Advanced Rune Workshop-       Galina Kraskova

This workshop will explore the proper protocols for working effectively with the runes, both in divination and magic. Both the elder futhark and younger futhorc will be explored with special emphasis on negotiating proper sacrifices to this living family of spirits. This workshop will include galdr: magical chanting. (1.5 hours)

Pre-requisites: Attendees must be over 18 years of age. Must have a basic knowledge of runes.

African Americans and the Bantu Water Tradition- Imakhu Shekemet

When enslaved Africans were brought to U.S. shores, their mystical water traditions came with them, transmuted, and survived in many of the Africanisms seen in today’s Baptist Church traditions. How? Learn about the Bantu tradition of the njusu (water spirits), who continue speaking to African Americans through dreams, corporeal “mermaid” contact, intense healings, blessings, and more. Queen Mother Imakhu is initiated as an ngoma (healer)into this Bantu tradition through her spiritual father, Baba Mandaza Kandemwa of Zimbabwe. The path of the ngoma is that of the bridge builder to peace. Queen Mother Imakhu was also blessed with unique healing energy by the njusu, which she uses to initiate African Americans into the ngoma tradition. Length: 90 min.

African Origins of Global Fey Traditions- Imakhu Shekemet

Did you know the word “fey” can be traced back to African Kemetic (Egyptian) culture?
Join Queen Mother Imakhu’s eye opening journey of the mystical faerie folk and angelic beings, beginning unexpectedly in the Motherland and uniting us through global travels and traditions. Her article on this topic recently appeared in the UK’s “FAE Magazine.” Workshop includes Imakhu’s colorful storytelling, folklore, history ; plus audience sharing of culture and experiences with “The Ones”. Queen Mother Imakhu is the Kemetic Elder High Priestess of AKERU Nu Afrakan Ministries. Length: 2 hours.

Akichita Wakan’: Way of the Sacred Warrior-

Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Throughout human history, there have been those warriors who have achieved metaphysical awaking and spiritual growth through the intense discipline and practice of their martial lifestyle. From the Shaolin Monks of China, the Native American Warrior Societies, the Samurai of Japan, the Holy Orders of Knighthood, etc., come some of the most selfless and enlightened people in history. Learn how the path of a sacred warrior can be used to achieve spiritual and metaphysical growth, as well as experiencing first-hand the calm eye of the storm center through actual physiomeditative exercises and techniques. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in and a mat for the floor if they wish.

Animal Dreams- Juniper Talbot 

How are the finned, feathered, furred, scaled and many-legged ones speaking to you through your dreams?  It is often true that in the receptive state of sleep, the voices of the animals can best be heard.  As Chief Dan George states: “If you talk to the animals, they will talk to you and you will know each other; if you do not… you will not know them…and you will fear them.  What one fears, one destroys.”  At this crucial time when so many species are winking out before our eyes, it is increasingly important that we talk and listen to the animals.  Come and share your favorite animal dream (or dream-like encounter) and listen to the dreams of others as we appreciate together the animals that come to us in our sleep and bring a message of healing and wholeness to our fragmented species. (1 ½ HOURS)

All about Water –Aime “Trent” Millet

Partnering with the Water Within & around Us! Since birth, we have been drenched with the awareness that water is essential to life. Our new awareness of ancient knowledge now shows us that water is life.
Each of us swims toward our physical existence through the ambionic waters of birth. We are up to 85% water. This water, this liquid miracle, comes from a natural, earthy source still to be found. We will look at the attributes and characteristics of the liquid self within….the water we are determines our natural fluidic base, its changes, and our control of that percentage of our bodies. We’ll explore the waters that cleanse us, detoxify us, re-establish our healthy base fluids, and how our bodies dance with the minerals, cell salts, oxygen and other gasses in natural waters to maintain and perpetuate perfect health.
We will glance at water’s memory and resonance, its ability as a “Liquid Crystal” to hold and use intent, and how water transmits information into our water-body.
We’ll look at the at-home uses of water in massage, ritual, hydrotherapy and First Aid. Hydrotherapy, as developed in the world’s hospitals, is the simple use of water pressure, temperature, and movement to activate changes and balances in our mechanical body.
We will also look at where these waters are still available in their natural habitat: the miracle of Saratoga, NY, the Southwest US, and at the great spas of Europe. We will “swim through” what has been discovered and known for centuries about their healing properties and potential for renewed health.
In dipping into the aspects of hydrotherapy, the power and meaning of the movement and flow of water, perhaps we’ll rediscover some of our own movements, fluidities, and psychological abilities. To pool our strength, to flow smoothly, to move gracefully around the obstacles of life is to slide into the force and the power available to us with in this feminine energy.
We’ll take a sip of modern and ancient methods, rituals, stories and mythologies relating to aspects and perceptions of water; flowing finally into the consciousness inherent in water, and thus, inherent within ourselves.

Alternative methods and tools for working within the Chakra – Gaia and Shale Rune

As with all energy work each practitioner and client positively responds to different types of healing modalities.

Our goal in this workshop is to explore alternative tool techniques while working within the chakra system. This will allow you and your client to achieve the best potential fit for their care.

We will be utilizing tuning forks, singing bowls, tarot cards, runes and more, teaching you how these tool methods can  advance your current chakra practices beyond your average energizing, healing and grounding. We will also be discussing the minor chakra points, pathways and channels of energy within the body using a variety of methods. This is a very hands on workshop so please come prepared to participate.

(1 hour)

The Art and Science of Dowsing- Carol Gader

Join Master Dowser Carol Gader for this Workshop.

Learn and Experience the History of Dowsing.

How it works.

What it’s used for.

The tools used to get the answers.

How to ask the right questions.

Why everyone should learn to dowse.

No prior knowledge of dowsing is required. If you are a dowser come and expand your knowledge. Tools will be provided and made available for purchase or bring your own. Handouts. (one hour)

The Art of Blessing- Rachel Ginther

Explore Blessing as a form of Art.  Through Sacred Ritual  we will co-create a Blessing Ceremony to honor Spirit as it weaves through our lives, to recognize the sacred in All and to acknowledge ourselves as potent manifestations of Spirit.

Aspects of Living at a Goddess Temple – Trent Millet

Aime “Trent” Millet was honored to reside at, serve and be a student and practitioner at the Phoenix Goddess Temple. A true church dedicated to woman’s wholeness as nourisher, healer, rebirther and Goddess in companionship with God.As our high Priestess says “Our God is a happy God, he has someone to rub his shoulders, listen to him and it hasn’t been 2 thousand years since he’s had sacred union”. Goddess!  Seriously though residing at and serving this Goddess Temple was the most sacred encounter with a universal healing and renewal field I ever encountered. This will be a sharing with feedback to contemplate the meaning of that kind of encounter!
A block of fun!

Aspects of Pagan Ways of Death and Dying- Lyrion and Raven ap Tower

The purpose of Aspects of Pagan Ways of Death and Dying is to offer information and perspectives so attendees may be of service to their (Pagan home) communities.

