Here are descriptions of workshops (and rituals) that will be taking place at the conference.  You can help us plan by indicating the workshops that interest you. There’s no commitment to follow your initial responses, but it will help us know which will be more intimate classes, and which will need the big rooms, and how many handouts to prepare. Don’t forget to check back every few weeks (and tell your friends) because we’ve been adding classes right up to a week before the conference. Thanks for your help!

Advanced Rune Workshop – Galina Krasskova

This workshop will explore the proper protocols for working effectively with the runes both in divination and magic. Both the elder futhark and younger futhorc will be explored with special emphasis on making proper sacrifice to this living family of spirits. Attendees should be familiar with the meanings of the runes. No other experience is required, though all attendees must be over 18 years of age.

Advance Tarot Workshop- Shale Rune

Learn when to use enhancement cards, when to stop and how not to get stuck in the Tarot card quicksand of throwing too many cards.  For fun we’ll figure out what type of reader you are (a teacher, interpreter, healer, mystic or alchemist) which will help you decipher what kind of reading style best suits you.
Discover techniques to work through cards that may be a problem for you. Learn how to expand or enhance a basic tarot reading including reversals and getting over blocks.  Advance your knowledge of combination cards by working within the patterns, employing clues like numerology, astrology, and cognitive creativity so that you can relate more closely with your clients. You will learn how to phrase your questions, how to formulate and tell the client their story, and explore the major arcana vs. minor.  We will brush up on the many faces of the Court cards and their multiple meanings, are they a male, a female or an aspect of the client’s life? We’ll also touch on a few secrets of double deck readings and work on creating your own spreads if we have time.   (2 hours)   Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the meaning of the cards; basic understand of spreads & readings.

Akichita Wakan’: Way of the Sacred Warrior- Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Throughout human history, there have been those warriors who have achieved metaphysical awaking and spiritual growth through the intense discipline and practice of their martial lifestyle. From the Shaolin Monks of China, the Native American Warrior Societies, the Samurai of Japan, the Holy Orders of Knighthood, etc., come some of the most selfless and enlightened people in history. Learn how the path of a sacred warrior can be used to achieve spiritual and metaphysical growth, as well as experiencing first-hand the calm eye of the storm center through actual physiomeditative exercises and techniques. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in and a mat for the floor if they wish.

Ancestors in the Dagara Tradition: Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies -Ukumbwa Sati

The Dagara connection and relationship to the Ancestors will be discussed. The presentation will cover topics such as invocations, offerings, prayer/communication, shrines and ritual. An Ancestor shrine will be put together and participants are invited and encouraged to engage their Ancestors during the second part of the workshop. Participants are asked to bring pictures of their Ancestors that only include the person(s) who have passed on. If pictures with living people are brought, they will be put on another secondary shrine. Pictures should be in plastic sleeves, glass or plastic-covered frames or copies of originals as pictures may get wet from offerings of water or other liquids. (2 hours- no admittance after first 15 minutes)

Ancestor Work – Laura Patsouris

This 2 hour workshop is an intensive introduction into ancestor work. Topics include creating and maintaining an ancestral altar, communicating with the ancestors, making offerings to the ancestors and working with the ancestors to ensure their blessings and protection on a daily basis. We will also touch on advanced ancestor practices such as spell work, accessing ancestral memories and channeling. The workshop will conclude with a ritual to connect with and honor our ancestors. No prerequisites required.

Art of the Longsword- Rob Kelly and Christopher Valli

Learn the fighting arts left to us by our medieval ancestors! This class will introduce you to fighting with the two-handed sword, as used by knights of the 15th century. Taught by two instructors from the internationally-known Selohaar Fechtschule. No equipment or experience needed

Aspects of Pagan Death & Dying– Lyrion ApTower

The purpose of the workshop is to offer participants specific information and experiences in order for them to be of service to their Pagan home communities.
Because the topic of death & dying is so large, the workshop will explore select aspects of the process – and to maintain equilibrium, leaders will employ centering techniques throughout the session.
Initially, the workshop will explore the emotional, cultural and religious sides of the issue, but will balance with practical – and freeing – aspects of preparing to die. Using Pagan spiritual elements, attendees will examine alternatives to mainstream funeral preparations, burial sites, and end stage care.
Attendees will experience the fun of creatively “giving it all away”, writing an obituary and looking at some legal issues involved. We will go on a gentle guided journey for illumination and compassion.
Finally, attendees will create individual interpretive death masks and discuss writing and conducting a Passing Ritual.

(4 hours- there will be a break for lunch)

NOTE:  This workshop will deal with various aspects of death and dying and therefore at times discussions will be dark, possibly disturbing, evoking strong emotions.  Attendees should be emotionally stable and able to explore this topic in a mature manner. This workshop is not intended for children or young teens. This is not a grief therapy workshop.  However, workshop leaders will make every attempt to lighten and lift the mood throughout so emotional balance can be maintained.

Astrology as Divination: An Introduction to Horary- Christopher LaFond

Anyone who has been around magic or divination for more than three days or so has heard the expression “As Above, So Below.” But what does this really mean, and where did it come from? Horary Astrology is the clearest example of this maxim. In this branch of astrology, the querent asks the astrologer a question; without any necessary reference to the querent’s birth chart, the astrologer casts a chart for the moment that the question is heard and understood. The answer to the question is in the chart for that moment. How is this possible? As Above, So Below. In this workshop, I’ll provide an introduction to this specific branch of astrology, talk about what it can and can’t do, and discuss the (very tiny) roll of intuition in Horary and in Astrology in general.
No previous astrological knowledge is necessary. Handouts will be provided.

