Akichita Wakan’: Way of the Sacred Warrior- Dennis Seavey-Windsinger

Throughout human history, there have been those warriors who have achieved metaphysical awaking and spiritual growth through the intense discipline and practice of their martial lifestyle. From the Shaolin Monks of China, the Native American Warrior Societies, the Samurai of Japan, the Holy Orders of Knighthood, etc., come some of the most selfless and enlightened people in history. Learn how the path of a sacred warrior can be used to achieve spiritual and metaphysical growth, as well as experiencing first-hand the calm eye of the storm center through actual physiomeditative exercises and techniques. Participants should wear comfortable clothing that they can move in and a mat for the floor if they wish.

A Touch of Acupressure -the Point is Feeling Better…  – Catherine Acupuncture_point_Hegu_(LI_4)Kane

Let’s get right to the point -a weekend convention is lots of fun, but too much fun can take its toll on your body. Basic acupressure (no needles involved) can help you regain your health and center, as well as strengthen your health in the long run. All in as little as one minute per issue per day. (Yes, you did read that correctly…).
In this class, learn simple points to relieve sinus and migraine headaches, give you an instant “burst of energy” (without a post-caffeine slump), relieve pain and other helpful applications. Practical, easy to learn skills that you can use immediately.

Bardic Tradition- Dick Huntington

Bardic Tradition is an overview of bardic creativity including the conventions of Norse skaldic poetry. Come ready to receive and give the sacred gifts of creative expression. 60 minutes. (cancelled, he didn’t make it)

Body Talk: The Flesh Speaks Louder than Words- Claire Fitzpatrick

Can you believe everything your clients say? The body screams for help wherever the mind shuts its doors.  In this interactive talk for healers and readers, Dr. Claire discusses her experience with patients and the many ways the body cries for help.  Key areas covered are history and examination, chiropractic philosophy, the importance of tone, universal intelligence, and innate intelligence.

Channeling Deity and the Art of the Divine- CoyoteSkywoman

Throughout the ages, men and women have been acting as the voices and vehicles of the Gods. Although the outcome is the same, the methods can be varied and diverse. What we as modern Pagans and spiritual beings need to know is how to interpret these messages and determine fact from fraud, channeler from charlatan, and the divine from the delusional. Come prepared for discussion on this most debatable of topics – the channeler in the modern times.

Communications with the Gods –  Jane Sibley

How do humans communicate with the gods, and vice-versa? We people are on one plane of existence, the gods exist in a different one. We will explore how inter-plane “hailing frequencies” have been established through history in a variety of religions.

Communicating with Tree Spirits- Ellen Evert HopmanEllen in Tree

Join herbalist and Druid author Ellen Evert Hopman in a live encounter with the tree spirits. This workshop begins with an overview of the Three Cauldrons Meditation technique of the ancient Celts. Then the class will proceed to the wooded area near the hotel*, to meet the trees. Messages will be received and offerings made, and then the class will share their visions. Please bring a small gift (a small herbal offering, a stone, a shell, etc.) for the tree spirits.

*Dress appropriately with good shoes, warm coat, and rain gear if necessary.

Connecting the Dots: Energetic awareness to discovery of our Authentic self-  Linda Grace

This workshop is for those seekers & students who have taken multiple classes but feel frustrated because they still have an emptiness inside them that hasn’t been fulfilled,  that their Soul is still are missing something.   The workshop format is designed to engage the senses as well as the intellect to break down the barriers that prohibit enlightenment.  By illustrating the different modalities that exist today, with focus on the similarities in various aspects this discovery,  will show how these characteristics are integrated into Life itself.   The intention of this workshop is to bring awareness to the audience using lecture, illustrations and various exercises.  The goal is that all attendees will be able to “connect the dots” and be able to discern the power within them to pave their own path to enlightenment.