We will explore select aspects of the process: emotional, cultural and religious implications, balanced with practical, and freeing, aspects of preparing to die. Using Pagan spiritual elements, attendees will examine alternatives to end stage care, mainstream funeral preparations, & burials and experience the freeing of creatively “giving it all away” –  writing an self-obituary and look at some legal issues involved –  attendees will take a gentle guided journey for illumination and compassion. If time permits we will create individual interpretive death masks and discuss writing and conducting a Passing Ritual. (3 hours)

Authentic Movement – Juniper Talbot 

Authentic Movement is a deep practice wherein an individual moves with eyes closed from their own inner impulses – allowing that spark of divine Source to motivate the movement.  One or more witnesses create a container of safety for movers, and participate through attentive observation.  A crucial part of the process is “harvesting” – a way of integrating the experience of moving and witnessing through drawing, writing or speaking.  This is a deep method of connecting one’s inner source and loosening the layers of the masks we wear in daily life. We will explore this healing practice as both mover and witness.  Wear comfortable clothing for freedom of movement.  Bring pen and paper and/or drawing supplies.  Some will be provided.  (1 hour)

Basic Hindu Mantras- Adam Latin

One way that people who walk a hindu tradition pray is to repeat a phrase/sentence a specific number of ritualistic times. These phrases are called mantras This class offers a few basic description of a few dieties and a mantra for each of those described. Focusing on a particular diety allows one to ask for help in a specific manner whether that help be abundance, protection, healing or rapid change. I will be answering questions at the end of class as time allows.

Body Heal Thyself- Ron Oplinus

In this work shop the attendee will learn about a system that causes the body to heal itself. The system is called Organ Regeneration Through Consciousness, and was developed by a team of Russian scientists and healers. You will learn how and why this is possible, how to use the system, and see some examples including breasts after a cancer removal, back repair, and optic nerve regeneration after injury. Included will be a demonstration of the system, with their permission, on workshop participants.

Body Congruence- Joshua Tenpenny

Everyone has an energy, or astral, body. Some people’s energy bodies match their physical ones closely, and some don’t. This workshop discusses how to discern the energy body, and what impact its similarity or difference from the physical form has on physical, mental, and spiritual health. We’ll also discuss when remedies should be applied, and when the energy practitioner should leave well enough alone.

Boundaries, Balance and Nurturing Yourself  – Catherine Kane

Are you so busy taking care of everyone else that you have no time for your own well-being and dreams? It’s very easy to get so caught up in nurturing others that we burn out ourselves. Come learn some basic, practical skills on setting a balance between meeting your own needs and those of others in order to have a happier, healthier life.

Care and Feeding of Magickal Tools- Michael Dolan

This workshop fully covers every aspect of the physical representations we use in our practice. We will cover the four essential magickal tools and several others, including a few you may never have thought of!
Topics range from why we need tools to the debate over buying vs. making them yourself. We’ll cover the process of designing and creating an object, how to cleanse and consecrate your tools, and end with some practical solutions for preserving and caring for wood, metal, stone, leather, and other common materials. (2.5 hours)

The Cailleach: Becoming the Hagg- Eilidh (Ellen Waff)

Explore the strength and beauty of Age. Take on the cloak of the Hag, Her power and Her compassion. We will design a Cailleach Bheur (Winter Hag) Ritual for the Dark of the Year.

Center, ground, shield- Kathleen Egbert

This is a course in how to survive the most exciting thing you’ve ever experienced. Changing Times Changing Worlds is going to be exciting. It will give you insights like you may never have experienced. You’re going to learn so much. And you could very well become literally psychically and emotionally overwhelmed. You could even become ill. And we’re going to show you how not to let this happen to you. Don’t feel that just because you attend this class everyone is going to know you’re new. Anyone can forget some of the information you are going to learn, and everyone could use a refresher. How do you think I get mine? (1 hour)

Chant, Enchantment, and Vibrational Healing- Eilidh (Ellen Waff)

Shamanic practice uses the voice to call and raise energies, and to heal.  The healers and sorcerers of ancient Europe did the same.  These echoes of our ancestors have come down to us as “enchantment” or “singing down runes”, as well as hymn-singing and Gregorian chant.  Let us explore together the use of voice, music and vibration in healing, and in magic.

Connecting the Eagle and the Condor Through a Heart of Jade – Skye Stephenson

This combination experiential workshop and book reading will offer the participant a chance to learn more about the sacred powers and traditions related to the sacred stone jade and to hear excerpts of Skye Stephenson’s new spiritual novel “The Spirits of Jade,” which was inspired by a black heart of jade.  Through a combination of lecture, discussion and practice, you will be able to deepen your understanding of the power of jade and open your heart to connecting with this sacred member of the stone family that has long been revered by many traditional cultures and peoples around the world.

We will also discuss the Andean legend of the Eagle and the Condor, and what it means for each of us. The increasingly important role that Latin American spiritual traditions are playing in the world these days will be looked at, using the novel as a means of entry. (1 Hour)

Crystal Bowl Meditation – Onna Kelley

Join me for a Crystal Bowl Meditation. My Crystal bowls are tuned to the seven main chakras. The benefits are endless and can effect you in many ways. The Crystal bowl vibrations work with the body’s natural energy and gently assist in returning the chakra energy centers and organs of the body to their natural harmonious resonances. This helps with improved energy levels, increased focus, a reduction of stress and an overall sense of well-being. (one hour) You may want to bring a Yoga mat or blanket to lay on, a pillow for your head or knees, and a blanket for warmth.

The Cult of Mithras in the Roman Empire- Jane Sibley

The cult of Mithras was widespread among the Imperial Roman military and bureaucratic classes. The Mysteries were the same in mithraea (temples) from Hadrian’s wall in England to the hot lands of Syria and North Africa, providing a unifying element to those serving in the far reaches of the Empire. In this session, we will explore what is known about the initiation steps, iconography, and the Mysteries. [1 hour]

Dagara Cosmology and The Societal Call to a Water Spiritual Energetic –  Ukumbwa Sauti

The elemental Spirit of Kuon, water, will be discussed from the Dagara perspective with particular focus on the energetic characteristics of peace, unity, reconciliation and communal spiritual healing.  In a modern, global capitalist world in which the energy of fire is dominant and out of balance, the engagement of the water energetic is key to creating and sustaining a new initiative of social harmony, deepening connection with nature and a growing and substantive relationship with Spirit.  This presentation will be a participatory one in which attendees will be asked to share their spiritual and cultural connections with water.  Ukumbwa will lead a Water Unity ceremony at the beginning of the workshop.  (2-2.5 hours)

Dancing with the Earth: Sacred Movement – Juniper Talbot

Since ancient times, our ancestors have expressed their connection to the earth with joyful, meditative, celebratory and sacred movements.  Join together to experience the spiritual and healing movement practices of ancient earth-centered traditions.  We will learn and develop spirit-filled movements that call our deep connection to the natural world, as we open to our roots, our wings, our source.  By honoring the mysteries, we heal the rift and celebrate life.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and soft shoes or barefeet. (1 hour)

Developing Medical Intuition- Deb Miller

Developing Medical Intuition for the current medical or energy practitioner:
Fine tune your working knowledge with enhanced energetic awareness. Discussions followed by practice opportunities. Ethics, techniques, theories explored.