Body Congruence – Joshua Tenpenny

Everyone has an energy (or astral) body. Some people’s energy bodies match their physical ones closely, and some don’t. This workshop discusses how to discern the energy body, and what impact its similarity or difference from the physical form has on physical, mental, and spiritual health. We’ll also discuss when remedies should be applied, and when the energy practitioner should leave well enough alone.

The Breath of Life: Herbs and the Respiratory System- Sean Donahue

Breath flows in and out of us, connecting us to the world.  Grief and trauma can interfere with normal patterns of breathing, altering our relationship with our world.  In this workshop we will explore the spiritual and emotional roots and energetic patterns associated with some chronic respiratory illnesses and the use of wild and feral New England herbs to help the body release grief and trauma and allow air to flow freely in and out of the body.

The Celtic Otherworld- Morgan Daimler

This lecture will discuss some of the mythology surrounding the Celtic Otherworld and it’s inhabitants. Specific examples will be given from folklore both of human experiences in the Otherworld and interactions between Otherworldly beings, commonly called “faeries”, and people in this world. Celtic mythology is rich with stories of people blessed or cursed by their interaction with these beings; by studying these stories – old and new – we can learn how to enrich our own spirituality, safely and with respect to them.

Channeled guidance- Richard Gould

The importance of being a clear and deeply connected Channel for your own highest good, and the highest good of others. gain greater insight on how channeling works, various techniques of channeling and integrity when working with guides. Dispel the myths and learn advanced techniques to channel yourself, and be able to discern the quality of a Channel, medium or reader.

Chant – Ellen Waff

Shamanic practice uses the voice to call and raise energies, and to heal.  The healers and sorcerers of ancient Europe did the same.  These echoes of our ancestors have come down to us as “enchantment” or “singing down runes” as well as hymn-singing and Gregorian chant.  Let us explore together the use of voice, music and vibration in healing, and in magic.

Clearing and Releasing Negative Programs –  Catherine Kane

I know what to do- so why don’t I do it? Most of us have beliefs (conscious or un-) that sabotage our ability to learn, grow and live our dreams. It’s time to clean house. Join us for a lightning tour of an assortment of methods (including an amazing 30 second release) of clearing negative energy, releasing dysfunctional beliefs, increasing positive energy and putting ourselves back in the driversí seat of our lives. Better energy attracts a better life.

Dagara Cosmology and Numerology: Bringing Balance to Body, Spirit and World – Ukumbwa Sati

The five elements of the West African Dagara cosmology of fire, water, earth, mineral and nature will be explained and discussed. The workshop will cover how the understanding and engagement of the cosmology is used in healing, divination, numerology and stands as a powerful tool for understanding ourselves. Some participants will be asked to provide information so that a numerological reading can be done for them during the workshop. (1.5 to 2 hours)

Dagara Divination: Overview and Open Divination Sessions -Ukumbwa Sati

Dagara cloth divination as brought to the West by Malidoma Some’, initiated Dagara Elder, diviner and shaman from Burkina Faso, will be explained and discussed. The application of Dagara cosmological elements and other Spiritual energies will be put into perspective with regard to the divination process. The benefits and cultural relevance of divination will also be covered. Short divinations will be done for participants. Divinees should have a few coins that they will turn over to the diviner during the divination process. In Dagara culture, divinations are considered a community healing process, so other participants of this workshop are invited to observe the divinations. The Dagara is a tribe indigenous to Burkina Faso, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. (2 hours)

Dances with the Earth Juniper Talbot

Since ancient times, our ancestors have expressed their connection to the earth with joyful, meditative, celebratory and sacred movements.  Join together to experience the spiritual and up-lifting movement practices of ancient earth-centered traditions.  We will learn and develop spirit-filled movements that call up our deep connection to the natural world, as we open to our roots, our wings and our source.  By honoring the mysteries, we celebrate life!  Wear loose comfortable clothing and soft shoes or bare feet.

Deaf Pagans and ASL: Taliesin aka Thor Halvorson

The purpose of this panel is to discuss the current state of affairs, and to formulate the groundwork for development and research into establishing a framework of religious expression in ASL that mirrors and exemplifies the mindset and intentions of the Deaf Pagans, for eventual inclusion and recognition into the larger Deaf community and inclusion into the ASL language.

Dealing With Deities: Managing A Polytheistic Pantheon – Raven Kaldera

An exploration of Pagan theology, including comparisons of different views of the Gods in different traditions. Are you a polytheist (hard or soft), a pantheist, a panentheist, an archetypist, theistic or atheistic? How do the Gods manifest in the world, and make contact with human beings? If you’re not sure what all that means, that’s OK – we’ll explain! This is a workshop with additional moderated discussion; please come prepared to be courteous and respectful.

Divination: The Techniques Behind the Tools        Galina Krasskova

In this workshop shaman and diviner Galina Krasskova will explore the universal techniques inherent in divination, what happens beyond the use of cards or runes, and how to better develop one’s inherent skill. She will talk about reading fate, learning how to suss out potentialities and possibilities within the flow of fate, issues the diviner should be wary of, and problems that can arise with clients. She will offer numerous techniques and suggestions for bettering one’s craft in ways that are applicable to all forms of divination.

Dream a Little Dream                  Catherine Kane

For most of us, the first place psychic ability surfaces is in our dreams. While not all dreams are psychic, insight gained through our dreams can help solve problems, gain insight into ourselves and others, and even access our sixth sense. Come learn a simple and practical method of interpreting your own dreams.