Part I:  Deep dives into how today’s society functions and then bridges to the Metaphysical realm – to illustrate how our society today is only a role played by individuals that has been orchestrated by the powers who made up the “movie”.  The intention is for the attendees to “connect the dots” and realize how they can change the roles they currently play.

Part II:  Is designed for 1)  Those who have taken Part I;  or 2)  Those who “get it” – It continues on with the journey of discovery from Part I.  Where do we go from here – so that the attendees can integrate into their daily lives changes that will benefit them to follow their Soul’s chosen path.

Pre-req:  Open, restful mind    Time allotment: 90 minutes   Both parts one and two will be offered both Fri and Saturday. You may choose one day or split across two days.

Connecting to the World of Faery – Morgan Daimler world of faery

This workshop is designed for those who interested in actively connecting to and building working relationships with the world of Faery, also called the Otherworld and it’s inhabitants. Participants will learn how to establish connections to the Otherworld and basic principles for traveling to it, as well as essential safety precautions.Additionally we will look at ways that the Otherworld and its inhabitants may communicate with us. 60 min.

mushroomDe-mystifying MUSHROOMS for Planetary Evolution – Dr. Opeyemi Parham

Join Dr. O for a provocative exploration of medicinal mushrooms…Are they the neural network for Gaia? Can they save humanity? Will they be– for the concept of IMMUNITY–what psylocibin musrooms were to the concept of CONSCIOUSNESS? 60-90 minutes

Dreamscape and your inner soundstage- Michelle Gabrielle Elinsky

Think of dreams as your own personal movie, it has a location, lighting, recurring characters and themes, pacing and strategic fades. The ones that make the deepest impression are usually the ones you need to pay attention to.

Do your dream in black and white? Color? or Dolby and Techno-color? Have you had that deja vu feeling? Are you listening to your inner self or higher self? Have you dreamt of angels or loved ones who have passed?  Or are you just curios what this all means?

Dream interpretation has been around for a long time.  Sometimes dreams and nightmares can lead to inspiration and/or a deeper understanding of who you are or even inspire you in other ways.  Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is an example of a vivid nightmare that inspired her to write her novel.  Some of the imagery found in Bosch’s medieval paintings was inspired by his dreams.

Dreams have varying levels of importance to your waking life.   Dreams have many aspects that can be pleasant or puzzling or disturbing.  They can be a jumble of the rigors of your day, your worries, the bad movie and left over pizza or something to pay attention to.

Dreams can be a way to learn more about your inner self and be a doorway to different planes of reality.  This class will touch on this inner dreamscape and how to work to understand your own unconscious places and symbolism.   Your dreamscape movie is a doorway for different types of communications.  I will cover not only your dreamscape but the different types of communication and how to differentiate between basic dreaming, higher spirit communication, dream quests, familial communication and lucid dreaming.

Essential oils for children & pets – Colleen McCartney

Learn how to use essential oils for the whole family including your four legged “fur-babies”.  Essential oils are safe to use for everyone but there are things to keep in mind when using on children & pets.  Everything from ear infections to separation anxiety.

aroma therapy

Essential oils for energy work- Colleen McCartney

Essential oils being from plants have a high vibration and can effect your energy work.  Learn how to practical uses of essential oils from helping you ground, shield, meditate & cleanse the energy.  We would ask that those who attend this workshop either have a working knowledge of essential oils or attend one of the previous workshops to get a basic understanding of the oils we work with.

Everyday uses for Essential Oils- Colleen McCartney

We will briefly go over the basics of essential oils and then we will delve into the various ways you can use the oils from cooking, cleaning, gardening & more. Totally essential is a group of Essential Oil Consultants who lead workshops & personal consultations on how to use Essential Oils as a natural alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Finding the Right Teacher- Kathryn Smith

There’s an old saw that says “When the student is ready the teacher will arrive.” Sometimes it even works, but it works better if the student looks at and evaluates prospective teachers. How do you know you’ve found the right one? What are some warning signs that you might not want to commit to this one? What if you already made a mistake? Is it time to extricate yourself and move on? Finding the right teacher isn’t just a matter of finding someone who is knowledgable and inspired. To paraphrase Kipling, there are a thousand paths to spiritual growth, and every single one of them is right. But 999 of them may not be right for you. In this workshop we’ll look at questions about yourself you may want to consider before you enter a student-teacher relationship, and some you might want to ask the teacher, to insure a successful partnership for both of you.

