Complaining is Optional

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When you know the seasons are changing, when winter comes, the cold and snow won’t surprise you. You will have the wood laid in (or whatever), taken your heavy coats and scarves out. In the spring, you’ll expect mud as well as flowers. In the summer you’ll have your fans or AC ready before the sweltering weather hits! We may still have hurricanes and tornadoes, but now that we have satellite weather the loss of life is less, and even before that the old timers could help everyone else know how to deal with seasonal disasters.
Much of the trauma for the USA after 9/11 was because we’d convinced ourselves that “it couldn’t happen here”. Things are always easier to handle when you’ve thought ahead and prepared yourself- whether physically or mentally.

Some changes, like this week’s, are surprises. But we have friends, clever energetic people helping each other, and we cope, we adapt, and we look for the silver linings. Sometimes, like four leaf clovers, we don’t find them unless we look.

How often do we say: “This, or something better for the best interest of all.” When we don’t get what we were asking for, sometimes we are disjointed, but remember, we did say “or something better” and maybe that’s why it’s not what we requested. Or maybe it’s “for the best interest of all”, which could mean we will never get all the details why it’s better, and we’ll have to take it on faith that if we knew, we’d be satisfied.

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