Druid Magic: Morgan Daimler

This lecture will discuss the use of traditional magic in the modern religion of Druidism. There are many misconceptions about what is and is not actually druidicly-based magic and this class aims to sort fact from fiction. Although the main focus is the modern use of magic within a druidic context it will also be discussed from a historical perspective. We will discuss a wide range of specific spells and charms, as well as several basic concepts seen within Druidic magic. Time will be given for a question and answer period to allow the audience to ask about anything relating to the topic that is not covered in the lecture.

Elemental Herbal Energetics: Northern Tradition Herbalism 201- Raven Kaldera

A “Pagan Herbalism 201” class, for those who already have some grounding in herbalism. Both herbs and physical ailments can be divided by the elements, according to energy, taste, and action. This class will discuss how to find the right herb for the job, and how to tell if it will work for the body in question. Derived from old European herbalism and some spirit-taught traditions, this will illuminate herbalism as much more than just a “cookbook” of plants. (direct progression from Greenwights, below)

Energy and Healing the Quaker Way- Friend Honour Horne-Jaruk

Quaker Meetings are both creators and users of energy. How does a Called Meeting for healing work? What can you and your family or group learn from techniques Quakers have been using successfully for centuries? there will be a brief explaination and discussion followed by practice.

 Germination & Development of Early Christianity – Father John Shumaker

This presentation is a basic understanding of the birth, development and struggles of early Christianity.  Beginning as a Messianic Sect within Judaism during the rivalry between the Hebrew-cultic worship centered at the Temple in Jerusalem and Rabbinic Judaism of the Diaspora, with the great Hellenic influence of the day (within the Roman Empire) and its own internal struggles, Christianity develops into its own independent spiritual path.   We will be looking into some of the things that has caused ‘mainline Christianity’ to be what it is today in its basic belief and practice.

A Goddess’s Secrets: The Other Reason for Belly Dance- Lauren Grover

Legend says that belly dance comes from temple dances of ancient Eastern goddesses, meant to prepare women for the childbearing process. For them, sex and birth were part of a continuum of living, so training for one included training for the other. In this class, we will take the fundamental movements and relearn them as fabulous techniques for carrying and birthing a baby, giving yourself an orgasm without visibly moving, and being really, really good at sex, in an intentional and conscious way. Please have previous bellydance experience or attend the morning Belly Dancing class as a pre-requisit. [18+, closed room]

Gothic History of New England- Faye Ringel

The persecution of witches at Salem is the most famous expression of the failure of the Puritans’ attempt to create a Utopia in the New World, but it is not the only example of New England’s heritage of Puritan guilt. Connecticut and New Hampshire hanged witches as well, while the native inhabitants’ attempts to win back their lands were seen as campaigns by the Devil against the Kingdom of God. Later Puritans exhumed corpses suspected of being vampires, while others became the first scientific ghost-hunters and physical mediums.  Today, this legacy has made New England the Halloween capitol of America.  Bring your stories of supernatural encounters in the region to add to this ongoing alternate history.

Greenwights: Northern-Tradition Herbalism 101- Raven Kaldera

The ancient peoples of northern Europe had a working knowledge of herbs that included not only their medicinal uses, but also partnership with the plant spirits. The early-medieval healer of northern Europe was known as the Leike, and their course of study included this style of hands-on, soul-on herbalism, as well as spells and charms for working with the plant spirits and their patron deities. We’ll explore this form of medicinal and magical herbalism the way our ancestors did. If you’re a Pagan or Heathen and you call yourself a healer, this is a class you should take.

Guedra Trance Dance – Lauren Grover

Guedra: North African Trance Ritual/Dance – This is a pre-Islamic community building ritual from Morocco and Mali. Although it is described as a dance, it can as easily be done seated. Come sing, chant, clap, and enjoy the bond of every mother and every lover in the world. Wear comfortable clothing, and no jewelry that moves or may fly off during vigorous movement. Traditionally, Guedra is only done by women. For our purposes, this ritual is open to anyone who identifies as female, regardless of what’s in your undies.

Guest Right- Modern Old Laws Series  Part 1- Robert Nolan

The laws of hospitality in the modern world.  A Socratic discussion on the roles the laws of hospitality play on modern pagan ethics and moral judgement, framed in a historical context. From Sodom and Gomorra, to the Lokshana, Together we will probe the expectations and obligations of guests and hosts in this world as compared to the ancient. When are you obliged to welcome someone into your house? If you are a guest, what should you do for your host? what shouldn’t you do?
Prerequisites: A brain, a voice and a willingness to use them(unattended brains will be fed to zombies)  Max. 25

Henna as a Ritual Tool- Lauren Grover

In this two part workshop We will start with the basics of using henna- covering where to get the best quality, (vs. as stuff  labeled henna which can actually harm you). We will be mixing up some fresh paste, and everyone will get the chance to try their hand at the art. Bring a design you want to copy, or use my design books, or just draw from your imagination! Unless you are already comfortable with henna basics, please consider this a prerequisit for the second hour, in which we explore Henna as a ritual tool. Henna is a very versatile natural dye which traditionally is used in skin designs for celebrations.  For spiritual purposes, it can also be used to invoke, evoke, manifest, or banish thoughts and ideas.  It can be a constant reminder, or a way of gradually letting go.  It can be a constant visual symbol of change, or a constant visual symbol of permanency.  It all depends on your intentions. (Materials fee $5) You may come to either or both hours- but the second requires either the first or prior knowlege of henna work.