Finding Your Spirit Guide – Dennis Windsinger Seavey

Spirit Guides and Totems are virtually universal fixtures in most spiritual and metaphysical disciplines.  Come find out the differences between guides and totems, what they mean and do for you, and join in a guided visualization to discover or reconnect with your personal spirit guides and totem spirits.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that does not bind and is suitable for sitting or laying down for and hour.

ghostGhosts and other Creatures of the Night- Michelle Gabrielle Elinsky

It’s late at night and you get that creepy, you are not alone feeling.  It grows and you think you see something moving in the shadows, its gets closer and closer – on no…..it leaps on you and…… wants to snuggle, no it’s not a ghost – it is your silly cat. You laugh at how scared you got and hug your cat.

With the popularity of all the ghost detective shows on lately, ghost have been more popular than ever.  So what is the hype and what should we know? Obviously ghosts have been around for a long time. However, it is our experience and fascination with them that has increased.

Context is everything.  Where are you investigating? What is your mind set? What are your religious beliefs? What is the ghost or culture you are investigating?  You should think about these before you investigate.  Do you know the difference types of human haunts (locus, residual and active); poltergeists’ (active energy matrix) and other?

Ghost stories and real encounters will be discussed with personal stories such as the haunted estate and children spirits’ roaming the halls of a MD hotel and more. This class will discuss the different types of ghosts and what needs to go into a good investigation.  As time permits other creatures such as banshees, travelers and shadow men will be covered.

Ground Center Shield I   – Larry Obern

How to find your center, how to “ground,” and how to construct your basic shields.  A must have for any neophyte in any tradition.  This class is a must to have before going to any ritual, or doing any ritual.  This is a basic beginner class. We hope everyone would know this, but if you haven’t found a teacher for this yet, you can’t learn sooner.

Ground Center Shield II – Larry Obern

This is the advanced class of grounding, centering and shielding.  It will teach concepts of geometric shields.  How to hide a shield in plain sight, and how you can ground in elements other than earth. Pre-req: basic grounding and centering.

Healing the Hearth: Bringing the Sacred Back Home – Selina Rifkin

What is the meaning of hearth-keeping when no one works in the home? Not so far in our past, it was a woman’s duty to care for the home and nurture the sacred fire. When she stepped out into the workplace, no one took on her critical role of tending the flame. While women have gained power and a voice, the greater culture has lost its center. It is our job as humans to recreate the meaning and nourishing of our home’s heart beat. As we change paradigms, both genders are needed to re-vision hearth-tending. In this workshop we will engage with ancient deities of agriculture and the hearth, and with our own ideas about the purpose of keeping the home.  2 hours.

The Importance Of Sacrifice – Rev. Robert Nolan

A look at the modern approach to religion, and it’s values in contrast to ancient practices through the context of sacrifice. This will include both a short lecture and a discussion in the Socratic form. 60 minutes. Prereq. a brain and some reflection on your own religious practices.

The Loss of Men’s “Mysteries” in America – Rev. Robert Nolan morris dancers

A discussion about the lack of a positive initiatory experience for boys and young men in the currant american culture and the effect it is having on men’s ability to function in society. We have been failing our young men in this country. We, as a nation, have failed to provide them with the guidance they need to move from being boy into the wilderness of adulthood. No one is teaching them how to be a man, nor acknowledging when they have become one. We can do better. one hour prereq: an open mind

The Magic of Freemasonry & the Golden Dawn:Old Men’s Mysteries for Modern Men (and Women too!)- Kirk White

Ceremonial ritual groups are making a huge comeback in today’s society. This class is an exploration of the history, activities and practices of these two ceremonial groups. We’ll debunk myths, give away “secrets”, talk about magick, maybe do a little ritual, and explain how these groups can be used to transform one’s self and one’s world.

