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This page lists the classes and workshops we will be presenting at this year’s Conference. It is arranged in alphabetical order by class name.


Any prerequisites specified by the presenter are included at the end of the class description. IT IS THE RESPONSIBLITY OF THE ATTENDEE TO MAKE SURE THE REQUIREMENTS ARE MET.

Ethically Approaching Baneful Magic

Presenter: Sidney Eileen

Baneful magic is a very hotly debated subject in witchcraft. Ethics and morality get mentioned a great deal, usually with all parties admitting that ethics are a critical aspect to determining whether or not baneful magic should be used. However, there is also usually little or no clarification about what that means, or how to personally evaluate the ethics of potential baneful workings. Join me as we weigh the often debatable, cultural, and personal nature of magical morality and ethics alongside some common motivations for doing baneful magic. We will examine common attitudes towards and frameworks for the ethics of baneful magic, being mindful of both the strengths and weaknesses of each. After that we will discuss some ways to approach finding and using your personal moral compass, so that you can decide for yourself how you want to approach baneful magic, or if you want to do it at all.

The Huna Roadmap to Personal Power

Presenter: Stewart Blackburn

Personal power is the ability to fulfill one’s own private impulses and desires. In Huna we have seven principles that describe how power operates. Together they describe how we can shape our destinies and influence our experiences. While they can seem magical, they are really just based on an awareness of the deeper levels of our creaturehood and how reality gets put together.

This class will go into detail about each of the principles and how we can use them to our benefit. By understanding how we are creating our own personal realities we can better craft the lives we want. This is an interactive workshop with ample time and encouragement for questions.

Magical Group Dynamics: Working Together

Presenter: Lisa McSherry

A magickal group is no stranger to all the energies that arise when people from different backgrounds, holding different points of view, try to get together. Always easy to see when there are problems, the dynamics are happening all the time in a somewhat cyclical fashion. Every group has a natural cycle of evolution, from the time of its formation, dipping in and out, backwards and forwards into various stages, until it arrives (inevitably) at its end. This workshop is a brief look at each stage of the cycle with ways to recognize where your group is at, as well as strategies for coping with the issues typically encountered at each level

The Magical World of Seashell Energy Tools

Presenter: Michelle Hanson

Mother Nature has so much to teach us if we are willing to listen. If we are open, we can avail ourselves of a variety of master teachers that do not come in human bodies. Many people are familiar with crystals from the mineral kingdom and earth element, and their benefit for mind, body, and spirit. Seashells are crystals from the animal kingdom and water element; there is so much power in their matrix! In this seminar we will investigate how shells connect to the chakras (personal and transpersonal) as well as shells that can be applied as specific energy tools. Working with seashell partners can bridge the worlds of logic and intuition. There will be some science, and a lot of magic to explore!


As a prerequisite, please visit to enroll for three free classes. These will serve to explain how I discovered this language from the seashell kingdom and provide an introduction to the world of mollusks and shells in preparation for this seminar. You will learn how the seashell kingdom offers valuable guidance to assist us in navigating through life.

New Perspectives in Divination

Presenter: Gretchen Stork

Ways to read cards, tiles and sticks that refresh your ability to do readings, with any system that you have information about. Theory will be woven into the discussion of tools, with a strong emphasis on getting outside that box you have been stuck in.

Oracle Cards for Fun and Prophesy

Presenter: Catherine Kane

Many people know about the tarot. Fewer know about oracle cards- and there’s a lot of misinformation about oracle cards out there.

This class is created to give you better information on oracle cards- what they are, how to pick a deck that’s right for you, how to use them successfully, how to use multiple decks, intuitive interpretation of the cards and lots of other fun and useful techniques that can help you give a good reading.

Oracle cards are one way of doing a helpful, accurate and fun reading. Join Catherine to learn practical skills for working with oracle cards that you can use right away.

The Sympathetic Magic of Decluttering

Presenter: Catherine Kane

Creative minds are rarely tidy. That’s true of metaphysical minds, too.

Sometimes that means that we need to clear out things and beliefs that no longer work for us, to make room for new things, beliefs, people and experiences as part of our path of growth and learning.

One way to do this is decluttering. Not dumping everything you love and starting again with three white floor pillows. Instead, looking around to find what’s in your life, not because it serves you but because it’s been there forever, and you’re so used to it that you no longer see it. The things I think of as “old luggage”- the stuff that’s breaking your back to carry but that you’re so used to that you don’t realize that you can put them down because they no longer work in your life.

In sympathetic magic, an item serves as a representative for a bigger item or issue. A stuffed animal can be a vehicle for distance healing. A broken vase can be a connection to a belief that needs fixing. A toy car can be a focus for raising the funds for a real car. And just as some things can be connections for positive magic, so can some items connect to issues where we’re stuck or trapped.

At that point, decluttering can be useful when we’re looking for things that no longer work for us and clearing them out to make room for things, people and experiences that will help us learn and grow, and will contribute to our happiness. No judgment here. The only opinion that matters on what stays and what goes is your own.

This practical class is more about you being conscious about what you chose to keep and what you don’t. It’s about awareness and how to work with energy to create the life you want. It includes elements of that awareness, the Law of Attraction, energy work, Feng Shui and free will, (amongst other things). Let’s talk about letting go of things that don’t serve us to make room for things that do.

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