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If workshops are the flesh of the Changing Times, Changing Worlds Conference, then our Panels are the bones. Panels are where we get to talk to others who may approach spiritual and metaphysical topics from another perspective. We hope to bring together those with valuable information and ideas to compare notes, experiences, and make each other aware of what people approaching the same problem from another direction have learned. We don’t expect to get agreement or even consensus , but to challenge each other with new thoughts and approaches. Audience participation is vital.

resized_IMG_0072As one of the major goals of this con is to foster communication between the different groups who use human (para)normal abilities, do magick, and accept (super)natural experiences, we would like to get people with different perspectives to share what they know about healing, time, invisible beings, life after death, and other subjects so we can learn from each others’ experiences, and get past the words we use to describe them.

Our  panels have a more casual format than those in many conferences. We are aiming for the feel of a wonderful conversation in someone’s living room with some great people contributing. While our panelists sit at the front, we often move the chairs into a large circle, to encourage others to participate. We also leave an hour between panels in case some want to stay behind and continue the discussion.

Would you like to be on a panel? You don’t need to be a speaker, or even an expert, only to have something to contribute to a discussion about the topic. If you have something you’d like to share, but it would only take 10 minutes, not an hour or more,and don’t want to be a speaker, this may be a good way to share your perspective. If you’d enjoy a discussion about some metaphysical or spiritual topic with others who have another point of view, this may be a great chance. If there’s no panel this year with a topic you’d like to see discussed, please use the contact form and suggest that we talk about it next year.

Please join the conversations on the facebook group as we pick our panels for this year!

There are some panels that we expect to try every year, perhaps approaching the subject from a different angle. Included in these are the book recommendations panel, some sort of divination panel, a healing or healers panel, a shaman/spirit workers panel, and an ancestors panel. We also often pick a myth that can be compared across cultures, or a symbol (from water to earth), and often pick some chronic disease and how to live with and help it. We are not averse to bringing back panels that have been fruitful in past years.

This is our brainstorming list. We’ve pulled some topics we have already done, but we do choose to repeat sometimes. Come on over to our facebook page, join, comment, and  share your ideas on what you’d like to see panels cover. Even if we don’t do the panel, we may have a discussion on the topic in the fb group.

Please contact us if you would like to suggest an addition to this list, or be on a panel, or moderate one.

Here’s an old list of brainstormed panel ideas, like one? let us know. Got other ideas, tell us!

Art as a Spiritual Practice

Asceticism- Virtue or ego trap?

Agreements with other-world beings

Acceptance vs forgiveness

Afterlife, different views of

Altered States


Agreements with the other side (it’s not all about us)


Blocks- what turns off your abilities? (can’t read for myself, can’t charge for my psychic abilities, can’t heal myself)

Body Modification as a spiritual/psychic practice

Body mind connection-

Book-learning vs learning from live teachers

Borrowed words- chi, ki, mana, prana, od, tabu, shaman

Ceremonial Food- magic food, food for special occasions, GMO and other food travesties.


City Spirits (modern neopaganism doesn’t recognize this type as well as the rural ones)

Community- what is it, how does it work, what does it do?

Consensual Reality (we create our own reality, but so does everyone else, how does this work?)

Crystals (if we could get an assortment of practitioners who use them different ways…

Cultural appropriation


Cultural mis-appropriation, what is what isn’t

Dance Movement magick

Death/pre-birth (abortion)

Death/end of life

Death rituals


Different views of the Afterlife

Dream Panel (I’d love to have several perspectives on this)

Drugs, herbs, booze, and psychedelics in religion and psychic practice

Divination panel (needs focus, for example: reading for kids, people in crisis, or how divination works with free will)

Drugs & psychedelics in spiritual practice



Elementals- divas, spirits of nature

Embracing the Dark

Energy moving/creating gadgets, cages, structures

Asceticism- Virtue or ego trap?


Evil Eye

Faeries, Fairys,


Feng Shui- or simply effects of cleaning

Filters/ personal and cultural- how we interpret what we see and experience

Folklore- (pick a theme)

Food / you are what you eat


Future- forming it/ predicting it

Galenic humors

Gardening- working with moon cycles, plant spirits, real food,

Ghosts – the many kinds and views of them  needs focus, this is a pretty universal concept, how about haunted cars?

Globalism- what we may be losing, what we can gain

Global Warming/Weirding/Climate change  the Gaia hypothesis

Grail Cycle

Gullible vs open minded- how to be one, not the other

Handwork as a spiritual practice

Health (at least one every year- needs a focus)

Healing animals


Herbal (chemical, spiritual) mechanisms to help psychic practice

Holy vs Sacred To be part of vs being beyond

Implanted memories/the suggestible mind

In too deep/ too much religious/spiritual/psychic in your life

I want THAT spell! (spells from movies)

Law of Return (2 fold/3 fold/ karmic)

Man and his surroundings- how we change it, it changes us

Masons Secret Lodges


mediumship vs possession

Money and Religion

Monasticism- leaving the world

Monsters- vampires, shape shifters, kryptozoology


Mythology- new myths for the modern world,

New Age Harmonics

Occult in popular culture (which part)


The Other, permission to dismiss needs of “not us”

Other worlds and traveling into them

Palmistry Panels- how about changes in the lines of the hands?

Parapsychology- is it passé who do we still need to convince?

Past lives (regression)

Pollution- what pollutes Descration what makes sacred?

Popular Fiction and the occult in it did it last year- could refocus- How have popular books changed our understanding of magick?

Proprietary traditions -needs focus wonder if we have any native Americans or Strega?

Paranormal podcasts. Media radio shows

Prediction vs. prophesy

Propriatary Traditions (strega, native American)

Psychic Trespassing

Psychological problems in psychics- how do you differentiate? This was a great panel last year, and I think that Robin Williams passing gives us an opening to talk about depression- lots of people are depressed, and sometimes drugs can block psychic abilities


Request vs Compel/ magic and prayer

Rites of Passage how to make them meaningful

Role of the teacher or spiritual leader



See no evil, speak no evil, think no evil


Shamanic vs Shamanistic

Sorcery vs witchcraft- is magick learned or innate

Spiritual Practices- art, dance, handwork, “chop wood carry water”

Swallowing Frogs, anger/ emotions and illness

Superstitions pick some,


Tarot Panel

Things everybody knows that are wrong -we could get four totally unrelated things!

Urban vs Rural practice


Water witching

Weather witching

Weather working

Working with the mainstream (psychics and police, healers and doctors) maybe just pick one: doctors?

Words Borrowed words- chi, ki, mana, prana, od, tabu, shaman

Zombies (or “the unsouled”)












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