The Holy Eucharist (A Christian celebration of the Mass, celebrated by a priest of The Episcopal Church)

Everyone is welcome to attend this celebration of worship on Sunday. You need not feel obligated to participate in the Liturgy if  you do not wish to do so.

The celebration of The Holy Eucharist has been the most ancient practice of Christian worship up until about the 1500’s.    It has been know by other names, such as:  ‘The Breaking of Bread,’ ‘The Lord’s Supper,’ ‘The Holy Communion,’ ‘The Divine Liturgy,’ ‘The Holy Mystery,’ ‘The Holy Sacrifice,’ ‘The Mass’, and ‘The Great Offering.’

The Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament commanded by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper for the continual remembrance of His life, death, and resurrection, until His coming again.  Because the Mass is the Church’s sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, it is the way by which the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is made present in our midst, and in which He unites us to His one offering of Himself by His living resurrected presence.

There will be a short explanation before Mass begins, and a time for questions and answers afterwards.

The Importance of Your Word- Modern Old Laws series- part 2 – Robert Nolan

Magical and Mundane Oaths and their affect on modern life.  A Socratic discussion on the giving, and sometimes breaking, of your word in a mundane and magical context. Help us explore the way we give our word today in the context of Oaths of fealty, Warlockhood and the ancient concepts of Lein and Obligation. What does it mean today if you give your word? When is it acceptable to brake it? What are the consequences? What should they be?
Prerequisites:A brain, a voice and a willingness to use them(unattended brains will be fed to zombies) mox 20-25 people

Independent Pagan Publishing – Raven Kaldera

The Neo-Pagan religion has always been a literary one, changed and driven by books and authors. This means that writers and publishers have a strong effect on the way our religion has been practiced. But Pagan publishing today is in an interesting quandary. Pagan-focused presses are small, and bound by market forces, which means what will sell a whole lot Now, which means Lowest Common Denominator. What are the alternatives? We’ll discuss the growing phenomena of print-on-demand, author’s cooperatives, and other do-it-yourself methods. We’ll also discuss quality control for the aspiring author. How can you get your words out there? Let’s find out.

 Introduction to work with the Inner Convocation and Inner Temples- Kathryn Smith

This workshop will be a brief hand- on sample of the Inner Temple Traditions InnerConvocation meditations developed by R. J. Stewart. Participants will be introduced to the Timeless Convocation of Priests and Priestesses, where they may make connections for further study and exploration if they wish.

These techniques are grounded in the Western Esoteric tradition exemplified by adepts such as W. G. Gray and Dion Fortune, and are not specific to any one religious path. Experience in meditation and guided visualization is helpful, but not required. Max. 20

More information on the background for this work can be found on R. J. Stewart’s web site:

Just ’cause It Says It’s a Shaman, Doesn’t Mean It Is One: Shamanic Practice for Personal Growth – Selina Rifkin

Shamanism is the oldest form of religious practice. It is not a religion itself, but a group of techniques that allowed the shaman to communicate directly with spirit and stay safe in the process. Join us and learn what shamans really do, (and don’t do), how to Journey, and how to contact your power animal.

Lithomancy: Telling Fortunes With Rocks! – Raven Kaldera

Stones have vibrations of their own, and they lend themselves to fortunetelling. You’ll learn how to make a classic lithomancy kit, and how to interpret it. You’ll also learn how to custom-create one from the rocks that speak to you. Bring your favorite polished, tumbled stones along, or pick some up afterwards at Dealer’s Row.

Manifesting Prosperity Catherine Kane

The theme for this year’s convention is “Prosperity” – but how do we do that? There’s hard work and the weekly paycheck, of course, but how can we use our non-physical abilities to contribute to that abundance of all things meaningful in our world? Come join us for a lightning tour of the metaphysics of manifestation – an all you can eat buffet of non-ordinary ways of bringing prosperity into your life.

A Modern Code of Honour- Modern Old Laws series- Robert Nolan

Ancient codes of conduct finding a place in the modern world. A Socratic Discussion on how codes of honor are interpreted and incorporated in modern life. Explore ancient codes from bushido and cannas, to mana and soat, and contrast them with modern systems such as those found among inner city gangs. Should we care about honor? Is honor a private or a public part of ones self? Is honor universal? should it be? Can another persons actions affect your Honor? What is the difference between honor and respect?
Prerequisites: A brain, a voice and a willingness to use them (unattended brains will be fed to zombies)

Morning Belly Dancing – Lauren Grover

A wonderful way to get your energy moving for the day! Bellydance, or balady dance, is a folk dance from Egypt which may have its origins in the temple dances of Egypt and the mysteries of eastern goddesses like Ishtar and Tanith. Most people know it today through Hollywood’s glittery veil, but more and more people are coming to see the direct connection in moving as the body is designed to, and expressing love, joy, and sensuality. Men and women are both welcome, but this is NOT a class for spectators, so come to boogie! If possible, bring a scarf to tie around your hips.

North American Magical Systems and Beliefs focusing on the Mic-Mac peoples of eastern Canada – Bob Bestwick

At a deep level, old magical work is the same in all cultures. Europe lost a great deal of the old knowledge and has seen New Age practices fill the gaps. Many tribes lost a great deal of information due to the same forces that destroyed the Europeans’ own tribal beliefs and magical practices. In this class, we will look at Mic-Mac practices and lore. I cannot teach you the specifics of my tribal systems, but can point the way to understanding about your own ancestors, and working for and with the beautiful spirits that shape our lives and support them. We will cover the hows and whys of smudging. Done properly, it is very powerful, and can clear even the vilest of spaces. Also we will look at the importance of trance: how to develop it, and how deep it should be for specific workings. Contacts from /via the ancestors to the “Others” is very important, as is how your past lives and life experiences lead you to your work and how you create it, which will lead to much deeper work in the future.