Deity Work: Trance and Divine Possession – Kirk White

People from different cultures believe, say and do different things when it comes to working with the Gods. This will be a discussion of terms, definitions, models, methods, ethics, benefits and pitfalls associated with trance and possession work within the Pagan community.

Diagnostic Skills for Energy Healers – Kirk White

This is a class for current and aspiring energy healers looking to expand the type and number of diagnostic skills available. We will draw on Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and other energetic healing systems to define and refine our healing strategies. Looking, asking, feeling, sensing, tongue, pulse and other techniques will be explored and practiced.

Divination with sticks – Kathleen Egbert

After a lecture covering divination and reading for others, each member of the class will have the opportunity to make, learn to read, and use, his own divination sticks. These sticks will be created for and by each student using various suggested archetypes. Personal additions may be made to the suggested meanings.

No prerequisites other than imagination and an open mind. Also need to be willing to be creative without fear. Also need to be sensitive not to laugh at someone else; “sniditude” is grounds for expulsion. (2 hours -less if fewer students) The necessary materials will be provided. Each student will have had the opportunity to create and learn to read his own personal set of divination sticks, and will take them with him.

Divining with stones – Kathleen Egbert

After a lecture covering divination and reading for others, each member of the class will have the opportunity to make and learn to read a system of divination personally meaningful to him. Using small stones and other bits and pieces of items that mean something to him, the student will use these “stones” to create a system of divination with meaning to him. He will also learn to create a “cloth” upon which to cast these stones to perform a divination or reading.

No prerequisites other than imagination and an open mind. Also need to be willing to be creative without fear. Also need to be sensitive not to laugh at someone else; “sniditude” is grounds for expulsion.

Students interested in this class should bring any pebble-sized stones they have been collecting with them.

This may be a “hands-on” class for some and instruction only for others. Some stones and other items for this technique may be obtained in the vendors and merchants rooms. (two separated hours- see schedule)

Dowsing Your Health – Carol Gader

In this workshop you will learn how to use a pendulum on charts, and to make and use charts to determine what your personal needs are in order to have the best health you can possibly have. You will be able to determine your vitality index, what your personal and psychological health levels are and what the main cause of your physical problems is, whether it is environmental, psychological, physical,  from a past life, emotional, mental, or just nutritional deficiencies.  You will learn how to read your pH level and how to correct it.  You will also learn to determine if you are holding anger or resentment, and what it is doing to your health.  You will also find out what your allergies are and how to pinpoint them, all from the use of charts.
This class will empower you to be all you can be through your dowsing skills, and to be able to help your loved ones too.  Don’t miss this class.
Prerequisite:  You should know how to use a pendulum, or take ‘The Art and Science of Dowsing’ offered at this conference.  Bring a pendulum.  They will be offered for sale at our vendor’s table as well as my book ‘Dowsing Your Health’.
(2 ½ hour class).

Elemental Herbal Energetics – Raven Kaldera

A “Pagan Herbalism 201” class, for those who already have some grounding in herbalism. Both herbs and physical ailments can be divided by the elements, according to energy, taste, and action. This class will discuss how to find the right herb for the job, and how to tell if it will work for the body in question. Derived from old European herbalism and some spirit-taught traditions, this will illuminate herbalism as much more than just a “cookbook” of plants.

Energy and Healing the Quaker Way- Friend Honour Horne-Jaruk

Quaker Meetings are both creators and users of energy. How does a Called Meeting for healing work? What can you and your family or group learn from techniques Quakers have been using successfully for centuries? there will be a brief explaination and discussion followed by practice.

Ethics – Kathleen Egbert

My religion requires one to be responsible for everything she does. Since what I put out comes back to me three times, much of what comes to me is my responsibility also. What does this mean? Well, besides the obvious suggestion one keep one’s words soft as one might have to eat them, it also means one should have a highly evolved sense of ethics.

What are ethics? How do they apply to daily llife? How do they apply to religious life? How do they apply to magical life? How do they apply to divination? How do they apply to teaching? How do they apply to … etc., etc., etc.? Lecture followed by discussion. We’ll only have one period for the class, so if things get heated or repetitive, the instructor will become dictatorial. If there is a real problem, we can find some place to wrangle. Prerequisites: the ability to listen with ears vs. mouth, highly evolved sense of courtesy, open mind.

Fighting with the German Messer- Knights of Selohar

The messer is a falchion-like single-handed sword common in German-speaking lands at the end of the Middles Ages. A number of surviving fencing treatises describe the use of this weapon and their methods describe the fight with a weapon both agile and formidable. In this class we’ll look at some simple techniques for fighting with this weapon. Training swords will be provided.

Finding and Working with Your Spirit Guides- Beth Washington

Many cultures and many spiritual practices include the idea of guardian angels, ancestors, master teachers and animal totems, also known as spirit guides. In this class, we will learn about the many different forms spirit guides can take, historical references, animal correspondences, and techniques for working with your own spirit guides to help with healing, protection, and guidance in your daily life. There will be a guided shamanic meditation to help you find your own spirit guides and a chance to begin your working relationship with them.  1 hour- closed room

Five Minute Meditation – Mindfulness and the Mind/Body Connection For Busy People – Catherine Kane

The practice of meditation has many scientifically documented health benefits, including managing pain, decreasing blood pressure, supporting the immune system, and stress management. An ongoing meditation practice can have a significant positive effect on a person’s health in body, mind and spirit.
Even if the practice is as little as five minutes a day…
(Yes, you read that right.)
While meditating for longer periods is more effective, medical studies have shown that even small periods of meditation, when done regularly, have a positive effect on your health.
Been wanting to get into meditation, but having a hard time figuring out how to open up large amounts of time in your life to meditate? This class will show you an assortment of ways to incorporate meditation in brief periods throughout your life so that you can enjoy the positive effects of mini-meditations right now, as well as have the opportunity to  identify a method that you may wish to devote increased time to in the future.
Open to all levels, from beginners to experienced folks

Gifts for the Divine: The Art Of Making Offerings- Raven Kaldera

In ancient times, when people wanted something from a deity, they made an offering and asked. Today we are conflicted about whether it’s all right to ask for things, and whether we should pay a price for them, and what kind of a price is appropriate. The art of making offerings, however, can be a beautiful way to be in symbiotic relationship with the Gods. In this workshop we’ll discuss the issue of divine propitiation and share ideas for worthy offerings and what to do with them.

