Continuity of Practice PanelMany of us come from paths where we’re inventing/reinventing our practice as we go. Is there a point at which it becomes valuable to codify and freeze our practices, as major, organized religions have, or is our ability to improvise/continually re-invent our path inherent in it?

The Court Cards Panel

This is one of the hardest questions for a beginning reader, because there are SO many ways to read the court cards! Pages are youth, Knights and Kings Men, Queens Women, but while some use hair and eye color, some make an elemental pairing of the court cards, others see the faces on the physical cards. As usual, different readers have different techniques- come hear a few.


Fate- Destiny-Wyrd Panel

The Greeks would ask the Pythia, and the Romans the Sybil to tell them what their fate was, and while she would speak accurately, their words were often misunderstood and those attempting to escape their fate created it. The Norse felt that a man’s wyrd was set, and how he met it was the test […]

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When Religion and Politics Mix


In 313 the Roman Emperor Constantine made it legal for Christians to practice their faith openly (gave them property, some tax breaks, other support). Within two generations, they were making laws against practicing non-Christian religion. Traditionally Muslims allowed people of many faiths to practice, but taxed them differently according to which faith they followed, but […]

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