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This page lists the classes and workshops we will be presenting at this year’s Conference. It is arranged in alphabetical order by class name.


Any prerequisites specified by the presenter are included at the end of the class description. IT IS THE RESPONSIBLITY OF THE ATTENDEE TO MAKE SURE THE REQUIREMENTS ARE MET.

In-Person Classes

A Brief Overview of Glenn Perry’s Developmental Age Method (DAM).

Presenter: Kathleen O’Brien

The Developmental Age Method is the statement that both the houses and the signs of the zodiac represent divisions of time that are tied to the psychological development. This system applies to the Placidus house system which is that which is used commonly in Western Astrology. Based on the position that a planet can represent a person, place, thing, or event, the planets in a house are representative of events in that house at a certain physical age. This method ties time periods to BOTH houses and signs. Each house is associated with a specific physical age and a period of duration. The position of a planet in a house of the natal chart can indicate when certain experiences in a person’s life will occur. This is based on psychological developmental stages of life. For example: “The sign Leo, for example, is virtually synonymous with the psychology of adolescence (14 through 19).

Accessing the Deep Fire


Often when we think of fire, our minds go to open flames: drum circle fires, candle flames, cooking fires. But fire goes far deeper than that, into the earth; it lies beneath our feet and comes to the surface as an upwelling of creation, bringing forth new, fertile land. This workshop is a ritual/meditation, an exercise intended to assist attendees in accessing and channeling the deep-rooted creative energies of the Earth’s Deep Fire.

Ancestors Not of Blood

Presenter: Raven Kaldera

Many of us work with our Ancestors to add power and strength to our lives … but not all Ancestors need to be related to you. Let’s talk about ancestors of the heart, the mind, the spirit, and lineage – when it’s OK to approach them, and how to integrate the recently-dead and the soon-to-pass into your ancestor altar.

Attracting Good Luck

Presenter: Catherine Kane

People talk about good luck like it is rare, precious and hard to lay hands on;

But what if good fortune was as accessible as the air we breathe?

Join Cathy for a tour of good luck- how to increase it, how to tap into it and how to make the best use of whatever luck comes your way.

A Way of Syncretism

Presenter: Brandon E. Hardy

Somewhere in the grey area between pantheism and polytheism lies the practice of syncretism. Often it gets talked of in terms of larger events in religion and politics, but what does it mean to be called to this practice in a much smaller, personal way? We will go over some bits of history, modern examples, and current discourse (all with a healthy dose of terminology nitpicking) before exploring what this can bring to personal devotion. Lead by someone who has been stumbling down this beautiful and frustratingly unclear path for nearly a decade.

Depression, the Ancestral Gift

Presenter: Terence P. Ward

The mental state typically called “depression” has been referenced in writings dating back at least 25 centuries; struggling with the condition is nothing new. There is no question that our ancestors were touched by depression,and emerging research hints at the evolutionary role that it plays in humanity.

This workshop will be focused on the wisdom of our collective ancestors when it comes to understanding and engaging with depression. Participants will draw insights from guided meditation, ancestral correspondence, and personal experience of ancestor veneration into the presence of depression in their own family trees, as well as in their communities. Ideally, they will be able to identify an ancestor who is willing to serve as a mediator with the spirit of depression.

Divination with RPG Dice- Roll for Initiative

Presenter: Tchipakkan

In the time-honored tradition of doing divination with what you have on hand, Tchipakkan has come up with a system of divination using the traditional set of gaming dice. Dice are not just for gaming (or collecting) anymore!

As there are several spreads with Tarot or methods for reading runes, there are several different “Sorts” we’ll cover in this workshop (and handout). These sorts of divination will include answering questions about problems we often need help with. When will something happen (or is the most opportune moment to try)? Who should I ask for help? What is the likelihood of success? (you guessed, it “Roll a D20”) There are also modifiers, and some sorts include facets from Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot. Bring your own dice: D4, Dg, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, or I’ll have sets available if you don’t have extras lying around.


Bring your own, or there will be a dozen or so sets of dice available to practice with (and optionally buy $5). Many of us have so many at home already. Everyone gets a handout.

How Healers Heal with Magnetism

Presenter: Lailani

All of us contain spiritual fluids within our spiritual anatomy. One of the ways Healers engage in hands on healing, reiki, etc, is by manipulating our spiritual fluids with the use of our magnetic field.

