All Good Dogs Go to Heaven…

…but do they?

And what about cats? Or horses or emus or wombats?

Do animals have their own afterworlds or will we all meet again? Do they reincarnate as humans? Do we reincarnate as animals?

Join us for a panel discussion of the afterlife for animals.

Are You Okay? Are We? What Can We Do?

Almost anyone would admit that the last several years have been frustrating, stressful, and for many, downright depressing. The words \”Self Care\” have become part of our everyday language. How can we, as energy workers, spiritual practioners, and magick makers, take better care of ourselves to face the challenges before us? Once you\’ve helped yourself, how can you extend that to others in your family, group, or community? Share your self-care routine, or come to hear what others do!

Blocks – Break \’em, Move \’em, Make Them Your Ally?

Blocks – Break \’em, Move \’em, Make Them Your Ally?

What do you do when you find your abilities blocked? Do you have a reliable method for breaking through? Can you change your approach to avoid it altogether? Or is the block telling you something about your effort that you should heed? Let\’s talk about different ways to understand blocks, and how to think differently about what they may be saying.

Craft Materials for The Craft – Empowering and Sanctifying What You Make

Making your own objects for your practice can enable a deeper connection to your deities and their powers. You can create stronger objects that are imbued with magickal meaning and purpose from the moment you start cutting, painting, or in other ways fabricating your project. If you carve wood, have you applied a treatment at any point that sanctifies it for your purpose? Do you speak spells or prayers over your yarn before knitting or crocheting? Maybe you add a bit of herbal tea to your paint before applying it to a totem, or do you soak your string in it so the knot magic you use will have more impact? Let\’s talk about different ways we add magick to the basic materials we craft our magickal objects with. Since we\’re meeting on Zoom, we can do a little show and tell to demonstrate what we do!

Dealing with death, before, during, and after

This is an expansion of previous panels or Otherworldly sessions where we explored the concept of dying and how to deal with it. Dying has three stages: before, during, and after. This panel should explore the spectrum.

It’s All Energy Meatloaf

Energy work is like making meatloaf- we may use different techniques and throw in different ingredients, but when we reach the end result, everyone nods and says “yes, that’s a meatloaf” even if it isn’t the kind of meatloaf that they’re used to.

Some folks work with energy using prayers, and others with spells, or rituals, or eastern techniques, or new age practices. The approaches are different, but it’s still all energy work “meatloaf”.

Join us for a discussion of different recipes for working with energy.

Magick with Strings: From Ancient Figures to Knotty Times

Many of us played Cat\’s Cradle as children. More than just a playground game, Cat\’s Cradle is part of an ancient tradition around the world. Cultural traditions are revealing that some string figures have been used to cast magic spells. Today, magick makers use cords and knots regularly, from handfastings to witch\’s ladders. Learn about some of the surprising twists in the history of Strings, and Magick!

Ready… Aim…

Most metaphysics is based in energy work.

First, you choose your target or set a goal. Second, you gather energy.

And third, you set your focus on your goal, send that energy to it and hold it there to do the work.

But how do you do that?

Join us for a panel on ways to focus your energy on your goal to achieve your objective.

Right Size Magick – is There One?

Are there magicks too large to try? Are there any too small to bother? Do more participants let you do bigger things? Is there a \”Right Size\” that is best for regular practice, and is it different for solitary users than for groups? Can we fix the World, or is that too much to handle?

Secrecy in Spiritual/ Religious Practice

In some places and tmes it has been, and still is, dangerous to be openly pagan or witch, but sometimes secrecy adds mystery. We STILL don\’t know what went on at the Elusinian Mysteries, that\’s how powerful the prohibition against sharing was. On the other hand, hand copied texts suffer from the folk-process, and oral teachings even more so. There are definite pros and cons to secrecy in different situations. Let\’s talk about them, and how to remedy some of the problems that we don\’t like.

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go…

But where do you believe you go after death? Heaven? The Afterlife? Just drifting around the astral plane?

and do you believe life is one and done, or do you believe in multiple turns around the wheel (summer school for souls)?

Let’s talk about different beliefs about life after death, where our panelists believe they’re going and why, and options for the afterlife.

Who Are We? Where Do We Come From? Where Are We Going? How Will We Get There?

Drawing upon 60 years’ experience as a group founder, magazine publisher, presenter and leader in the worldwide Neo-Pagan community, Oberon G\’Zell will join other panelists in a discussion concerning our identity as modern Pagans, our history, and our future.