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Panel Spotlight: Sharing experiences

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Psychological Problems in Psychics Panel
How to get help when you have problems differentiating between what you see that isn’t there, and what you see that others don’t see, but is there.

If you are a medium, seeing or hearing dead people is normal for you. All the books on enhancing our psychic abilities tell us to listen to our inner voices. But suppose you’re psychic, then you become depressed, or get PTSD, or schizophrenia? How do you explain to a medical doctor that some of the things you experience are symptoms, and some are normal (for you)? How do you get the help you need, while not having the therapist try to medicate away your natural abilities?) Mental illness is real, and you still want the help you need. Let’s share stories and hope we have good advice for each other.
Panelists: HPS Sarah Livermore, Sacred Owl Quinones, Dione Marshall

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