Ground, Center, and Shield, Advanced Techniques  – Larry Obern

Description:  This covers the more advanced work that comes with grounding.  We will cover what if earth isn’t the element for you? Different types of shields and how useful they are.  Maintaining a flow from the ground and center to keep energy levels up.  Using the ground point as a power source for shielding.  Prereq: basic grounding techniques

Healing Our Ancestors, Healing Ourselves – Laura Patsouris

This 2 hour workshop and ritual will focus on the interconnectedness of the living and the dead and the need to address and heal ancestral wounds in order to find healing ourselves. Topics will include how getting our ancestral house in order can be a vehicle to finding wholeness, how to propitiate the ancestors and the dynamic interplay between those on either side of the veil. While the workshop is taught by a Cuban ancestor worker, we will explore ways to adapt ancestor practices and ritual to apply to any cultural context. The session will conclude with a ritual to honor and heal our ancestors and ask that they in turn will bless and heal us. Join in and feel the power that comes from ancestral healing.

Healing Practice Session – Maryalyce Merritt & Tchipakkan

In this workshop, both Reiki II & RunValdr students will practice various techniques, as when you have practiced, you are more likely to continue using it.  We welcome all present at CTCW to sign up for these healing sessions so our students have an opportunity to hone their skills and build confidence as healing practitioners.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those with chronic pain issues to receive healing energies.

Reiki II students are encouraged to bring any crystals or tools they were given in Reiki I.
We ask that Reiki practitioners sign up with Maryalyce & RunValdr practitioners sign up with Tchipakkan.  Clients (those who’d like healing) please sign up at the Registration table so we can best match practitioners to clients.  (Did we mention *free healing*? donations may be offered if you want to) If you practice another form of healing and would like to join us, please do. (1 hour)


Sadly Sean Donahue can’t make it this year; try to find him here

Hexbreaking, Uncrossing and Curse Turning – Starwolf 

  The real defense against the Dark Arts…

 Honoring the Genus Loci (spirits of place) and the spirits of the home – Galina Krasskova

This workshop is a deep exploration into working with and honoring the spirits of place, the genus loci. Participants will learn how to identify the spirits of both place and the home, how to honor them, why one should honor them, and the very tangible benefits inherent in developing a mutual reciprocity of practice. Other topics will include learning now to make appropriate offerings, healing the land and injured spirits of place, accessing the memory of place, and how to tie this in with other ancestral workings.   Pre-requisites: none     [1 hour]

How to Make a Brigit’s Cross – Beth Washington

This workshop is a hands on session where people will learn the art of making a Brigit’s cross using dried wheat stalks. The class also covers the lore and history of the Brigit’s Cross, and how it can be used magically in your daily life. Each person will leave the workshop with their own Brigit’s cross.

Limit 6 (one hour) Material’s fee for this one is $5/pp to cover the supplies.

Independent Pagan Publishing – Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny

The Neo-Pagan religion has always been a literary one, changed and driven by books and authors. This means that writers and publishers have a strong effect on the way our religion has been practiced. But Pagan publishing today is in an interesting quandary. Pagan-focused presses are small, and bound by market forces, which means what will sell a whole lot Now, which means Lowest Common Denominator. What are the alternatives? We’ll discuss the growing phenomena of print-on-demand, author=s cooperatives, and other do-it-yourself methods. We’ll also discuss quality control for the aspiring author. How can you get your words out there? Let’s find out.

Intentional Healing- Trent Millet

Part one: Intention

Properties of intention.
Intention may well be the most important and potent aspect of healing, as it is in so much of life. In the 1st part of this “play-shop” we’ll explore how we have been, consciously or unconsciously, using intent, its effectiveness and how to define and sharpen our ability to unitize intent. We’ll look at tests and experiences that qualify its potenticy and moral uses in all aspects of healing and life’s ritual.

Part 2: Focus

Second experience will be focusing on focus. The vital centering and condensing of power as direction and area are energized. We’ll share descriptions, experiences with, and processes of empowering this essential skill. How do you visual, feel, empower focus? Come share!
These first two formulate the gestation of the healing to be birthed, the last is part addresses our standing back while sacred nature does her work.

Part 3: Letting it go

How to gracefully press “send” after you’ve written the message, formulated the prayer, cast the spell or finished you healing activation. The act of “Letting go and letting…”.  There’s more around this then may first be obvious. Aspects such as lack of personal desire or attachment to outcome and permission. Appropriate levels of witnessing,holding space and grounding.
This is a play-shop of sharing. So intend to bring your wisdom, focus on your skills to offer and let it go!!

(Three blocks, one hour each)

Introduction to Planetary Magic– Christopher LaFond

The three interconnected occult Hermetic sciences are Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy. These share a world view that predates modern science. For early and traditional philosophers, Magic is a spiritual science which, like the Cosmos itself, is arranged in a triple hierarchy: material, celestial and divine. While Natural magic concerns itself with the occult properties of material things, and Divine magic is concerned with theology and the basis of all magic, Celestial (Astrological) magic deals with the middle world: the Zodiacal powers, the universal archetype of reality, which control the life and death of all material things.

This workshop will present an introduction and overview of the philosophy, tools, and goals of Astrological Magic for the absolute beginner. No previous astrological knowledge is required. Handouts will be provided.

(1.5-2 hours)

Introduction to Self-Defense: Principles and Action – Selina Rifkin

What would you do if you needed to defend yourself? Physical self-defense is damage control, and no damage control is better than prevention. Are you willing to use lethal force to protect yourself? An answer of ‘no’ still means you are responsible for prevention. The first hour of the class is open to all and will focus on avoiding being attacked in a number of different circumstances. The second hour will require physical activity as we go through basic strikes. Observers welcome, comfortable clothes highly recommended. (2 hours)

Labyrinth Walk 101- Tamar Lindsay

Walking a labyrinth can be simple fun, a balancing energy experience, a healing meditation, a problem  solving method, a magical ritual, an approach to the divine, a gateway to an altered state of consciousness, and a means of personal change.

Labyrinth Walk 301- Tamar Lindsay

Adults 18 and over.  Prerequisite: ability to ground yourself.  This esoteric method of walking a labyrinth has been known to result in permanent personal change. It is said to open a gateway between worlds.  Be careful what you wish for.

Labyrinth History and Structure – Tamar Lindsay

A relaxed chalk-talk on Labyrinth structure, history, archaeology, and folklore.  Will cover the easy way to draw the Classic forms and the Chartres forms.

Lessons in Ritual Triage or “How to Avoid the Ford Pinto Ritual” – Kirk White

This will be an anecdote-filled discussion on what makes a ritual a good or a bad one. Over the years, the presenter has been to some amazingly powerful rituals, some plain duds, and some downright dangerous ones. We’ll talk about how each got that way and various techniques to make energy flow, get everyone involved, stir up some change for people, while keeping everyone safe and sane.  We’ll also explore the difference between ritual and ritual theater and how different size groups (10, 100, 1000 participants) need to be planned differently.

The Magic of Business – Gaia Rune and Shale Rune

Have you ever had a great idea for a business but didn’t know where to start?  Or does a 9 to 5 job make you feel ill?  In this Magic of Business workshop you can learn some basic strategies for taking the stress out of starting up your own business.  We will talk about finding your own niches and nooks, being paid for your time and services, how to handle clients effectively, how to begin marketing effectively. What are the major questions you should ask yourself before you begin. LLC or Hobby Business? Website or store front? What is best for you life style? Time management? And dealing with startup cost…. We will also touch on licensing issues, building a better business plan, creating building blocks on your experience and good advertising.