A discussion on the History and Case Studies of healing using the magnetic field. With demonstrations on how to manipulate our spiritual fluids.

Mathematical Magick

Presenter: Velahtar

This class will help strengthen and enhance your magickal (especially castings) workings with the addition of mathematical/ geometrical elements and concepts. As well as help you understand the magical tech behind why it has stood the test of time.

Metals in Norse Folklore

Presenter: Jane Sibley

Metals include iron, steel, lead, gold, silver, tin, and copper. Items made of these metals could be used for cursing, healing, warding, funerary rites, and other types of magical usage. Both Pagan and Christian ritual use of metals will be presented.

Meteorites and Tektities, Starborn Stones of Enlightenment

Presenter: Starwolf

Born is space or from a fusion of terrestrial and extra terrestrial materials these stones provide unique additions to both crystal collections and metaphysical work.


Presenter: Jane Sibley

This is a high-energy circle in the Norse tradition, in which we will do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, experimental magic, distance work, and whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed and guarded, so please come on time, fed and rested, and pottied. Due to the high energies we will be working with, anyone (no matter their expertise) who has never been to a Norseworking before must be present for a brief grounding excercise, just before the circle is set. It is also recommended that babies and children do not attend; due to the high energy levels.

Personal Protection: Level One

Presenter: Ariel Sirocco

The practice of magick can be considered a spiritual martial art. So, you begin by learning how to detect a genuine magickal or psychic attack and some basic techniques on how to best defend yourself. We’ll also review some of the effects destructive magick has on the “selfish practitioner.” This is a “must-take class” for anyone wishing to pursue spellcraft and serious magickal workings.

Join Ariel Sirocco in a lecture on how to set personal barriers of protection and how to block the influences of a negative attack. This class is a little more advanced but can give the novice the needed information to prevent the common “magickal mistakes” when warding or shielding.

Planetary Time in Magic

Presenters: Rev. Gretchen A.L. Schork

When told to plan a ritual for a specific magical hour, can you figure out when to do it without an app on your phone? This session will give you the traditional methods of calculating planetary hours on your own. Geographic location, planetry hours, seasons, signs and more will be covered

The Anatomy of Magic Circles

Presenter: Rede Nife

Picture the image of a European Magician summoning forth a demon. Imagine a magic diagram in grimoire. Remember the giant mandalas of lines and symbols from mages in video gams and anime. Chances are you are thinking of a magic circle, one of the most used pieces of iconography in magical practices.

How are magic circles made, what do the different parts mean and why do we use the symbols we do?

Lets explore the history of this central part of so many classical magic practices. From the basic pentacle to the Goetic Seal of Banishment, all magic circles are based on underlying principles rooted in how the human mind perceives reality.

The Magic of Mindset on Money

Presenter: Alacias Enger

This workshop is designed for anyone that would like to begin to understand their relationship with money and the manner in which their money story influences their beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes with money. Participants will be able to begin to identify their own patterns of thought and how it impacts to flow of abundance in their lives.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

How your past experiences create a cycle of influence over your results with money.

How to challenge limiting beliefs.

Whether or not you suffer from scarcity mindset.

What you can do to rewrite your money story.

What is Law of Attraction

How Law of Attraction is key to success in personal finance.

The Torch, Key, and Wheel Within You

Presenter: Sarah Bitner

In this workshop, learn about the Origins of Hekate, they might not be what you think! Discern the differences between historical record and the modern zeitgeist of this Great Titan. Come explore the historical interpretations of Her symbols and many epithets, including some that would make even Zeus blush! Take a guided journey to discover which parts of Her are most present in your life. Are you aligned with the energy of the Torch Bearer, the Keyholder, or the Spinner? A combination, or all three? Come find out how the energies and symbols of Hekate work and weave into the fabric of your life

Vampires, Vila, Vodyanoy and More!: The Spirit World of the Slavs

Presenter: Patricia Robin Woodruff

The oft overlooked legends of the Slavic lands provide a missing link in the common beliefs of the European continent. Patricia Robin Woodruff will be talking about the Slavic spirits and their commonalities to the fairies, banshees, and Leanan sidhe of the Celts, as well as the trolls, nixies and draugar of the Norse. A great class for anyone who is curious about their Slavic ancestry and pre-Christian beliefs AND understanding just how far into the Paleolithic past these beliefs go!