The Mind-Body Connection-  Catherine Kane mindbody connection

Did you know that positive thoughts keep you healthy? That negativity leaves you open to the next flu?
You may have heard of the Mind-Body Connection- how your thoughts and feelings affect your health, but most people don’t know that the Connection works both ways. Your thoughts affect your body, but your body can also affect your thoughts. Join Cathy for a practical discussion of the Mind- Body Connection- what it is, how it works, and how you use it to be stronger and healthier in body, mind and spirit.

The Nature of Nourishment: Sustainable Eating and Healing the Earth- Selina Rifkin

To combine our food and our spirituality is a powerful concept. But where is the spirit in food that comes in boxes and plastic wrap? Eating low on the industrial food chain is good for your spirit, your body, and for the Earth. This class will describe two models of food production, Permaculture and Biodynamics. Both of these methods of food production are modeled after Nature and strive for maximum output, with minimum environmental impact and human labor. We will conclude with information how to locate producers and how to grow your own.

Norseworking- Jane Sibley

Norseworking: This is a high-energy circle in the Norse tradition, in which we may do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, experimental magic, distance work, and whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed, so please come on time, fed and rested, and pottied. Due to the high energies we will be working with, we will have grounding and tuneup for anyone (no matter their expertise) who has never been to a Norseworking before.
You MUST be able to ground and center to participate.

If you have a loved one who you’d like us to work on during the Norseworking, please contact them before we start to get permission for us to heal them.

Numerology: Our Connection to the Divine – Starr Traveler numerology

This workshop is designed to provide Attendee’s with an introduction to Numerology and how it can be used to unlock our yet to be discovered potentials and reasons for our incarnations into a 3D Physical reality.Topics of discussion will begin with a brief overview of history of Numerology and various schools and traditions. Then an introduction to Numbers and their Planetary counterparts.The workshop will also discuss personality attributes and health as it relates to Numerolgy. Attendee’s will be given instructions on how to unlock the numbers given to them in their names and birthdays. Bring paper and pencil or pen. (This workshop will not be recorded) 2.5 hours (limit 25)
Attendee’s do not need to have any prior understanding of Numerology to attend

Ormus Q&A- Brian Premerlani

Ormus (also known as ORMEs, Philosopher’s Stone, Manna, MonatomicGold, and other names) is an ancient and naturally occurringalchemical substance that has become absent in the modern world.Ormus helps the body hold more consciousness, and by replenishing itin our bodies, our innate ability to heal can be fully realized with incredible results. An introduction to the phenomena known as “Ormus” will be followed upby a Q&A led by Brian.

Omens and Augury- Morgan Daimler

A workshop about using environmental omens and basic augury practices to communicate with spirits and deities. Omens and augury can form a powerful and simple way to communicate with spirits and receive messages, if we pay attention and learn to understand the signs we are given. Multiple methods will be discussed with examples of possible messages and their meanings used. Each person will also be encouraged to begin forming their own system of omens for use.

Other world Relations – Larry Obern

So you think you want to start a relationship with an otherworld being… This class will give you the tools on how to approach the beginning of a relationship, the way to maintain a good working relationship, and even how to end the relationship if you choose to.

Painting Word Pictures – Dick Huntington

A practical exercise in clear speaking and creative writing. Will include an observational field trip within our inner and outer landscapes.

Personal Bind-Rune Amulets – Dick Huntington

Co-presented with Larry Domurak. A practical workshop in the creation of amulets, rune-staves, and formulaic rune spells. All tools will be provided; there is a $5 materials fee.