Magical Healing for Chronic Illnesses- Morgan Daimler

Magical healing is often used for immediate needs, but how does it fit into chronic illnesses? This class will look at magical healing not as a cure but as a support for people living with chronic illnesses. Participants will learn the multitude of ways that healing work can help support health, reduce pain and symptoms, and improve the energy levels of people dealing with long term health issues.[1 hour, closed room]

Mediumship 102 – Deb Miller

For those experienced in grounding and have a general understanding and working knowledge of their own clair-bilities. Ethics, theories, shared experiences, practice opportunities.

Mic-Mac Magikal Systems – Bob Bestwick

How Mic-Mac magikal systems can aid and clarify your magikal workings. I cannot teach you certain of our practices, but there are branches of esoterica that are allowed and many Europeans have developed similar tools. This will require two blocks of time, one for explanation, one for trance work. Plan to attend both.


1. Smudging as a tool. The materials used, the intent involving the ancestors in it. This can clear evil from any space when done properly with enough knowledge and power behind it.

2. Trance development to fit the work being done. How place, direction, helpers and tools affect it.

3. Contact and aid from your strongest allies, your ancestors and the beings that they are allied with.


1. Trance with smudging practice.

2. Meeting that you never thought that you knew in trance as well as a few of mine. This is actual experience and will be a guide to deepening the bond to the other worlds.

3. The deep importance to ethics and personal character in a life along the trail of power and obligation.

Midwifery and Giving Birth using Traditional Norse Folk/Magic Medicine – Jane Sibley

Giving birth in the old days was fraught with danger. They didn’t know about bacteria, but they sure knew about trolls, bears, evil spirits, and other problems which might affect the birthing process. In this class, we will examine what folks did from the time the mother-to-be realized that the child was coming, to the time the afterbirth was delivered and the baby was put to her breast. This includes spellcraft, first foods, protection magic, and the role of the child’s father in the proceedings. [1 hour]

Midwifery and Homebirth: a Woman’s Prerogative – Eilidh  Ellen Waff

What has happened to “normal” birth?  Are we on the verge of a science-fiction-like requirement to register all conceptions and give all births into the hands of the hospital medical staff?  Let us discuss the role of the midwife, and the rights of a woman to choose her way of birthing, including ritual and locus.

Myth as a Source of Inspiration- Pastor Phil Wyman

Many “people of the Book” (Christians, Muslims, Jews) hold a firm grip on the historic authenticity of their scriptures. This class is designed to emphasize the power of myth even in the light of historic writings. This workshop will not seek to separate history from myth, but will utilize the skills of discovering life changing information in myths and apply it stories you hold to have historical accuracy.

Neo-Heathenry: What we do and how we do it today – Galina Krasskova

Heathen author and gythia Galina Krasskova will introduce participants to the complex world of the contemporary Northern Tradition. Participants will explore the common core cosmology, the dominant ritual structure, and the ways in which the Gods and ancestors are honored in contemporary Heathenry. This workshop will also examine current theological controversies and ideological fault lines that often determine denomination. We will look at the ways not only in which the community navigates those  tensions, but also how that very process of community debate and navigation is helping to guide the evolution of this growing body of religions into the 21st century and hopefully beyond. (90 minutes)

Nightmares and Demons – Larry Obern

Description:  Things that go bump in the night are real.  How to recognize them, deal with them, and make sure you are protected and safe from them.  This covers things from a to z in the world of Things Looking at you for a snack.  It also discusses how to prevent becoming a snack, and what to look for around you to show you what is up in mundania.  Just remember sometimes the cake really is just a cake, and the cow really is just a cow….

Nine Maidens: Healing Goddesses of the North- Raven Kaldera

We could all use healing in our lives. In ancient times, folk made offerings to healing Gods and Goddesses when they were ill. This practice can still bring amazing results to our lives. In this workshop, we’ll learn about the healing goddesses of the Norse and Germanic peoples and how they can help us today. We’ll concentrate especially on Mengloth and her nine handmaiden/colleagues, each of which is a specialist in some area of health from surgery to pulled muscles to mood disorders. We’ll end with a short ritual for healing of all our bodies and minds.

Palmistry as aid to communication and expressing love- Adam Latin

This class/course will teach you how to look at the lines in the palm and identify how a person communicates and also receives love. Each person communicates in their own unique way but there are patterns and lines in the palm that will help guide one toward or away from a particular style of communication. Please bring a notebook or recorder as we will be covering quite a bit of information. I will be answering questions at the end of the class as time allows.

Paranormal CSI – Ron Kolek

Do “Ghosts” exist? Join paranormal investigator, author and radio host, Ron Kolek as he takes you on a journey through the history of paranormal investigating and the methods and techniques used to collect evidence of Ghosts.

Past Life “Stuff”- Deb Miller

Discussion, theories, and optional regression via hypnosis. What are some of the theories of past life regression? What are the ethics? What matters? Now that you’ve had an experience what is your responsibility with it? What to do with it now?

The Practical Empath – Empathy 101 – Catherine Kane

Psychic empathy (psychic sensitivity to the emotional vibrations of others) can be a blessing, a totally overwhelming state, or anything in between. Come learn basic practical skills to make your empathy the gift it was meant to be. Learn to survive and thrive as an empath. Open to empaths, folks who think they might be empaths, and folks who want to support them
This workshop includes practical advice on shielding, protecting and separating your energy, grounding out negative energy, nutritional support, positive things to do with your empath skills, how to interact with your empathic or non-empathic partner and a lot more stuff.

Personal Gnosis: Judging the Spiritual Experience – Raven Kaldera

Most Pagans (and other polytheistic minority religions) would agree that personal experiences of Deit(ies) are fine when they’re kept to yourself … but what about when they’re not? How do we decide whose divine messages get incorporated into group practice, and whose don’t? How can we trust each other? How did the ancient world handle these issues? This will be a discussion group on how to healthily incorporate personal gnosis into group doctrine. Please come with intent to be courteous and respectful of others’ views; the moderator is a hardass and will not tolerate rudeness.

Progress by Degrees:  Theory and Mechanics of Initiation – Kirk White

Many, but not all, groups use initiations. Many Pagans are self-initiated. Are these the same?  What are their effects?  This workshop will discuss various types of initiation (self, group, achievement, transformative), the methods employed and why they work, and their subsequent effects on the initiate’s mind and psyche.

Psychic EMT – Larry Obern

Yes kiddos, there are bad things out there.  How to safely ground someone else.  How to stop an overcharge that is occurring, and how to safely drain energy from someone who is overcharged.  This class will teach what to say, when to act, and the ethical standards that we should adhere to.

