Sacrifice our wants to the needs of others Sunday

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The last Sunday of August has been declared Sacrifice Our Wants to Other’s Needs Sunday by the organization Be Kind to Humankind.

This is a pretty cool idea, if not a well known holiday. It challenges us to look at the difference between wants and needs, which is something we often forget to do. And as great as helping others is, today I’m writing about the other side of the issue.

I’m looking at all of you empaths and healers out there who don’t take care of yourselves!
Parents work really hard to try to get our kids to recognize that the other kids have wants and needs, just as they do, and they should take those desires and needs into account when deciding what to do- whether to take the bigger piece of cake, or whether to let the other kid go first. Sadly, when the first lessons seem to be taking, we often neglect to fine tune the lesson as we do with other things we are teaching. It’s hard to differentiate between wants and needs, and we too often hope that they’ll figure it out later, but it doesn’t happen.

Too many people (you healers, helpers) forget to put their own needs for sleep, for nutrition, for attention, (yes it is a real need…) into the equation when allocating their time and energy, as if their needs don’t count as much as those of others. WAKE UP! Your needs are just as important as everyone else’s! Remember the pre-flight instructions: if the oxygen masks come down, put your own on before you help your kids. (How much help are you going to be able to give if you’ve passed out, eh? Yes, it’s an analogy.) We’re not asking you to be greedy or selfish, only to recognize that you are worthy of consideration, as much as those you help, and that if you neglect yourself, you’re denying that resource (you) from those you help.

Helping others is great. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the only thing that’s going to save the world at this point. But remember that just as the needs of others are more important than your wants, YOUR needs are more important than their wants. Yes, I know it’s harder to judge emotional and spiritual needs than physical ones; they are so much more amorphous than simple food, water, and air. But you’ve already got the big idea down, you know we’re all in this together. Just remember that you are a part of that big “Us”, and give yourself equal consideration.

This has been a public service announcement from someone who’s watched a whole lot of “Givers” run themselves into the ground unnecessarily. Trust me, the good people you’re helping will be happy that you’re taking care of yourself, even if temporarily inconvenienced.

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Aura Awareness Day

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November 24th is Aura Awareness Day. It happens the fourth Saturday of November each year.  Simply put, an aura is the energy field around a person (animal, plant, or nearly anything else’s) body, which many people perceive as light- often in colors.






The auras of those with greater amounts of energy are easier for people to see, so in many cultures there’s a tradition of saints and other spiritually powerful people being depicted with this glowing field- often around their head, other wise known as a halo.

Many people see colors, and healers can often use the colors to diagnose illness by examining the auras. Others sense auras as a buzz, or change of temperature.

It’s rather exciting that people have started to recognize auras enough that a holiday has been made to raise awareness. It was started in 2002, but I haven’t yet found out who started it. It was established to raise awareness about auras and the leading role that these auras play in being healthy and happy. Many associate the colors of the auras with colors of the chakras. We combine studying ancient spiritual teachings about auras and colors with our personal experiences in the modern world.

Because “seeing is believing”, the traditions of auras became more accepte when Kerlian Photography was able to give scientists something they could document. Wikipedia says “Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939, accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate.  ” It became more popular and well known in the 70s.

These days you can get a color image of your aura- and it’s fun to see the changes these photos show under different conditions (for example, at the beginning and end of the conference)!

It’s also fun to find the edges of your aura with dowsing L rods or other tools. Or learn to see or feel them more. Even if you can’t sense your aura, it’s there, and your emotional and physical health effect on your energy field, and it effects your health. One thing personal experience has shown is that if you have holes in your aura, your energy can leak out, leaving you feeling weak. Energetically closing these holes, often caused by physical or emotional trauma, helps you heal physically much faster.

We know that the aura is made of layers, from just at the edge of your skin, to extending several feet out around our bodies. Clearly at least one of these layers is protection- where we put up shields, keeping our own energy in, and energy we don’t want out. Other times we extend our auras to intersect and interact with the energy fields of other people- this is often used in healing, and happens naturally when we touch each other.

We speculate whether one (or more) of the parts of our energy bodies hold our consciousness during an out of body or near death experience, or when we dream, or when we die.

Clearly this is a complex and vast area of study, well worthy of our attention, and awareness. If nothing else, “celebrate” this awareness day by asking those around you what they know about auras, and by sharing, everyone’s knowledge becomes greater.

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Mothers’ Night on the New Normal

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The night before the Solstice is known as Mothernight aka Disablot, Disting, & Modraniht was the celebration /veneration of the Disir or Idisi- the female Ancestors.

People tend to know about the warriors who, when they died, went to Odin’s hall to feast and fight until they became his army at Ragnarok. But what about the women? Well, women who died in childbed, they were counted as having died in battle, but the others, they tended to stick around and watch over the family.

The night before the Solstice is the Norse festival of the Mothers, still celebrated by modern heathens. Yule Eve – On this night (approximately), a Germanic/Scandinavian Midwinter festival known as The Mother Night (or Modresnach) was observed. It was believed that dreams on this night foretold events in the upcoming year. Many of its traditions live on modern Christmas celebrations. The decorated evergreen tree was a symbol of the Tree of Life, or World Tree. The star atop the tree represented the pole star of the Star Goddess. The dinners and gifts were in honor of the food and prosperity given by the Mother Goddesses to their human children. Dreams are prophetic on this night, and this is a good time to contact your gran or great grandmothers for advice on dealing with your problems. I’ll probably brush on some other aspects of northern celebrations that have been transferred to Christmas, but tonight is a night to remember the ladies.

Midwinter Eve also known as St. Thomas’ eve became known for love charms and divination.

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