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Vendor Spotlight: Sophia Shultz

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Wandering Paintbrush Studio Sophia Kelly Shultz

Author of The Stone Circle Oracle and upcoming Promethean Oracle, Sophia Kelly Shultz specializes in spiritual and mythological art. Working primarily in watercolor or colored pencil, she spends much of her time working out of doors, giving her finished paintings a strong feeling of color and light.

Visit Sophie’s website at:

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Vendor Spotlight: Earth Treasures

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Earth Treasures

At Earth Treasures you will find hand-crafted dreamcatchers, smudge
feathers,  smudge kits, genuine gemstone jewelry,  bookmarks,
keychains,  & pendulums, and retail items such as tumbled gemstones,
white sage, palo santo, & incense holders.

We use as many local, natural materials as possible in our hand-crafted items and search for high quality in our retail items. There is something here for everyone so come take a look!

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Monday Vendor Spotlight: Auntie Arwen’s Spices

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Auntie Arwen, known in the “real world” as Jane T. Sibley,  has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ever since the first Pennsic held at Coopers’ Lake.  Actually, she joined right after Pennsic 5, which was in 1975.  She started out selling tag sale items at Pennsic, and then graduated to crystals, tumble stones, crystal balls, and suchlike at science fiction cons as well as at SCA events.  This was successful for many years, but when the crystal fad began to die out, she switched over to spice blends.  Beginning with twelve blends, over the years the variety has increased to today’s over 300 blends, as well as salts, peppercorns, and more.  Arwen’s spices come in glass jars that were chosen for their exceptional sealing capability.  Our jars keep blends for well over 1yr, whole spices for grinding last easily 2yrs (and that is just what they say about spices in the plastic jars.)

Yes, this is the same Jane Sibley who started Changing Times Changing Worlds (with Tchipakkan and friends) nine years ago. She will be back this year, at the conference is often found at Hospitality, if not teaching or attending classes! (It’s SO good to have passed the chair on!) But don’t worry- Colleen will be holding the fort in the dealers room! Remember to bring back your spice jars for a discount on your next bottle!

An expert on Runes and Norse magic and folklore, she will be running a Norseworking Healing Circle again this year. And you may be able to find her books in the vendors. When the current book has been finished and the manuscript sent off to the publisher, she will start on the next one, and after

that, yet another one.  In between writing books she plans on getting back to another love that has been a part of her family history; painting.  Auntie is not bored.

Her on-line store is here since you can’t wait until November:
Auntie Arwen’s Spices

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Monday Vendor Spotlight:

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Magic Cat Designs

Magic Cat Designs features a mix of hand-made treasures, ranging from jewelry to to hair accessories to sewn items, in styles from quirky to classic. Most will be one-of-a-kind, while others may be few-of-a-kind. Whatever it is, it will have been made with joy in the Magic of creating something special and beautiful.

Everything sold is hand-made by the owner. Nothing is mass-produced. Each item is created individually, with care and concern for quality.

Items made in the past have included braided wire and bead circlets, folding coronets (for SCA or cosplay ) and minister’s stoles, customized for differing religious/spiritual paths.

You can find Magic Cat Designs online at: or by email at:

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Spotlight: Rev. Kathleen OBrien

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Kathleen O’Brien, T-Project

Kathleen OBrien is a multi-talented individual.  She is an Author, Astrologist, Psychotherapist, Ordained Interfaith Minister and, a Wiccan Priestess. 

Her degrees include a B.S. in Mathematics, a Masters degree in Social work (LMSW) and a Masters degree in Theology MTh.  Currently she is studying High Magic.

  • As a Mathematician she programmed cockpit displays for fighter aircraft and worked on secret government projects. 
  • Kathleen’s work as a psychotherapist specialized in the LGBT community.  In connection with this she has written papers on what the clinical community should know about the LGBTQ population as well as her thesis: The Seven Biblical Verses Used Against Homosexuality [there are none if the Bible is read correctly].
  • She is researching femininity and Goddess. 
  • She is a Diversity Trainer and an Astrology speaker.
  • As an Ordained Interfaith Minister she presents sermons that are not necessarily typical.

Her work in the metaphysical area for well over a decade brings together ancient religions, psychology, current scientific and philosophical thought with new age and Wiccan religious concepts.  “The more we study, the more we find everything is connected.”

Contact her at:

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