Personal Protection – Ariel M. Sirocco

The practice of “magick” can be considered a spiritual martial art. You begin by learning to defend yourself making this a must take class for anyone wishing to pursue spellcraft and serious magickal workings. We’ll touch upon the main ideas of protection spellcraft, including “the circle” and “the sphere” which is used within the Akashic Tradition. Join Ariel Sirocco, teacher of manifestation and energetics for The Akashic Temple. This class is taken directly from inside his Temple and Coven sessions; the class is a little more advanced but can give the needed information to prevent the common “magickal mistakes” when warding or shielding. Full PowerPoint presentation. 2.5 hours

Physio-Meditation – Dennis Windsinger Seavey

Have you tried to meditate and find that you have difficulty relaxing or find it hard to put the day to day thoughts and emotions out of your mind?  Are you a regular practitioner of meditation and are interested in expanding your range of methods and techniques?  If so, this workshop is for you.

Physio-Meditation incorporates increasingly intricate physical and mental exercises to aid in focus and relaxation as the practitioner moves on into deeper meditative states of mind.  Based on the techniques used by extremely disciplined martial artists and athletes, Physio-Meditation is a non-violent, physically easy, series of techniques that utilize the mind, body, spirit connection to achieve a more balanced meditative state than that normally achieved by methods that teach a perspective of detachment.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing suitable for sitting or laying down for the session but will not be asked to do any form of rigorous activity.  In addition to the physical techniques, focusing tools such as the Celtic Knot will be discussed and explored as techniques to enhance the meditative state.

Practical Dream Work- Catherine Kane

I don’t know if everyone is psychic- I haven’t met everyone yet. I do know that most of us first gain access to our natural psychic abilities through the doorway of dreams.

Learn practical methods of dream work that teach you how to remember and work with your dreams so you can access your psychic self, get information, solve problems, boost creativity, and a whole lot more. This class is based out of Catherine’s next book, a practical guide to dream interpretation and dream work, and is open to all levels of dreamers, from beginner to experienced. Come prepared to have fun and learn something you can use right away for a better life.

Practical Financial Magic – Turnsteel

No matter what path you walk money has a place in your life, so why not use magic to help control and enhance your financial situation? During this workshop you will learn practical magical tricks and techniques from different traditions to draw and hold onto money as well as finding and keeping a job. 90 Minutes

Practical Palmistry- Tchipakkanpalm reading

You will be able to read palms when you leave this class, not as well as you’ll be if you then pursue this fascinating branch of divination, but well enough to give you insight into the people with whom you work and play, and more importantly, into yourself. The science of hand-reading can last a lifetime, but it can begin with this 90 minute workshop. We’ll cover the Head, Heart, Life and Fate Lines, the elemental palm shapes (the easiest way to start), special marks, color, texture, flexibility, what the nails can show you about your health, and your fingerprints. If you are already a palmist, this will probably be too basic, but if you are interested but haven’t really started, this class is for you.

Protective Magic- Turnsteel

All cultures and traditions have a vast arsenal of protective magical techniques, and for good reason, the world is not all nice. This workshop will cover protective techniques that can be used in your everyday life to ward-off bad luck and malefic spells.

Psychic EMT – Larry Obern rainbow caduceus

Yes kiddos, there are bad things out there.  How to safely ground someone else.  How to stop an overcharge that is occurring, and how to safely drain energy from someone who is overcharged.  This class will teach what to say, when to act, and the ethical standards that we should adhere to.

The Reader as Counselor: How to read ethically and therapeutically for others- Seanara Coyote

OK, you’ve learned to read Tarot, runes, crystals, I-Ching, etc., and now you want to try out your skills on others. Or  maybe you’ve been reading informally for friends and you want to go professional. When you’re reading for another person, someone has trusted you enough to come to you with their personal issues. What do you say and do, and how, to be worthy of that trust?

Good reading is as much counseling as it is intuition or psychism. Here we will go over skills, techniques and ethics of giving readings in a way that that will help and avoid inadvertently hurting your clients.