Virtual Classes

Building Community Through Cleaning House

Presenter: Lisa McSherry

The large umbrella of Pagan community has no governing authority or universal standard of ethics. Co-existing requires tolerance, a fact predators enjoy using tho their advantage. However, we have tools to recognize and neutralize them. This workshop is intended as a discussion rather than lecture.

Energy Healing Tips and Tricks

Presenter: Sidney Eileen

These tips and tricks are for anyone involved in energy healing: healer, recipient, professional, friend, or acquaintance. They may help you ensure full consent, find a good match between healer and recipient, avoid problematic healers or clients, navigate uncomfortable issues when they arise, fully meet the needs of the recipient, allow yourself to receive healing, and avoid doing unintentional energetic harm to yourself and others. Sidney Eileen has been giving and receiving energy healings for roughly thirty years. Ze has spent significant time around professional energy healers and in professional environments, and in casual or spontaneous healing sessions. Among both casual and professional healers, Ze has seen a great many strange approaches, brilliant methods, easy blunders, and painful mistakes ze hopes to help you avoid doing yourself.

Inner Alchemy of Wintering

Presenter(s): Taylor Ellwood and Joanna Brook

In the Inner Alchemy of Wintering Taylor Ellwood And Joanna Brook present spiritual practices of rest and rejuvenation to help you in the season of winter, whether the physical manifestation of the season or the metaphysical and emotional experience of burnout that all of us go through.

Wintering calls for us to step back and reflect, go silent and still to give ourselves space and discover what we truly need in order to replenish our energy and ready ourselves for the next Spring of our lives.

Taylor and Joanna will share their own stories of wintering and the techniques they have used to turn wintering into an inner alchemical process that unlocks the creativity within and readies it for the Spring.

Solomonic Seal: The Lunar Lock & Key

Presenter: Sara Mastros

The planetary pentacles of Solomon are a collection of Hebrew magical amulets. About the first lunar pentacle, the Lock & Key, the early renaissance grimoire, the Key of Solomon, says, “This and the following serve to call forth and invoke the Spirits of the Moon; and it further serveth to open doors, in whatever way they may be fastened.”

In this workshop, you’ll learn to make this pentacle and use it to open the doors of magical initiation.

Prerequisites for students:

You will need to print the provided file on cardstock. You will also need scissors, a small paintbrush, a tea-light candle (preferably beeswax), and a small amount of magical oil. You can use blessed olive oil, or any type of “Lunar”, “Abramelin” or “King Solomon” oil.

Storytelling with the Tarot

Presenter: Sha Blackburn / LoonWitch

A good tarot reading tells the story of your life in this moment. Though not everyone is a gifted story teller, it’s important to be able to create a cohesive message for each reading.

In this workshop you will learn how to develop the story of a tarot reading and clearly articulate the messages for yourself and your clients!

Be prepared to create a deeper connection with your tarot deck and your intuition!

The workshop will include sharing readings with each other as well as story telling with your cards.

Please bring the tarot deck that you use most frequently.

** as a bonus, anyone who registers for this class and shares their email will receive a link to my e-course “Tarot the LoonWitch Way; and Introduction to Connecting With Your Tarot Deck” **


– A basic understanding of the tarot

– An open mind

– A willingness to learn something new

– A willingness to participate in class

– A tarot deck

– Notebook and pen

The Once and Future Religion

Presenter: Oberon Zell (OZ)

After an Age-long exile, Paganism is returning to the world. A proliferation of movies and TV with magical themes are only a few of the many ways in which the new Pagan Renaissance is impacting the popular culture. Joseph Campbell said it is time for a new myth that includes the whole Earth and everyone on it. Paganism and the Gaia Thesis offer such an all-inclusive mythos.

Modern Pagans are bridging the gap of millennia, to pass the torch of the Mother’s Love to our children—and our children’s children.

Turning Points that Changed the World

Presenter: Oberon Zell (OZ)

The histories with which we are most familiar usually have to do with human-controlled things—such as wars, rulers, discoveries, and the rise and fall of empires. But more often than we care to consider, our destiny and fate as a species has hinged on natural events completely outside our control: volcanoes, comet impacts, plagues—and on one particularly significant occasion, a windless day in June. Oberon’s latest book is Hystory’s Mysteries, which is all about such world-changing synchronicities and interconnections. In this talk, he’ll share a few of his favorites.