• Bad, Bad Books

We’ve all run across books that are horribly wrong, be it laughably or dangerously. Many of them are popular and easy to find. Our panelists will tell you what books to avoid. And which books to handle with care. Sometimes you have sift through a lot of chaff to find the kernels of wisdom.

  • Community Inclusion: Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Pagans

Cultural views on gender roles and definitions are in a state of flux. While working to achieve fairness and acceptance we must examine how our subconscious programmed attitudes may influence expectations about the role of gender in spirituality. We can share personal experiences and epiphanies, and ask those who’ve had to deal with negative responses to share what they’d like to see happen as we move forward.

  • Core Divination

What do all types of divination have in common? How are they different? And which kind of divination is better for specific situations?

Let’s take a tour of the world of psychic readings.

  • Documenting your magick

Dragon bones, one of the oldest forms of divination, recorded both the question and the answers. Many of us encourage clients to record readings. Do you keep records of your readings, or other magickal work to track how magick works? Why or why not? Has your practice changed over the years?

  • How to avoid Cults, Narcissists and Psychopaths

What are the warning signs of trouble, either in your leadership or in your fellow seekers? Our panelists will share tips and lessons learned so you don’t have to learn them the hard way.

  • Is that Novel a Grimoire in Disguise?

Magic plays a major role in many works of fiction – novels, movies, role-playing games – the list is endless. Some use traditional magic styles, at least on the surface, while others invent whole new ones. If the author/creator has done a good job, it feels like it could be real. But is it? Can you base a practice on one of these new systems? Can you learn useful things about an existing system from reading fiction that incorporates it? Have you tried it? Did it work? Is it wise to try? Why? Why not? Join our panelists to discuss their opinions and experiences.

  • Magick Practitioner Experimentation

A discussion of how experimentation can improve or impact workings. Can changes to rituals or spells improve the outcome or must it be the same every time? Have variations improved or imploded the magic? Under what circumstances is experimentation best undertaken?

  • Myths vs stereotypes

A discussion of personal experiences vs the myths and misconceptions of well known deities. The characteristics which survive in myths may be heavily filtered through repeated re-telling and cultural shifts over the centuries. Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) may be of use to fill in the gaps. Or not.

  • Preparation for death

How have you arranged for your funeral, for the distribution of your magickal items? Books? Any long term plans? Have you made documents letting those who die after you know what you’d like to happen to your body, at your memorial service, or with your special things? Anyone have any stories of people who’ve either handled this well or badly?

  • Tools: Do you have to craft your Own?

Many paths teach that you need to make your own magical tools, not purchase them. Others say that it’s OK to purchase, but you must not bargain. Are bespoke/commissioned tools better than off the shelf? What about tools crafted by another practitioner with the intent of being magical tools? Is this still appropriate? How far do you take it? Is sewing your own robe enough, or do you need to weave the cloth? Or is this all nonsense and you simply need a functional item that you dedicate for a purpose?

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