I became interested in healing when I was 9 years old, after spontaneously and unexpectedly healing a horse by laying on of hands – not something that anyone in my family understood or supported.  Looking for answers a decade later, I found myself at the Sun Ray Meditation Society in Vermont, speaking to an apprentice of Dywany Yawahoo, where I discovered that I was somehow able to intuit that rose quartz was a heart stone… 
In my early 20’s I developed a theory as to why that was possible – it had to do with a crystals’ structure and subsequent molecular vibrations (now supported by science, and what I am lecturing about at CTCW 2017).  In 2015, I was asked to give a presentation based on vibrational frequency and crystal awareness at the American Dowsers Society in VT, and dove into the physics and molecular biology that support my theory.  What I found was surprising and fascinating, and like dark matter it just kept expanding as I continued to study the molecular structure of the universe and current developments in the scientific world. I found myself seeing a vast array of dots spread out like constellations in the sky, connecting powerfully (suddenly, I had a book kicking inside me, and “Connecting the Dots” needed to be born – it will be finished soon (see connectingthedots.guru).
In the 80’s, I had a New Age Metaphysical & Art store in Mamaroneck, NY, called “Enchanted Environments”, where I led Crystal Awareness workshops, guided meditations, and created crystal talismans for customers.  I taught these skills there as well as at Quintile Books in Greenwich, CT, and at SunBurst Crystals in Mt. Kisco, NY. 
I am now an Usui Reiki Master and Instructor and a Shamanic Reiki Master, in the process of completing my year-long apprenticeship to become a Shamanic Reiki Instructor. I am also a certified Yoga Instructor, and will soon have a Creative Arts Therapy certificate. I currently have a healing center in Dover Plains, NY, called “Walk a Sacred Path” (WalkASaredPath.com)  where I practice the above,and a nutritional support blog for people with gluten issues (GlutenFreeByDesign.com), as well as an organic landscape design business where I practice healing the land and its inhabitants thru bioenergetics, beauty and harmony grid of crystal photos(DivineGardenDesign.com).

Written in Stone… literally. The molecular structure of crystals holds fascinating and surprising answers as to how they affect us and the world around us.  Learn to connect with crystals in a whole new way, and to use them to see inside ourselves.  During the presentation we will look at the history of scientific uses of crystals and the secrets that their molecular structures hold as well as practical hands-on experience working with vibrational frequencies, all to bring you into a deeper alignment with these magical creations.  We will be learning about their molecular structure through an enlightening PowerPoint presentation, and exploring dynamic crystalline energy with crystal bowls, liquid crystal, molecular models and a Tesla globe, as well as numerous beautiful, natural crystals.


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