Maryalyce Merritt

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Maryalyce Merritt is a Certified Reiki Master Instructor Practitioner, Advanced Level IET Practitioner, Run Valdr Instructor and Practitioner, and is a member of the Hands-on Trade Association. With her passion for just about all things esoteric, metaphysical, astrological, and deeply spiritual, she decided to follow her soul’s journey to feed, educate, and empower the world community. This may be in the form of healing sessions, healing circles, or Reiki instruction among others. As a dog lover, she extends this healing to not only humans, but also to dogs and other animal familiars as well. Maryalyce is an ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer, and she and her rescued dog, Cody, are an animal assisted therapy team. Akasha’s Journey has evolved from the same passion for magickal living and crafting tools and items for people and their pets to assist them on their own journeys. Part of Maryalyce’s dream is to make healing & learning how to heal others accessible to the community and the people who truly desire it, and of course, the beautiful animals who cannot ask for it themselves.

Come for a visit and begin your transformation. The joy is in the

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