘the world as we know it’ will end in the year 2012. Truth Never Changes: Earth Changes takes the reader on a quest to investigate End-Times prophecies to validate or reject them.

A Healing Vibration

Hutnik’s Used Books:

Great prices on used SF, fantasy, and other books; we have hardcovers and paperbacks as well as games and miscellaneous interesting things which we ran across.

Light of the Hunter’s Moon

Incense, oils, dream pillows, herbs and jewelry.

Michelle Hanson Ocean Oracle

Seashell readings using the Ocean Oracle system created and interpreted by Michelle Hanson. Also available: Ocean Oracle kits with 200 seashell card deck, Ocean Wisdom: Lessons from the Seashell Kingdom, Guided meditation CDs authored/narrated by Michelle

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