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Reader Spotlight: HPS Sarah Livermore

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photo by Joe Wilson

Model, Artist, & Witch

I am Conrahsarahteena. I took that Craft name when I was 11 back in 1993 when I decided that the path that best fit who I was and who I wanted to be was Eclectic Wicca. I’ve been practicing magick my whole life. I drifted towards Paganism as a tween, and spent many years studying world mythology, with extra focus on Greek/Roman, Norse, and Egyptian. My all time favorite ancient culture is that of Minoan Crete. The society of ancient Crete was one of the most gender balanced of all time, and that really appeals to me as a tomboyish, bisexual, fiercely independent, and adventurous female.

About 12 yrs ago I did a little stock photography modeling, and gave it up because I was getting married, and more focused on other areas of my life. Fast forward to 2018, and I finally felt the time was right to go through professional training, and get back into modeling. I graduated from John Casablanca’s and then signed with them after graduating. Since then I’ve been in one bridal expo, New Hampshire Fashion Week, a couple of photo shoots with local photographers, and do some promoting for a couple of events.

I paint, draw, and used to do ceramics. All my paintings have a poem on the back about the scene. Each piece is part of a whole world and plot lines that maybe someday I will manage to organize into a book. I prefer doing landscapes or seascapes, but sometimes I paint spiritual images that show the way I perceive various types of beings I’ve encountered through my practice of The Art. I hope to finish enough pieces to put together a show. I also love to write. Creativity is not one thing. I have been passionate about dance since childhood. I’m an artist. This includes my makeup when I’m modeling, the paint on each canvas, the flower pots or offering dishes I’ve made from clay, or words on a page. The spells and rituals I write are part of my artwork.

Psychic development, spells, rituals, astral travel, meditation, herbs, mythology, folklore, and the paranormal have always been part of my life. That list sums my practice of witchcraft. I grew up in a haunted house on a small farm in southeastern IL. I was taught how to do card readings as a toddler using a deck of preschool flash cards intended to teach colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. I learned to use those flash cards for reading the future and for spirit communication. As I grew up I progressed to using various tarot and oracle card decks. I learned to send and receive spiritual messages/signs my grandmother called “tokens” through birds. Later as an adult I learned that was called augury and was a common practice among the Romans. Magick to me is not white, black, or green. It is a tool for personal development, and it is morally neutral. I’m a healer, seer, psychic, medium, herbalist, enchantress, shaman, priestess, and many other things that fall under the umbrella of witch. I specialize in banishing and exorcism. The paranormal has always been a huge part of my life, and shaped who I am.

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Vendor Spotlight: Auntie Arwen’s Spices

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Auntie Arwen, known in the “real world” as Jane T. Sibley,  has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) ever since the first Pennsic held at Coopers’ Lake.  Actually, she joined right after Pennsic 5, which was in 1975.  She started out selling tag sale items at Pennsic, and then graduated to crystals, tumble stones, crystal balls, and suchlike at science fiction cons as well as at SCA events.  This was successful for many years, but when the crystal fad began to die out, she switched over to spice blends.  Beginning with twelve blends, over the years the variety has increased to today’s over 300 blends, as well as salts, peppercorns, and more.  Arwen’s spices come in glass jars that were chosen for their exceptional sealing capability.  Our jars keep blends for well over 1yr, whole spices for grinding last easily 2yrs (and that is just what they say about spices in the plastic jars.)

Yes, this is the same Jane Sibley who started Changing Times Changing Worlds (with Tchipakkan and friends) nine years ago. She will be back this year, at the conference is often found at Hospitality, if not teaching or attending classes! (It’s SO good to have passed the chair on!) But don’t worry- Colleen will be holding the fort in the dealers room! Remember to bring back your spice jars for a discount on your next bottle!

An expert on Runes and Norse magic and folklore, she will be running a Norseworking Healing Circle again this year. And you may be able to find her books in the vendors. When the current book has been finished and the manuscript sent off to the publisher, she will start on the next one, and after

that, yet another one.  In between writing books she plans on getting back to another love that has been a part of her family history; painting.  Auntie is not bored.

Her on-line store is here since you can’t wait until November:
Auntie Arwen’s Spices
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Vendor Spotlight: Cabochons

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striped stockings

Hey witches- this is where to get long striped stockings! (Ever since the Wizard of Oz movie, “everyone” seems to know that witches wear striped stockings!)

We also have a lovely selection of affordable (fair trade) silver jewelry, as well as hand made necklaces with semi-precious stones. We have hand painted silks, from handkerchief to belly dancing sizes.

Celebrate Samhain with Honour

Tchipakkan makes ceramic figurines suitable for altars and shrines, votifs and cookie stamps (where else are you going to find a pentagram, an awen, or an irmunsil to stamp on your cookies?), and has cookbooks with recipes for pagan cookies.
There are other incidental items, you never can tell what we’ll have…

Spiral bound Divine Cookies

Cabochons (3)            Tchipakkan (S)                                       5/6

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Vendor Spotlight: Metaphysically and Naturally Yours

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Our planet Earth is abundant and supplies us with naturally healingplants.
Henna has been used to beautify the
skin and hair for thousands of years in regions across the globe and is well known for its wonderful healing properties.
~I offer henna as a spiritual healing
modality and blessing through positive intentions
( I do not seek to diagnose, treat,prevent or
cure any disease)
Through positive intentions, love, compassion and trust. The process of healing is literally in your hands.
Metaphysically , henna symbolizes

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Vendor Spotlight: Magic Cat Designs

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Magic Cat Designs features a mix of hand-made treasures, ranging from jewelry to to hair accessories to sewn items, in styles from quirky to classic. Most will be one-of-a-kind, while others may be few-of-a-kind. Whatever it is, it will have been made with joy in the Magic of creating something special and beautiful.

How did the name come about?

For several years, Lois wrote articles and sold items under the name of Sew Magical. (She still uses that name at conferences and conventions) When she joined forces with a friend who made beautiful aprons and pieced lap quilts, they wanted to have a new name reflecting both halves of the business. Since her friend’s nickname was Kat, Magic Cat was the obvious result. Although Kat is no longer part of the business, the name remains the same.

What makes Magic Cat special?

Everything sold is hand-made by the owner. Nothing is mass-produced. Each item is created individually, with care and concern for quality.

What about unusual things?

Yup, those too. Items made in the past have included braided wire and bead circlets, folding coronets (for SCA or cosplay ) and minister’s stoles, customized for differing religious/spiritual paths.

You can find Magic Cat Designs online at: or by email at:

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