Reading for Children – Catherine Kane palm reading

Have you ever done a reading for a child? Sometimes children need readings as much as adults do, but it takes special skills to do a successful child’s reading. Learn practical skills for doing children’s readings, including making a connection with a child, adjusting for attention span  and level of understanding, special skills for reading for babies, and doing readings that children and their adults can both benefit from and enjoy. Taught by a professional reader with years of experience reading for children and babies (the youngest- 6 weeks old). Come prepared to learn and have fun. Some experience doing readings is helpful, but all levels of experience welcome.

*Reiki Level II – Maryalyce Merrit 

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)-

Prerequisite:  Students must have already completed Reiki Level I training, and have received the Level I attunements.  All students that sign up for Level II class are required to be able to offer proof of this and be able to tell me their lineage.  You may arrange in advance  by fax, scan, email, or snail-mail me a copy of your Reiki I Certificate or other acceptable proof. akashasjourney@aol.com
The Level II Attunement will be given.  Cho ku rei & Sei he ki symbols will be explained and given.  Students will be taught the proper hand placements to heal others when they are present.  We will work on each other to become comfortable with this energy and to gain confidence.  Students will also be taught a 20 minute healing for “treat ‘em & street ‘em” Reiki opportunities should they arise.

In the second session, distance healing for individuals will be taught.  The symbol of Hon sha ze sho nen will be given.  Please come to this class with the name of and permission of an individual that you know that would like to be sent Reiki healing over a distance.  Students will receive a set of written materials for this class, and upon completion will earn certification for Reiki II. Suggested materials:  A set of chakra crystals (available for sale at Akasha’s Journey), and a pen & paper to take notes.

We strongly recommend that this class also participate in the Healing Practice Session.

Reiki Level III – Maryalyce Merrit crystal grid

Master Teacher, Distance Healing Grids, How to Teach & Attune Others

3 hours (2- 90 minute sessions- limit 15)

Prerequisites:  Completion & proof of having been attuned to & taught Level I & II Reiki.  Please see applicable forms of proof stated above. Reiki II available Saturday.
Students will be taught the Reiki Masters Symbol, Dia ko myo.  The Masters Attunement will be given.  Students will learn how to prepare and charge distance healing grids for groups of recipients. (Reiki crystal sets will be available for sale at Akasha’s Journey) They will also learn how to teach others Reiki, and most importantly how to attune.
Students will receive a Reiki grid, a set of written materials, and upon completion will earn certification of Reiki Master.
Materials:          Students will be required to have a set of Reiki grid crystals.  I will have them available for purchase at Akasha’s Journey.  It is also suggested that students bring a pen & paper to take notes.

Retrieving Divine Wisdom from…Capitalists??? (Part 1 of 2) – Claire Fitzpatrick

How can principles of magick, Divine love, and the Sacred Union possibly exist in key ideas of capitalism? In this talk, Dr. Claire takes a magnifying glass andreveals the weave of Divine Truth communicated by the economic masters of the 20th and 21st century.  The most successful people in the world use the nuts and bolts of paganism to cultivate their innate power, achieve personal achievement, and change the world (for better or for worse). You can, too!

Runes – Tchipakkan

The basic Elder Futharc, and Anglo-Frisian Futhorc will be presented, with history of the magickal and non-magickal uses. The three aitts, and a basic description of what each rune represents, as well as how they have and can be used. This is useful for anyone taking RúnValdr, but is good for anyone who’s interested in the Runes for magick or divination. 1 hour

RúnValdr an Introduction – Tchipakkan

This is a system of energy healing using Runes and another set of symbols given to Rodney Cox by Odin and Freya. This workshop introduces the symbols and what each of them is used for, and includes the attunement. It does NOT include introduction to runes or the attunement. You may take this workshop without knowing the runes, but you will need to learn them to be able to use this system. RúnValdr has similarities to Reiki, but can be used for healing from migraines to ADD, making magickal objects, astral travel, channeling energies, and more. You will be able to use this technique immediately. 1 hour limit 6

