Not only can you learn things at CTCW that it’s hard to find anywhere else, we also bring you the hard-to-find materials and tools as well. You can find these in two areas- the Dealers Row, across from the boardrooms (the smaller workshop rooms 101-105), and the Vendors Room on the first floor, in the Coach room. We know it’s a bit odd to use both the terms Vendor and Dealer at the same conference, but many of our speakers are also selling what they know you are looking for, as well as teaching you how to use it, and some of them find it easier to sell out of their rooms and close up when speaking, and open at their own schedule, while others prefer selling in the Vendors room.

If you are interested in selling at CTCW please look at our Vendors and Dealers Page for costs and contact information. We still have some space left!

The Authors Table

We will have a table om the Vending Room where we’ll be selling the works of any of our presenters who are also Authors. Someone will be there to make change and track sales, so authors don’t have to buy a table to sell their books. There will also be book signings there spaced through the weekend.

Dealers Row:

Akasha's HeartAkasha’s Journey

Akasha’s Journey offers a variety of hand crafted and magickally charged products including Reiki tools, crystal sets, black scrying mirrors, mojo bags, candles, and custom altar cloths.  I have a line of “Portable Pagan” items that include mini altars and mini altar tool sets.  I also have a line of “Pagan Pet” items that include pet healing mojo bags and magickally charged pet bandanas.  I offer Esoteric Consultations including Natal Chart casting & interpretation, chakra crystal energy therapy, power animal retrieval, Medicine Card, & Tarot readings.  I am also overjoyed to over a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, IET, and Run Valdr.  All healings are offered for both humans and their pets or familiars.

Aura Photography with the LoonWitch

auraphotodayVendors Room

totallyessential_logo_highres_cmyk-2Essential Oils Totally essential oils

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Naturally Safe, purely effective; Guaranteed!
Discover how to protect your family’s health with nature’s most powerful medicine, essential oils.  Learn how to replace harmful synthetic pharmaceuticals with the only oils pure enough for internal use.   They have calming, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory characteristics.  Check out for more information or attend one of our workshops to learn more!

Totally essential is a group of Essential Oil Consultants who lead workshops & personal consultations on how to use Essential Oils as a natural alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals.  There will be a variety of workshops available to choose from.  Personal consultations with BioFeedback surveys are available upon request with appointment.

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Auntie Arwen’s Spice Blends

Arwen's ad pic

Auntie Arwen’s Spices offers a huge selection of seasoning blends, from the flat calm to melt-your-fillings hot. We also have fudge, teas and coffees, and some interesting miscellanea and closeouts.

Wandering Paintbrush Studio

Sophia-Kelly-Shultz-logo-600x75-customGanesh.  Sedna.  Chango.  Athena.  Experience the Spirits and spiritual landscapes through the keen eye and vibrant palette of artist Sophia Kelly Shultz.  Get a sneak peek at the artwork for her soon to be released Stone Circle Oracle deck and book; keep some of the energy for yourself or for your friends with her original watercolors and diverse selection of prints and greeting cards.  Sophia is a working artist and loves company and conversation while she works:  stop by to talk about art, spirituality, and life!The-Stone-Circle-Oracle

All forms of payment accepted except for first born children and Discover.

Ed Hutnik’s Used Books

A huge variety of affordable used paperbacks and hard cover books. Mostly SF and fantasy.

Cabochons  Cabochons2011

Cabochons- silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, hand painted silks, unique jewelry with semi-precious jewelry, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan’s cookbooks, wood burned and painted boxes, and more…

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