Psychic Self Defense, Beyond the Basics- Galina Krasskova

This class will explore the fundamentals of solid psychic and spiritual protection. Participants will learn many cross-cultural techniques for centering, grounding, warding, shielding, and cleansing. They will have a chance to ask specific questions relating to their own particular spiritual gifts and any problems that they might be having.  Psychic self defense isn’t just a matter of learning how to protect oneself from negative energy or people; it’s a matter of learning how to master one’s own inborn gifts so that one can live a healthy, happy, successful life of which those gifts are a useful part. This class will teach attendees how to do that in a way that can be integrated easily into each person’s daily life. Special emphasis will be paid to the needs of empaths and telepaths.  No pre-requisite    Length of time: 2 hours

Reiki Advanced Masters Workshop– Maryalyce Merritt

                                * See note below


Hai Ahi Wai, the Breath Fire Water Ceremony & Additional Masters Attunement

Prerequisites:  Completion of Reiki Level I, II, & III/Masters Level classes & attunements.  All students that sign up for this class should be prepared to state their lineage & are required to offer proof of completion of aforementioned Reiki classes.  You may arrange this in advance by faxing, scanning, emailing, or snail-mailing me a copy of your Reiki Master Certificate or other acceptable proof.

First, students will be attuned with an additional Master’s Symbol (Om).  Then they will learn how to attune other Reiki Masters with this symbol.  Next, we will be performing the Hai Ahi Wai, the Breath Fire Water Ceremony.  Here we will be working with Crystal Energy & the elements of Water & Air to change the molecular vibration of the water thus enhancing the Reiki (Chi flow) within you.

Students will receive a healing crystal, a water glass, & a set of written materials.

Note:  This class does not earn certifications.  It teaches additional techniques.
Suggested materials:  A set of chakra crystals (available for sale at Akasha’s Journey), and a pen & paper to take notes.  Feel free to bring any notes you have from previous Reiki classes you have taken.

Reiki Level II – Maryalyce Merrit * See note below

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)-

Prerequisite:  Students must have already completed Reiki Level I training, and have received the Level I attunements.  All students that sign up for Level II class are required to be able to offer proof of this and be able to tell me their lineage.  You may arrange in advance  by fax, scan, email, or snail-mail me a copy of your Reiki I Certificate or other acceptable proof.
The Level II Attunement will be given.  Cho ku rei & Sei he ki symbols will be explained and given.  Students will be taught the proper hand placements to heal others when they are present.  We will work on each other to become comfortable with this energy and to gain confidence.  Students will also be taught a 20 minute healing for “treat ‘em & street ‘em” Reiki opportunities should they arise.

In the second session, distance healing for individuals will be taught.  The symbol of Hon sha ze sho nen will be given.  Please come to this class with the name of and permission of an individual that you know that would like to be sent Reiki healing over a distance.  Students will receive a set of written materials for this class, and upon completion will earn certification for Reiki II. Suggested materials:  A set of chakra crystals (available for sale at Akasha’s Journey), and a pen & paper to take notes.

We strongly recommend that this class also participate in the Healing Practice Session.

Reiki Level III – Maryalyce Merrit * See note below

Master Teacher, Distance Healing Grids, How to Teach & Attune Others

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)

Prerequisites:  Completion & proof of having been attuned to & taught Level I & II Reiki.  Please see applicable forms of proof stated above. Reiki II available Saturday.
Students will be taught the Reiki Masters Symbol, Dia ko myo.  The Masters Attunement will be given.  Students will learn how to prepare and charge distance healing grids for groups of recipients. (Reiki crystal sets will be available for sale at Akasha’s Journey) They will also learn how to teach others Reiki, and most importantly how to attune.
Students will receive a Reiki grid, a set of written materials, and upon completion will earn certification of Reiki Master.
Materials:          Students will be required to have a set of Reiki grid crystals.  I will have them available for purchase at Akasha’s Journey.  It is also suggested that students bring a pen & paper to take notes.

RunValdr, Introduction and  attunement- Tchipakkan

This is a system of energy healing using Runes andanother set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately. (class limit 12- if more are interested, we’ll repeat this workshop) I strongly recommend that paricipants in this class also participate in the Healing Practice Session.

RunValdr, more techniques and practice – Tchipakkan

In this workshop we will practice various techniques, both for healing as well as other things like attunements, awakening and creating magical objects, and more. I’ve found that when you have practiced, you are more likely to continue using it- you know it works. If you have an object you wish to turn into an “awakened” or magical object, please bring it. If you have someone you wish to practice doing distance healing on, please get their permission before the workshop. We strongly recommend that you also participate in the Healing Practice Session. There’s nothing so convincing that this technique works than seeing yourself do it.

Revolutionary Energetics:  Healing and Social Change- Ukumbwa Sauti

Revolutionary Energetics is the cultural, communal and progressive application of indigenous spiritual ideas and practices in the modern world.  It is clear that many of the spiritual concepts in indigenous cultures and pagan practice are solutions to and hold keys to healing for many of modern society’s failures, including, sexism, classism/racism, wanton violence and environmental degradation.  Presentation and open discussion will be facilitated around these issues and the hope and healing that indigenous and other earth/nature-based spiritual practices represent for the near and distant future. (1.5-2 hours)

The Sacred Bath:  Ritual Water Work- Rachel Ginther

Using the ancient cleansing principle of the Ritual Bath we explore the element of water and it’s necessity in our lives.  Each participant will make their own Ritual Bath with sacred alchemical ingredients – salt, flower essences, pure essential oils and the Divine energy of our Sacred Selves.

The Sacred Feminine in the Bible- Andrew Cort

Is the Bible really sexist? Actually, when taken symbolically and allegorically, the Bible describes a soul’s inner quest for enlightenment (“The Return to the Promised Land”, e.g., is a metaphor), and at every step along the way it includes a balance of the Masculine and the Feminine. But we have lost this understanding! Now we must restore the Sacred Feminine to her full divine stature in our lives and culture. Why? Because without her all spiritual evolution is impossible! She is the key to Creation and Return. In this seminar we will see why only the Sacred Feminine, within the soul of a human being or the soul of a civilization, can receive the pure, endless, unknowable Being of God, without trying to limit or define it, and then bring it to birth as infinite abundance and love in this world. And only the Sacred Feminine can reconnect us to that infinite, timeless, Divine Being, and lead us home.

The Sacred Well and the Clootie Tree- Morgan Daimler

The Celts have a long and rich history of healing work, join us to learn how the Celts approached healing historically and how these methods can be used today. Emphasis will be placed on practical applications of healing charms and magic with many examples given. Discussion will include the power of healing water, how to create your own “clootie” tree, and the power of spoken charms. All who attend will learn the basics of healing in the Celtic style, including what tools may be used and a variety of hands-on healing charms. [1 hour,  no prerequisites, limit 20, closed room]

Scottish Fairy Lore- Ellen Evert Hopman

What are the basic Scottish traditions around Fairies? How should Fairies be encountered or avoided? What is a suitable offering for the Sidhe? At what times are such offerings made? These and other related topics will be covered. Each person attending the talk will make and then leave with a small charm. Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of the new book SCOTTISH HERBS AND FAIRY LORE (Pendraig Publishing, June 21, 2011)