Northern-Tradition Shamanism Raven Kaldera

This workshop introduces a shamanic tradition that is being slowly reconstructed by modern practitioners, based on the spiritual paths and tools of Germanic, Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Saami ancient tribal peoples. We’ll discuss tools and techniques, Gods and spirits, roles and taboos, and the difference between a shaman and a shamanic practitioner. Come learn the shamanic traditions of my ancestors…and perhaps your own.

 Ocean Crystals: How Seashells Support Energy Work –  Michelle Hanson

Crystals from the mineral kingdom have an established record of benefits for our mind, body and spirit. They are from the earth element. As we evolve, our energy shifts, and new tools step forward to work with us. Seashells are crystals created from the animal kingdom, connected to the water element. They contain powerful healing energy within their matrix. In this workshop Michelle will share the highlights of a 4 year journey with her seashell guides instructing her on how they partner in chakra work and activate our sacred geometry.

Ogham Divination 101- Ellen Evert Hopman

Explore the spiritual, mythological and medicinal properties of the ancient Irish Ogham tree alphabet and make your own beginners card deck.

Ogham Divination 201 – Ellen Evert Hopman

Finish making your Ogham card deck and learn to use the cards as a divinatory tool. (pre-requisite Ogham Divination 101)

Personal Gnosis: Judging the Spiritual Experience – Raven Kaldera

Most Pagans (and other polytheistic minority religions) would agree that personal experiences of Deit(ies) are fine when they’re kept to yourself … but what about when they’re not? How do we decide whose divine messages get incorporated into group practice, and whose don’t? How can we trust each other? How did the ancient world handle these issues? This will be a discussion group on how to healthily incorporate personal gnosis into group doctrine. Please come with intent to be courteous and respectful of others’ views; the moderator is a hardass and will not tolerate rudeness.

The Polytheistic Perspective – Galina Krasskova

Speaking from the twin perspectives of a Heathen priest and an interfaith minister, Galina Krasskova will discuss the nature of polytheism as it pertains to modern Pagan communities. She will specifically address the very real differences between polytheism and pantheism, why this is an important distinction within Paganism, the misunderstandings that can arise, and the impact this may have for people working in an interfaith context.

Preventing Witch Wars: Managing Overlapping Roles in Pagan Communities -Christine Hoff Kraemer

Pagans love to create intimate community, and the same close-knit network of friends and lovers often does ritual, crisis counseling, and various kinds of business together. This intimacy can turn explosive, however, when we identify conflicts of interest between multiple roles too late. In this workshop, we will do risk assessments on various kinds of overlapping community roles and look at ethical guidelines for decision-making around multiple role relationships.
Topics may include power differentials, projection, hot button issues, maintaining clear boundaries, peer consultation, and referral networks. This lecture and discussion is designed for group leaders and facilitators.

Pride And Hubris – M.R. Sellars

Pride in who you are and what you believe is important. But, how much is enough? Coming to us via skype.

Prosperity, Clearing Energy Blocks – Leigh Russell Jr. & Jennifer Judd

Eliminate worries about money! Gain New Insight into Prosperity! Strengthen support to reaching your desired goals! Deepen your sense of self worth, and radiate your true value! Clear energy blocks to receiving.

Reiki Level II : How to Heal Others- Maryalyce Merritt

* see note at bottom of page

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)-

Prerequisite:  Students must have already completed Reiki Level I training, and have received the Level I attunements.  All students that sign up for Level II class are required to be able to offer proof of this and be able to tell me their lineage.  You may arrange in advance  by fax, scan, email, or snail-mail me a copy of your Reiki I Certificate or other acceptable proof.
The Level II Attunement will be given.  Cho ku rei & Sei he ki symbols will be explained and given.  Students will be taught the proper hand placements to heal others when they are present.  We will work on each other to become comfortable with this energy and to gain confidence.  Students will also be taught a 20 minute healing for “treat ‘em & street ‘em” Reiki opportunities should they arise.

In the second session, distance healing for individuals will be taught.  The symbol of Hon sha ze sho nen will be given.  Please come to this class with the name of and permission of an individual that you know that would like to be sent Reiki healing over a distance.  Students will receive a set of written materials for this class, and upon completion will earn certification for Reiki II. Suggested materials:  A set of chakra crystals (available for sale at Akasha’s Journey), and a pen & paper to take notes.

Reiki Level III    -Maryalyce Merritt * See note below

Master Teacher, Distance Healing Grids, How to Teach & Attune Others

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)

Prerequisites:  Completion & proof of having been attuned to & taught Level I & II Reiki.  Please see applicable forms of proof stated above. Reiki II available Saturday.
Students will be taught the Reiki Masters Symbol, Dia ko myo.  The Masters Attunement will be given.  Students will learn how to prepare and charge distance healing grids for groups of recipients. (Reiki crystal sets will be available for sale at Akasha’s Journey) They will also learn how to teach others Reiki, and most importantly how to attune.
Students will receive a Reiki grid, a set of written materials, and upon completion will earn certification of Reiki Master.
Materials:          Students will be required to have a set of Reiki grid crystals.  I will have them available for purchase at Akasha’s Journey.  It is also suggested that students bring a pen & paper to take notes.

