Our panels were held in the Atrium, by the Fireplace.


As many of us grew up in the “Baby Boom Era”, we find ourselves very ambivalent about aging, and elders should be treated. Our panelists will discuss both how elders were seen in earlier cultures, and how we can deal with this issue in our daily lives.

Ancestral Manifestations and Relationships

The presence and familiarity with Ancestors, people who have passed over to the Other World, will be discussed, highlighting the importance and necessity of traditional and continued engagement of these intimate spirits and the ways we connect with them across cultures and spiritual practices.

Dance- Magic in Movement

Panelists will discuss how many forms of dance lead to extatic states and communion with deity.

Dark Aspect of the God/Goddess

In this panel we’ll explore the benefits and risks of working with the Dark Gods, and other less appealing divinity. “When we embrace the dark and allow ourselves to enter into the unknown dimensions of our minds, we can be led toward our healing, Â salvation, transformation, and renewal…..” Demetra George

Divination Panel

A discussion about issues soothsayers have to deal with- with clients, with techniques, with the Divine.

Ethical Issues for Pagan Clergy

To provide discourse into issues surrounding clergy-hood, in regards to family issues (acceptance/rejection, custody and children), mis-information and image, -PR facetime vs closeted, troubleshooting difficult grounds such as administering counsel, dealing with multi-faith household and communities, contributions within ritual space, and the impact on the larger community, both pagan and non-pagan. Dealing with intolorance and inequality, violence, and life experiences and tough questions we’ve learned to ask, and other questions that may arise.

Heal Thyself

Why healers often have greater difficulty healing themselves than healing others, and other issues for healers


There are different ways of dealing with herbs, our herbalists talk about how their practices are similar and different.

Indigeny, Paganism and Social Change

Panelists will engage the application of indigenous and other earth/nature-based spiritual practices in the resolution of social problems.

The Land and Inhabitants of Faerie

Panelists will discuss how their traditions understand the folk who share the world one “step” away from our own, the fair folk, the lanlandwights of the northern traditions, the celtic good folk, and others.

Money and Metaphysics Panel

Psychic readings. Energywork. Spiritual leadership. Is it ethically correct to charge for work provided in the areas of spirituality, psychic ability or metaphysics? Some say yes. Some say no. What do you think? Catch this lively panel on a currently very controversial subject.

The Role of the Clergy in Paganism

To discuss the expectations of clergy within the pagan community in comparison and contrast to other denominations’ of Christianity’s already present construct and role expectation. Do we follow the role expectations of which the society would expect as per the christian clergy members’ construct, or do we begin a discussion of whether that expectation should be recast and reformulated to exemplify our values and expectations and world-view? When no mediation is needed between individuals and deity, how does the clergy benefit their community.

Shamans – the Many Faces of Shamanism

Many of our guests practice shamanism, with great variation in style. In this panel they will discuss what they have in common, what the differences are and how the differences impact their practice.




Note- all panels will include time for questions from the audience. Also, one need not be one of the conference speakers to volunteer to be a panelist. If you feel that you have experience or other knowledge that you would like to share as a panelist- contact us at programming@changingtimeschangingworlds.org to volunteer.

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