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Changing Times-Changing Worlds

Site and Date to be confirmed soon

New England, November  2o17


The theme will be Joy! (Bliss, Ecstacy)

Changing Times-Changing Worlds is a conference for exploration of metaphysical topics including energy healing, divination, spiritual practice and folklore, as well as creating connections between the many groups that study and practice in these areas. Our aim is to break down barriers to acceptance and communication, and advance our knowledge of the paranormal and spiritual. At this conference we explore all things metaphysical: healing, divination, energy work, manifestation, spiritual practices, folklore, and all the many parts of the whole that make up life.

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This will be the eighth year for CTCW, a conference for New England practitioners and students of the psychic, the magickal, the unknown. The conference runs noon Friday until 4 p.m. on Sunday. We have workshops, panels, discussions, healing sessions, psychic readers, and vendors, with time to talk, eat, and shop. We look for both advanced material for experienced practitioners to expand their skills, as well as introductory classes for those just discovering new area to explore. As beings of spirit and body, it’s time to stop dreaming about our non-physical abilities, and learn to use them, safely, ethically, responsibly and practically. The change we want to make in the world is the acceptance and integration of what has been seen as “other” (supernatural, metaphysical, paranormal) but is normal and natural into daily life.

Registration for all three days is $85, but early registration is half price and there are also discounts available for volunteers, elders, students, groups, and early registration, day rates available. Contact us to find out more.

At this time we are eagerly looking for speakers, vendors, and others to join us creating this event!

This stuff is real!

Check archives to see what panels and workshops we’ve done in the past. You can download some in our shop for $2.99 each!
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