Reiki – It’s Not Just for Healing Any More… Catherine Kane

Originally from Japan but now practiced around the world, Reiki (also known as Usui Reiki) is a system of energy work that supports healing in body, mind and spirit. While traditionally useful for healing, there are quite a number of other applications for Reiki, including keeping old cars running, clearing rooms of negative energy, and manifesting. Come learn some new takes on how to work with Reiki (people who do not yet have Reiki are welcome to attend, but the techniques discussed will only work for folks with Reiki attunements.)

Runes: the Elder and Anglo-Saxon-Frisian Futharks- Jane Sibley 

From the origin(s) of runes to the early Viking period, these characters have not only been used for mundane purposes (business correspondance and shipping labels, indicating ownership of jewelry etc.) but also for magic. We will explore both angles in this class, as well as the origins and meanings of the individual runes themselves. The A/S/F runes were primarily derived from the Scandinavian-Continental Germanic Elder Futhark, and have the earliest documented rune names. We will also explore St. Boniface’s Letters and other early rune codes.

 Runes: the Younger Futhark- – Jane Sibley

In the late Vendel or early Viking period, the rune row was condensed to a 16-character array from the earlier 24-rune Elder Futhark. We will look at not only rune names/meanings, but also dotted runes, “short-twig runes, “Norse code”, magic, and mundane usage in both Pagan and Christian usage.

RúnValdr: Introduction & Attunement -Tchipakkan

This is a system of energy healing using Runes andanother set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately. (class limit 12- if more are interested, we’ll repeat this workshop)

RúnValdr Practice- Tchipakkan

In this workshop we will practice various techniques, as when you have practiced, you are more likely to continue using it. If you have an object you wish to turn into an “awakened” or magical object, please bring it. If you have someone you wish to practice doing distance healing on, please get their permission before the workshop.  1 hour

Scar Tissue Healing – Tanya Tarail

Are you still in pain, discomfort, and having physical problem even after trying therapy after therapy? One cause of chronic pain and physical problems is scar tissue, medically referred to as, adhesions.  We will discussed different causes of scar tissue, and how it can impact you. We’ve will delve into how the body handles scar tissue and ways to treat and manage it. Questions are welcomed throughout the presentation. Time allowing, I will present at least one demo with an audience member.

Seashells: Empowering tools for reshaping your future – Michelle Hanson

Everyone remembers spending a day at the beach as a child collecting seashells, but what if those seashells were more than just pretty objects? What if those shells could actually tell you something about your hidden thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes? Simply put, seashells function as tools that enable us to speak with our subconscious, allowing the inner self to communicate the information it considers most valuable for our growth. Using overhead images and actual shells, Michelle leads you on an ocean voyage of discovery decoding the language of the seashells. You will witness mollusks, the animals who create and inhabit the shells, in their natural habitats. Along the way, you will meet vampires and heroes, and encounter demonstrations of compassion and intelligence. Your ocean journey will also reveal seashell master teachings on the subjects of faith, sacrifice, survival, and love. By listening to the shells with the guidance of Ocean Oracle, you can tap into your own innate wisdom and joy.

A Shallow Dip into the Paradox of trying to Understand Basic Christian Belief about God – Fr. John Shumaker  

Many Christian statements seem to be paradoxical:  “The first will be last, and the last will be first.”  “The weak will be strong and the strong will be weak.” “You must die, in order to truly live.”   “You must give, in order to truly receive.”   “You must become poor, in order to truly be rich.”     This type of thinking is not logical, and doesn’t really make much sense.

In this presentation we will take a shallow dip in the paradox of trying to understand basic Christian dogmatic belief about God:  Holy Trinity, Incarnation, Christology, and Atonement.

Story-Less Methods of Long Distance Healing With Leigh Russell

(Part 1- Advanced Abridged version)   (2 hours) Learn and practice the four most powerful methods of Long Distance Healing created by Leigh Russell:  The “Pain Relief Protocol”, “Inflammation Protocol”, “Inner Light Spiral”, and “Core Release”.  These examples from Leigh’s text the Story-less Methods of Distance Healing focus on minimizing the time it takes to get to healing by reducing the “history” gathering done in a Distance Healing Session.

A limited number of “The Story-Less Methods Part 1” text books will be available at the Source-Gate booth for $50 before this workshop, and for $60 afterward.  It contains written instruction for the methods taught above and many other simple and useful tools for distance healing including “Heart Commands” The text is not necessary to attend class but is highly recommended to those serious about being Long Distance Healers.

Pre-requisite:  Basic Finger Muscle Testing skills for guidance.  If you don’t have this skill attend the Tour of Distance Healing Methods, Intermediate Experience with Energetic Healing and sensing, such as Reiki Level Two or above.  If you have any questions see Leigh at the Source-Gate booth.

Tarot as a Theraputic Tool – Seanara Coyote

(90 minutes) Tarot is a versatile therapeutic tool. The major arcana charts the soul’s evolutionary journey as shown in its archetypes; the minor arcana tells stories of how we progress through the challenges of daily life. We will cover some ways to use Tarot in your personal journeys of healing and growth, how to read for others in a supportive and helpful manner, and how mental health professionals can include it in a therapeutic toolbox for working with clients.
Prerequisites: Some basic understanding of the Tarot and a desire to work with it in a healing way. Please bring your favorite deck(s) with you, some loaners will be available.