The Shadow of Death- Morgan Daimler

Many people view death as the enemy of life, yet anyone who does healing work must know how to handle death and dying. This class will look at the place of death within healing, and the natural place of death within life. Only by understanding the role that death and dying play can we truly embrace living. We will also look at why many healing deities are also associated with both birth and death and how all of these connect together into an organic whole. [1 hour, closed room]

SunGazing for Spiritual Advancement- Darrell Brann

SunGazing for spiritual advancement. SunGazing is an ancient practice done by most indiginous cultures: Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians and Native Americans – all SunGazed. SunGazing will raise your frequency and curb hunger. Contrairy to popular belief, done properly, SunGaing will improve your eyesight. Disclaimer – SunGazing is a very advanced spiritual practice and can harm our eyes if done incorrectly! (1 hour)

Surviving Your Christian Relatives- Pastor Phil Wyman

Deep tension, and violent disagreements often exist between practitioners of the esoteric and the occult arts and their Christian relatives. Pastor Phil Wyman will discuss 6 major points of conflict between these differing worldviews, and help you identify ways to navigate this dangerous relational terrain. (Topics to be covered: Conversion, Heaven and Hell, Spiritual Warfare, Absolutism, Human Sexuality, and Miracles vs. Magic)

Tarot as a Gateway to Non-Ordinary Reality -Seanara Coyote

How often have you gazed at a picture that seemed to open onto a magical world of its own that you could step into and explore if only you knew how? Tarot cards, used for divination, meditation, and magical workings, are gateways into the Otherworlds. Learn how to move safely between ordinary and nonordinary reality using the Tarot, bringing back wisdom, healing, and messages from spirit teachers. Class will include a partially-guided meditation.
We will be working primarily with Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot, which has been out as a limited edition since March 2010 and will be released for the mass-market by Llewellyn in September 2011,  but if participants prefer to use their own decks, they may bring them. Closed Room, Adults only, (75-90 minutes)

Tarot and The Qabalah- Juniper Talbot

These two mystical systems have much in common and can be used to deepen our understanding of each system when looked at together.  Using the Tree of Life glyph and the Four Worlds of the Qabala, we can expand our knowledge of the Tarot, as both a meditation and a divination tool. Using Qabalistic concepts, we can learn ways to understand the meaning of the Tarot cards without rote memorization.  Both beginners and long-time students of the Tarot will find useful information in this workshop.  If possible bring your own tarot deck and a notebook.  (1 ½ hours)

Tarot Spreads – Lois Fitzpatrick

Many tarot readers know of the Celtic Cross spread, but there are many others, ranging from simple to complex. Students will experiment with several different spreads. A Tarot deck is suggested, but not required.

The Three and the Four: Selohaar, Swordsmanship, and the Seven Liberal Arts – Christian Tobler

This lecture explores the significance and universality of correspondences of triads and tetrads in Western culture, philosophy, science, martial arts, and magic, as well as their use by the Order of Selohaar – a modern-day mystic chivalric order. We will examine how the number four is used to describe the world without, while the number three denotes the world within.

Tips on Scrying- Lois Fitzpatrick

A hand-on class. Students will participate in basic exercises. A choice of different mediums will be available, possibly including crystal, fire, and water.

THE TORAH AND GOSPELS AS RITES OF INITIATION – Dr. Andrew Cort   (spiritual initiation)

When read as literal historical narrative, the Bible seems to justify violence, promote questionable morality, and insist we believe in fantastic claims that defy scientific logic. But read symbolically (as was intended), it’s a magnificent How-To Manual for Spiritual Initiation!

A Touch of Acupressure -the Point is Feeling Better…  – Catherine Kane

Let’s get right to the point -a weekend convention is lots of fun, but too much fun can take its toll on your body. Basic acupressure (no needles involved) can help you regain your health and center, as well as strengthen your health in the long run. All in as little as one minute per issue per day. (Yes, you did read that correctly…).
In this class, learn simple points to relieve sinus and migraine headaches give you an instant “burst of energy” (without a post-caffeine slump), relieve pain and other helpful applications. Practical, easy to learn skills that you can use immediately.

Traditional Astrology: the Foundations of Western Magic and Divination- Christopher LaFond

Most systems of Medieval and Modern magic and divination have their roots in Astrology. But what if those supposed roots are wrong? What if we’re only accessing the surface roots, rather than the deep roots that are at the true base of the system? This workshop will explore in detail the basis of Western Astrology, and how it was corrupted at various stages, until reaching its present, fairly impotent state of mere psychological interpretation. We will begin with pre-astrological omens, move through Hellenistic Astrology, the Arabic period, the Latin West, and the different types of astrology, before examining the most serious break that comes with a change in world view at the Enlightenment/Endarkenment. After that, we’ll examine how and why modern astrology went wrong and I’ll argue for a return to the previous magical world view, rather than the modern/atheistic one that is present (even in many modern religions). Finally, we’ll see the basics of how an astrology chart is constructed and what traditional astrologers actually do with the information in a chart. The goal is to access a deeper, richer, more ancient model of astrology that may, in turn, change the way we look at magic and divination. No previous astrological knowledge is necessary. Those who do have a background in modern astrology may discover a wholly new basis for their own studis and work. Handouts will be provided.(2 hours)

Tree Medicine and Magic – Ellen Evert Hopman

A slide show of trees that grow in our area, and a few that don’t. Ellen will discuss the spiritual and medicinal properties of each tree. Ellen is the author of  A DRUID’S HERBAL FOR THE SACRED EARTH YEAR (Inner Traditions Bear & Company 2008) and a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. She has been teaching Herbalism since 1983.

Under Airmed’s Cloak: Healing with the Celtic Gods – Morgan Daimler

This workshop will discuss the healing Gods of the Celtic pantheons including Airmed, Brighid, Miach, Dian Cecht, Sulis, and Nodons.  We will discuss the mythology of these deities in relation to healing and how to build a relationship with them that includes creating a healing altar and appropriate offerings. [1 hour, no prereq]

The Underlying Unity of Religion –   Dr. Andrew Cort

Do you find yourself wishing for higher meaning in life, but you just can’t stomach the blind fundamentalism, the empty orthodoxy, or all the nastiness and bigotry that religion seems to foster? In this seminar, you will see that the usual self-righteous insistence on conflicting moral precepts, and the irrational requirement for unquestioning belief in unscientific dogma, are all distortions of what was really intended by our Traditions. Scriptural stories were never meant to be read as literal history! Rather, they are symbolic allegories filled with useful psychological and spiritual meaning, laying out the inner path toward the soul’s enlightenment. As soon as this common purpose is understood, we discover the stunning underlying unity within Judaism, Christianity and Islam that does away with any need for religious hatred, violence or war.

Understanding Kemetic Spirituality- Imakhu Shekemet

Kemetic. Hermetic. Egyptian. All point to the same world, which is African in origin. Many dabble in these variant traditions. Others are devoted practitioners. But what exactly is behind the mysticism and myth of true Kemetic spirituality? Queen Mother Imakhu, ankh carrying Elder High Priestess of AKERU Nu Afrakan Ministries explains what it means to reclaim “living the culture” from an African-centered perspective. She also explains how many of today’s popular pagan terms had their origins in ancient Kemet.