RúnValdr Activation- Tchipakkan runvaldr

At this session we’ll give the attunements and start learning to use the system, including passing on attunements to others. You must have been to the Introduction to RúnValdr to be attuned. 1 hour

RúnValdr Advanced Practice –Tchipakkan

In this session we’ll practice healing, distance work, making magickal objects, and other things RúnValdr  enables you to do. Feel free to attend this if you have been attuned at any other event. I’ve discovered that when people have actually practiced with RúnValdr, they are more likely to use it when they leave the conference, because they’ve seen it work. If you get the attunement- please try to come to this practice session.1 hour

Sacred Geometry: The Point and Shape of Sacred Philosophy – Ariel Sirocco

The Art of Sacred Geometry has been with us since time immemorial and has been a spiritual key in both Eastern and Western spirituality. Join Ariel Sirocco, teacher of manifestation and energetics of The Akashic Temple, as he helps you start your own journey of self-discovery. Learn how to create your own spiritual relationship with the world of forms and use the spiritual language of sacred geometry. Full PowerPoint presentation. 2.5 hours

The Sámi Pantheon- Jane Sibley

At least three Norse gods were apparently modelled on Sámi exemplars. In this class, we will look at the gods and goddesses of the far north, including helper animals, shamanism, and the gōvadas, the shaman drum and its symbols.

Scottish Fairy Lore – Ellen Evert Hopman

What are the basics of communicating with and making offerings to Fairies, in the Scottish tradition? Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore and has travelled extensively in Scotland to do her research. She maintains a Fairy altar in her garden in Massachusetts and sees the Good Folk in every rock and tree. Come with your own examples of Fairy encounters.

secret medicinesThe Secret Medicines of Your Kitchen – Ellen Evert Hopman

Our favorite herbalist teaches you how to use the foods and spices in your kitchen to make home remedies. You don’t need to grow or collect special herbs, you already have them on hand! Ellen will have her newest herbal on hand “The Secret Medicines of Your Kitchen” for signing.

Seventy Eight of Your Closest Friends: Incorporating the Tarot in Everyday Life – Sha Blackburn- The Loon Witch                            tarot

Many people struggle with interpreting the tarot. Memorizing the meanings of the cards, and learning how to put the story of the spread together to give a comprehensive reading to your client. This workshop will help you to understand how you can bring the tarot to your level, and expand your knowledge everyday by making your deck(s) 78 of your closest friends. Bring your own deck will be helpful, but not required. A basic knowledge of the Tarot is required. 90 minutes

Speaking and Presentation Tricks for Teaching and Ritual- Kathryn Smith

How many classes or rituals have you attended where the speaker read woodenly from a printed script? How many lectures where the presenter simply read their power point slides? Or droned on in a monotone while looking at their feet? Worse, have you done this to your students? No one can make you a magnetic speaker in an hour, but come and learn some tips and tricks to identify problems in your delivery, and where to find resources to help you go home and fix them. We’ll also address the esoteric reasons that delivery matters in ritual and guided meditations. It’s not just about not boring your audience.

Spirits of the Otherworld, Spirits of the Land – Morgan Daimler

This class will focus on connecting to and communicating with Otherworldy spirits that exist or live within our world as well as land spirits and the spirits of places and objects. Spirits are all around and it is important to be able to recognize their presence and be able to establish basic communication with them. Participants will be encouraged to try reading the spirits of several example objects as well as of place, and different methods will be discussed.

Transmutation: The Art of Transformation – Rachel Ginther

Often, it seems, we know or have a sense of where we are blocked, where our issues are, yet how do we shift the energy and make a change?