The Three and the Four: Selohaar, Swordsmanship, and the Seven Liberal Arts – Christian Tobler

This lecture explores the significance and universality of correspondences of triads and tetrads in Western culture, philosophy, science, martial arts, and magic, as well as their use by the Order of Selohaar – a modern-day mystic chivalric order. We will examine how the number four is used to describe the world without, while the number three denotes the world within.

A Touch of Accupressure-the Point is Feeling Better…  – Catherine Kane

Let’s get right to the point -a weekend convention is lots of fun, but too much fun can take its toll on your body. Basic accupressure (no needles involved) can help you regain your health and center, as well as strengthen your health in the long run. All in as little as one minute per issue per day. (Yes, you did read that correctly…) .
In this class, learn simple points to relieve sinus and migraine headaches, give you an instant “burst of energy” (without a post-caffeine slump), relieve pain and other helpful applications. Practical, easy to learn skills that you can use immediately.

A Tour of Long Distance Healing Methods and Techniques – Leigh Russell

Learn about some of the styles and approaches to Long Distance Healing. Includes: what is Long Distance Healing? Theories on how does distance healing works, and when it doesn’t.  Learn to muscle test for guidance while doing distance healing. Learn methods of Distance healing. A simple technique using a Decree. Two easy-to-do healings using “Be Well Healing Symbols” (Energy Transformer, and That Which Holds) A version of Robert Bartlett’s “Two Point” technique as taught in his book Matrix Energetics.

Pre-requisite:  Any energetic healing experience, energy sensing ability.

Traditional Astrology: the Foundations of Western Magic and Divination – Christopher LaFond

(2 hours) Most systems of Medieval and Modern magic and divination have their roots in Astrology. But what if those supposed roots are wrong? What if we’re only accessing the surface roots, rather than the deep roots that are at the true base of the system? This workshop will explore in detail the basis of Western Astrology, and how it was corrupted at various stages, until reaching its present, fairly impotent state of purely psychological interpretation. We will begin with pre-astrological omens, move through Hellenistic Astrology, the Arabic period, the Latin West, and the different types of astrology, before examining the most serious break that comes with a change in world view at the Enlightenment/Endarkenment. After that, we’ll examine how and why modern astrology went wrong and I’ll argue for a return to the previous magical world view, rather than the modern/atheistic one that is present (even in many modern religions). Finally, we’ll see the basics of how an astrology chart is constructed and what traditional astrologers actually do with the information in a chart. The goal is to access a deeper, richer, more ancient model of astrology that may, in turn, change the way we look at magic and divination.
No previous astrological knowledge is necessary. Handouts will be provided. Audio recording devices are welcome.

Traditions of the New England Root Doctors- Sean Donahue

In the eighteen and nineteenth centuries, rural New England root doctors blended some of the energetic understandings of British folk medicine with what they learned from Native peoples about the plants around them and developed a system of medicine based on working with and supporting the actions’ of the body’s vital force.   This workshop will explore the philosophy and energetics of that system, and offer a brief introduction to some of their Materia Medica.

The Trance Journey: Leading Yourself and Others through the Adventure – Laura Hanlon

While trance states are the cornerstone to magic, it can be difficult to find training on how to work with these altered states. It is even harder to gain the expertise needed for guiding others into and out of the inner realms. This workshop, based on the book Wiccan Meditations, is designed as a tool for individuals, covens or group leaders to learn how to take themselves and others both into and return safely from, deep, transformative trance states through the use of guided imagery.  Topics include:  trance induction and return, creating experiential pathworkings for personal and group growth, the art of monitoring and guiding travelers, developing group trance dynamics and group workings within a trance state.

Transmutation: The Art of Transformation – Rachel Ginther

Often, it seems, we know or have a sense of where we are blocked, where our issues are, yet how do we shift the energy and make a change?

Learn an Ancient Atlantian/Lemurian/Egyptian Fire Ritual that releases energy patterns, behaviors, relationships, situations that no longer serve you, then create new energy patterns that support your growth and Life Purpose. (May also include chanting and breathing exercises)

Tree Medicine, Tree Magic – Ellen E Hopman

A slide show of some common North American trees illustrating their medicinal and magical properties. This lecture is independent but helpful for those taking Ogham Divination

True Vampire Stories- Not Sparkly, Not Sexy- Faye Ringel

Many human cultures, separated in time and space, have believed in hungry ghosts who return in physical bodies seeking the blood of the living. These reanimated corpses are known as revenants or, since seventeenth-century Europe, vampires; tales about them have been collected by outsiders, from Medieval church chroniclers, to Western Europeans investigating vampirism in Austria-Hungary in the eighteenth century, to British Colonial officials in Africa and Asia. Even New England has a native vampire belief, which has nothing in common with Dracula or Twilight. Come and learn how to protect yourself against this plague.

Understanding Qi gong-the Energy Healing techniques of  the Taoists- Richard Gould

An in-depth presentation into the ancient healing traditions of the Taoists,  that is experiencing exploding popularity, including the use of Energy Healing, nutrition and herbs to bring health, vitality and balance to the body, mind and spirit. Examples and demonstrations will be provided. Highly informative for everyone, a must see for Energy Healers.

A Visit to the Crossroads – contacting Faery allies for sacromagical work – Kathryn Smith

This workshop consists of a guided meditation using techniques and images developed by R. J. Stewart. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the Crossroads in the otherworld, and make connections with fairy and spirit allies.  This workshop is based on traditional Scottish faery lore, as preserved in ballads like Tam Linn and Thomas Rhymer.  We’ll be working with faery beings in their primal forms, not the diminutive forms popularized in the Victorian era, and more recently in the popular media. A period of discussion may follow the meditation if there is interest from the participants.
·         Experience in meditation and guided visualization is helpful, but not required. Max attendees: 20.

