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Contact:   Tchipakkan– Co-Chair, Changing Times-Changing Worlds

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NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS   Changing Times-Changing Worlds, an interfaith esoteric conference for the New England area, will take place November 13-15, 2015, at the Clarion Hotel in Northampton, MA. The conference, which is open to the public, offers hours of workshops on matters such as healing, psychic abilities, spiritual practices, divination, and folklore. There will also be vendors and readers offering services and goods from books and jewelry to aura photography.  This year’s theme is Manifesting the Fire Within.

Presenters at the conference will offer classes and panels on subjects ranging from herbalism to vibrational healing, from to ghosts to elves, dowsing to folk magic.  It’s been decades since the modern world began to acknowledge the psychic and spiritual side of reality. This conference addresses the needs of those who want to learn how to develop their natural talents, enhance their skills, and ground metaphysical practice in practical, daily life. We draw from diverse communities that have been learning to integrate spirit and matter, and will have many panels where we will exchange our perspectives and build on the achievements we’ve made. Combining the discoveries of many groups, we can learn and achieve even more.

Registration fees, which include all conference activities except meals and lodging, is $85 for the weekend ($80, or $60 pre-reg before 10-9-15), $35/45 per day (senior and student discounts available). Classes run noon until 11 PM Friday; 9 AM to 11 PM Saturday;and 10 to 4 Sunday.

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