Changing Times-Changing Worlds Theme 2018

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This year the conference theme is Change:

Change as Opportunity:  Rising to the Challenge.

It’s hardly surprising that we would choose change as a theme, when the point of the conference is that we want to change the world, to help it accept that people are able perceive and to effect- to change- the world through our inner energies. Since the Enlightenment, Westerners have separated Science and “What’s real” over on one side, and Religion and Magick over on the other side, putting it on the ‘optional’ menu, which has severely handicapped us all by not allowing them to include any evidence they find that suggests that everything that is real must be based in the physical world.

Those who encounter the “supernatural”, “metaphysical”, “occult”, or “paranormal” are shunted off to the “kook” seating. When solid science leads to evidence that other worlds and abilities exist and may explain how the world works, the scientists involved must carefully couch their findings in ambiguities in order to be allowed to publish the findings in mainstream literature. IMO, to require your results to reflect your pre-selected position is not science! We must come to a place where whatever the results we find are accepted, even if they indicate the presence of psychics, ghosts, other worlds and non-corporal beings.

The resistance probably comes from the claims of infallibility- once one has suggested that their position is the only correct option, then any change proves that their earlier position was wrong, proving them fallible. This is a hard position from which to back down.

Although the Scientific method requires that after testing an hypothesis, we accept the results of the test, in practice, results are accepted if they support a hypothesis that goes along with the old paradigms, and if they don’t, then the tests were clearly flawed- not the “only the physical is real” paradigm.

It is often said that “Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing and expect results to change.” But results often change. There are so many variables that we shouldn’t be surprised when it does. Happily Quantum Physics and Chaos Theory are beginning to break down the old paradigm and we are gradually learning that it’s fine to accept that we didn’t get everything precisely right the first time. My mother used to say that the “average lifespan of a scientific fact was five years”, and certainly we are learning new things that challenge the old ways daily.

Change is difficult to deal with, especially when we have to make major decisions, medical and legal ones based on what we believe is real. Every time we realize we’ve made a mistake, we have to accept that we may have hurt someone, or done something wrong, because of what we thought was true, but wasn’t. It is better to deal with those mistakes and move on, rather than to continue to make them and compound the harm. (How many of us had to learn as children to hide psychic talents because we would be teased or reprimanded?)

So this year we are looking at change, and how to direct it to where we want to go.

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The theme for CTCW in 2017 is JOY!

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My kids are suggesting that we approach 2017 quietly, so as not to startle it. 2016 was pretty rough on a lot of us. But many years ago we picked the theme for this year as Joy, and I think we are ready for it.

Joy is pretty simple and direct, so we’re also including Bliss, as in the mythologist Joseph Campbell’s injunction to “Follow your Bliss”, and Ecstasy, which is often equated with a spiritual pinnacle of happiness, although at least one sage suggested that it was an obstacle (keeping you from peace).   Still, it is a good step along the path, so not a bad thing (except maybe in meditation).

We shall probably be exploring meditation, as well as our usual fare: psychic and spiritual practices, divination, healing, folklore. We hope you’ll hold a place for us in your schedule next November, whether you’d like to come and share your talents and experiences as a presenter, or as someone who wants to learn more or share privately. Do contact us if you’d like to join in our exploration.

All humans are a combination of spirit and body, and for too long we’ve tried to keep those practices separated. People keep this awareness quietly among close friends so people won’t find out that they know about how thoughts change reality and how we are all connected. It’s time we gave up this intellectual fiction and settled into a much more practical acceptance of the full depth of reality. Come join us and share the joy of not having a need to hiding our spirit any more!


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