Choose Joy EVERY day.

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It’s supposed to be easy. It’s natural to be happy. It’s also natural to be healthy. But sometimes there are environmental problems that make it a bit harder.

Pain is your friend- it tells you when you need to pay attention to a problem: Hey, your body tells you: This is too hot! You stepped on something sharp! You shouldn’t eat this again! Direct extra healing energy to this spot! But because, like any alarm, it is designed to get your attention, it can drown out other things, the good things that make you happy. You shouldn’t ignore the pain- it’s a valuable message (although a headache is not your body’s signal that your blood level of asperin is too low, usually you’re dehydrated, or have had to little sleep, too much stress, or something else). Emotional pain may be telling you to change jobs, or fix your relationships. At the same time, when you’ve dealt with the problem, don’t go looking for more problems.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Do something that soothes you, that comforts you, that makes you happy. This will build up you immune system and reduce your pain. You can’t just wait for it, you have to move toward the positive. Make it a habit. You may not be able to recapture your lost youth and enjoy spinning until you fall down when you are in your 80s, but you can still blow bubbles, and giggle, and do other things you enjoyed when you were younger. You do have the time. You don’t have the time to waste just concentrating on negative stuff. Every night before you go to sleep, think of something that would give you pleasure to do the next day, and do it.




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