Vibrational and Dimensional Aspects of Healing- Darrell Brann

In this workshop I will discuss the vibrational and dimensinal aspects fo healing incorporating String Theory, Unified Field Theory, sound healing with harmonics and the Vedas. Open to intermediate and advanced practitioners. (2 hours)

Walking the Red Road: Basic Native American Indian Ceremony- Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Learn the symbolism, significance, and what is actually involved in creating effective and practical Native American ceremonies to enhance personal spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. This seminar will address some of the most commonly misunderstood, and misused, Native American ceremonies: the Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, Sun Dance, and Prayer Pipe Ritual, in a straight forward fashion that focuses on the common symbolism and elements, rather than a specific tribal perspective. The goal is to clear up misconceptions, and give the attendee the necessary tools to utilize these extremely powerful ceremonies in their personal life. Time will be allotted for questions and answers.

Warding- Starwolf

 Your home is your castle. Just as it’s wise to shield your personal energy, it’s also good to protect your home from negative influences. Wards are techniques and objects that create firm energetic boundaries around home, office and other personal areas to keep good energy in, negative energy out and make your space truly your own. Starwolf’s class includes a wide range of practical options with something for everyone, from just starting out to experienced warder.

What is Ormus?- Dave and Riki Kane

Ormus materials are generally becoming regarded as a new state of matter. The gentleman who made many of the  recent discoveries about these materials, Mr. David Hudson, divulged 20 years of research and patents, with considerable cost to himself (8.9 million dollars) thus placing his research in the public domain in 1995.
The Ormus materials are critical to all life and the health and well being of any living thing. A body supplemented Ormus materials has remarkable changes afoot.
Supplementing Ormus is like reinstalling your operating system on your computer. Many things correct themselves automatically. Once this has been instituted you are then more responsive to any other healing modality including your food.
As we worked with the Ormus materials we found that they were moved, pushed, corrupted by the exposure to elecromagnetic fields and magnetic fields and to that end we dicovered that this influance on the natural Ormus materials was contributing to almost all of the chronic diseases.
Our talks are about the nature and behavior of the ormus materials and how this increasing electromagnetic influence can be dealt with.  We try to create awareness and provide reasonable solutions with workshops on how to make ormus at home and how to educate yourself  toward improving your personal situation.  Awareness is the first step and this brings results very quickly and positively.

Wild Medicine- Sean Donahue

Regretably Sean had to cancel last minute- we hope he’ll be here next year.

The Wise Tradition in Scandinavia- Jane Sibley

The Wise Man or Wise Woman was specially selected, trained, tested, and confirmed. The Norse and Sámi traditions include divination, communion with the supernatural, hunting and warrior lore, spellcraft, and folk medicine for both humans and animals. In this session, we will focus on healing and disease prevention (physical and supernaturally caused), using both Pagan and Christian lore. [1 hour]

Womb Wisdom:  Healthy Womb  – Rebecca deGraw  CANCELLED FOR 2011

Woman’s Ways – Answering the Call- Rachel Ginther

Goddess and Priestess, Divine Feminine Archtypes live within each of us, find and express their/your Essence.

Explore seven archetypes of feminine expression through the chakra system.  Learn visualization and breathing techniques to activate the Divine Feminine energies in your body, consciousness and life.  The movement of energy and the movement of e-motion, energy in motion is an integral part of activating the Divine Feminine Chakra system.  E-motion is a powerful tool and force through which we can connect to the depths of our Being.

Women’s Work, Warrior Work: Taking Women Beyond the Spiritual Warrior – Galina Krasskova

This workshop will provide an intensive introduction into warrior work, with a focus on female warriorcraft. In safe space, participants will examine the various ways in which our cultural conditioning has often barred us from these ancient mysteries. The nature of warriorship will be deeply explored, and the class will discuss what it means to be a warrior physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Warrior Deities will be discussed as well as the often challenging lessons They can teach. Other important topics will include: the psychology of the warrior, entering into the mind of the warrior (a particularly challenging practice for many women today), historical female warriors and what we have to learn from the ancestral heroes, accessing and embracing one’s personal power, learning to feel safe in one’s own skin, and walking the warrior’s path as a spiritual practice.

Note: this is not a movement based class. The class is open to all regardless of gender, but the focus will be on female warrior ship.

Working Collaboratively: Combining Our Skills- Deb Miller

How are we complementary to each other? Competition vs. Collaboration. If we each have a piece of the pie, and put it together, we can feed many more than we could with just one piece of pie. What are you skilled at and how does that work with what someone else does? Let’s figure it out with discussion and an impromptu shared presentation.

Working with Spirit Guides – Beth Washington 

Many cultures and many spiritual practices include the idea of spirit guides. In this workshop we will learn about the many different forms spirit guides can take, historical references, animal correspondences, and techniques for working with your own spirit guides. There will be a guided meditation to help you find your spirit guides and begin working with them.

Your Roadmap to Health and Well-being – Selina Rifkin

How many of us feel good? Not just “ok,” but vibrant and energetic? Health and well-being is your birthright, but this gets lost to stress, injury, and poor eating habits. Once you feel ill, in pain, or exhausted, it is hard to know where to turn for help. Some treatments will help in the short term but cause more problems down the line. So how do you know what to do? Every person has their own unique path for healing, and each person is their own best health advocate. For someone seeking to improve their health, the exploration of different methods becomes a search for personal understanding. This class will present how to find your path including, which issue to tackle first, how to tell good information from bad, and the importance of a holistic approach.

* On our Reiki workshops

From Maryalyce

Learning Reiki is a serious commitment.  It is a healing art taught in stages or degrees, which are accompanied by attunements.  Each attunement brings about new cleansings and helps us to deal with our Karma.  Reiki differs from other laying on of hands healing because of its use of physical positions to apply the energy over and through the Chakra system.  Also, it is different due to the fact that the healer is required to be opened and attuned by the degree process.  Reiki uses life force energy to heal the body, mind, & spirit.
Reiki is an energy that is passed or taught much like the game of telephone.  That is why methods may vary from teacher to teacher and different things may be taught.  I firmly believe that it takes the human body a while to adjust to the new Reiki energies which are passed as a part of each attunement.

If you live close enough to Dutchess County, NY, I am available for Reiki I classes before the conference.  Please understand that because of the attunements necessary, Reiki I is usually given over a span of 3-4 weeks, typically one class plus attunement per week.  Reiki I would need to be completed no later than one week before beginning Reiki II.  Please contact me should you wish to discuss this or to make arrangements for Reiki I.
Typically I charge $125 for Level II and $150 for Master Level Reiki classes, but am waiving this for this conference. It is extremely important to me that Reiki training be available to those who desire it.
When seeking a Reiki Master, you should also be mindful of your lineage.  Should you choose to be mastered by me, you will be sixth in line from Hawayo Takata, the (now deceased) Grand Master of Reiki.

(Note from Con-chairs: Since Maryalyce is donating this class, for which she ordinarily charges, we allow and encourage recipients to make donations if they can afford to do so.)

Spread the word!