More information on the background for this work can be found on R. J. Stewart’s web site:

Walking the Red Road: Basic Native American Indian Ceremony- Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Learn the symbolism, significance, and what is actually involved in creating effective and practical Native American ceremonies to enhance personal spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. This seminar will address some of the most commonly misunderstood, and misused, Native American ceremonies: the Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, Sun Dance, and Prayer Pipe Ritual, in a straight forward fashion that focuses on the common symbolism and elements, rather than a specific tribal perspective. The goal is to clear up misconceptions, and give the attendee the necessary tools to utilize these extremely powerful ceremonies in their personal life. Time will be allotted for questions and answers.

Warding  –  Starwolf

Your Home is your castle. Just as it’s wise to shield your personal energy, it’s also good to protect your home from negative influences. Wards are techniques and objects that establish firm energetic boundaries around home, office and other personal areas to keep good energy in, negative energy out, and make your space truly your own. Includes a wide range of practical options with something for everyone, from just starting out to the experienced warder.

Wear Your Magic: Gemstone Healing for You and Your Pet    -Alison Blair

In this workshop Alison teaches you how to work with the energies of gemstones, and how the astrological and tarot correlations of each gemstone enhance their ability to work magic with people and animals. Each participant will experience hands-on communication with selected stones learning to hear their special messages.  We will learn to write a gemstone spell  or  mantra and explore the most effective ways gemstone magic can be enjoyed.  Each participant will  receive a special gift for attending.

WHEN PIGS COULD FLY:  Welsh Myth, Mystery and Magic  – Juniper Talbot

In ancient Wales, the art of storytelling had specifically magical overtones.  The ancient storyteller, poet, musician, historian, called the Bard was considered to have magical powers; sending his spirit beyond the veils to bring back wisdom and truth.  This wisdom was brought in the form of story and song.  As we take a look at the remnants of these stories found in ancient Welsh myth and folktale, we begin to uncover the seeds of spirituality these ancestors held dear, and so learn ways to vitalize and inspire our own personal connections to ourselves, our ancestors and our world.

Working with the Healing Goddesses of the Northern Tradition – Galina Krasskova

This workshop will explore the Goddesses of healing within the Northern tradition, from the Asynja Eir, to the Jotun Mengloth, to the early Germanic Deities Alateivia and Arvolecia. Special attention will be given to Frigga and Mengloth’s handmaidens. Attendees will learn the stories of these powerful Goddesses, appropriate offerings and prayers, and the proper way to approach Them for work. Pre-requisites: none

Wyrd Science: Into the Toy Chest      -Starwolf

Technology and Magick- together at last! Learn about devices to clear negative energy, support your body’s ability to heal, focus energy, make you less conspicuous, protect your energy field, and do other interesting things. History and how-to.

Your Destiny is in Your Hands…       Catherine Kane

…and you can have a hand in your destiny. Here’s your chance to learn some surprising and practical skills in the art of palmistry, an ancient art of divination seldom seen today. Catherine’s 40 years of experience practicing, writing about and teaching palmistry, both live and on-line, will put this art at your fingertips. Come prepared to learn something useful, and have fun doing it. (This class is for all levels of experience).

Your Road Map to Health and Well Being – Selina Rifkin

How many of us feel good? Not just “ok,” but vibrant and energetic? Health and well-being is your birthright, but this gets lost to stress, injury, and poor eating habits. Once you feel ill, in pain, or exhausted, it is hard to know where to turn for help. Some treatments will help in the short term but cause more problems down the line. So how do you know what to do? Every person has their own unique path for healing, and each person is their own best health advocate. For someone seeking to improve their health, the exploration of different methods becomes a search for personal understanding. This class will present how to find your path including, which issue to tackle first, how to tell good information from bad, and the importance of a holistic approach.

* On our Reiki workshops

From Maryalyce

Learning Reiki is a serious commitment.  It is a healing art taught in stages or degrees, which are accompanied by attunements.  Each attunement brings about new cleansings and helps us to deal with our Karma.  Reiki differs from other laying on of hands healing because of its use of physical positions to apply the energy over and through the Chakra system.  Also, it is different due to the fact that the healer is required to be opened and attuned by the degree process.  Reiki uses life force energy to heal the body, mind, & spirit.
Reiki is an energy that is passed or taught much like the game of telephone.  That is why methods may vary from teacher to teacher and different things may be taught.  I firmly believe that it takes the human body a while to adjust to the new Reiki energies which are passed as a part of each attunement.

If you live close enough, I am available for Reiki I classes before the conference.  Please understand that because of the attunements necessary, Reiki I is usually given over a span of 3-4 weeks, typically one class plus attunement per week.  Reiki I would need to be completed no later than one week before beginning Reiki II.  Please contact me should you wish to discuss this or to make arrangements for Reiki I.
Typically I charge $125 for Level II and $150 for Master Level Reiki classes, but am waiving this for this conference. It is extremely important to me that Reiki training be available to those who desire it.
When seeking a Reiki Master, you should also be mindful of your lineage.  Should you choose to be mastered by me, you will be sixth in line from Hawayo Takata, the (now deceased) Grand Master of Reiki.

(Note from Con-chairs: Since Maryalyce is donating this class for which she ordinarily charges, we allow and encourage recipients to make donations if they can afford to do so.)

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