Lessons from the Kingdom of Freaks and Monsters: Real Diversity in Pagan Groups

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Raven Kaldera

As Pagans, we like to think that our groups are open to a wide variety of people … but are they really? How do we include and integrate the spiritual needs of people who are queer, transgendered, polyamorous or in other alternative relationships, physically or mentally disabled, non-neurotypical, legal minors, parents, god-bothered, or otherwise not the usual run-of-the-mill idea of a Pagan? Many groups today are moving away from the “initiatory mystery cult” model and embracing a more open, congregational format, and as such will be seeing more of the above sorts. How do we meet the needs of as many people as possible, and when do we have to say “I’m sorry, not doable” to people? This class will discuss real accessibility from the point of view of a very welcoming congregation.  

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