Learn an Ancient Atlantian/Lemurian/Egyptian Fire Ritual that releases energy patterns, behaviors, relationships, situations that no longer serve you, then create new energy patterns that support your growth and Life Purpose.  (May also include chanting and breathing exercises) 1 hour

Talismans, Sigils and Amulets: Oh My! Introduction to Symbology- Ariel Sirocco

“What power lies in these fabled tools of the spiritualist and magician? Join Ariel Sirocco, teacher of manifestation and energetics of The Akashic Temple, as he takes you on a journey to unlock the secret codes that have been hidden from us throughout the ages.

Learning how to use this secret language of occult thought is The Rosetta Stone of all mysteries. Unravel the spiritual power of words and symbols. (Your own secret decoder ring might be included!)”.  2.5 hours

Tealeaf Reading Party – Starwolf and Catherine Kane tea leaf reading

The Starwolf and Catherine

Totally Amateur

Tea leaf reading experiential Experience and Tea Party

(with Cookies…)

Wow, there are a lot of cool advanced classes here. This isn’t one of them.

The bad news? We’re not expert tea leaf readers. The good news? We’re professional psychics with over 40 years of experience apiece, and we find psychic skills often generalize between different methods. We invite you to join us for a gathering where we all sip tea, experiment with reading tea leaves and enjoy each other’s company. Tea and reference material provided. Tchipakkan says there will be cookies.
If possible, please bring your own teacup and saucer. If not, please come anyway. We’ll have disposables available. All experience levels welcome. Raised pinkies optional.

crystals and gemstonesUnderstanding the healing power of Crystals and Gemstones- Lynne Hartwell

Understanding how to connect and access their healing power

This is a workshop designed to help you understand the value, usefulness, and the history crystals and gemstones have had with us. They have been used in protection of body, house, and property, reversing the effects of disease and discomfort, restoring people to balance emotionally, mentally or spiritually, used as meditative tools, etc. Their ability to transform us through physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues is well documented, and we are currently experiencing a revolution in “re-learning” ancient methods and technologies that utilized their energetic and healing properties.

You will learn how to communicate with the Crystals and Gemstones, and understand their personal messages and how they work with us to regain balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit. For energy or spiritual workers, the Crystals and Gemstones help to increase their ability to heal their clients, and raise their own energetic vibrational level as practitioners.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to develop and strengthen your intuitive skills
  • Learn how to communicate with the stones, and learn what they have to “say”
  • Understand how to choose the right stones and work with them at any time
  • Participate in interactive sessions where we will share what our interpretations of the stones are and discuss them together

This workshop is ideal for both the beginner or for those who have background in working with the stones but want to increase their understanding of interacting with them.

Legnth of Workshop: 50 minutes

Using Palmistry to Aid in Relationship Communication – Adam Latin

Have you ever said to yourself “why can’t that person just listen to what I am trying to say?”  Truthfully, I have found the answer is often “No” they can’t.  The most significant reason I have found for this is people are not speaking to the listener in the listener’s language.  This class will teach you some of the palm lines that will identify each person’s style of language.  I will also be sharing ideas on how to communicate better with someone who’s language style is different than yours.  We will only be covering lines that directly or indirectly effect communication.

The Usefulness of Muggles and Other Recipes (Part 2 of 2) – Claire Fitzpatrick

As students of metaphysics, it is often baffling and frustrating to watch the richest, most powerful people in the world galvanize mass opinion and wield it for their own use.  How do  they manage to manipulate the energy of the masses and bend it to their Will?  In this revealing and often disturbing discussion, Dr. Claire discusses the metacommunication used by the very powerful to sway the will of the 99%, and how that same sword could cut both ways…if we choose to pull it from the stone.

Walking the Warriors Path- Rev. Robert Nolan

A talk on the ethical and spiritual dimensions of the Warrior ethos, shared through the personal narratives of myself and others as well as a historical perspective. one hour bring an open mind

What Not to Eat: The Things in Our Food That are Most Dangerous to Our Health- Selina Rifkin

Our food contains chemicals, both labeled and unlabeled, and they affect our brains, our immune systems, and our well-being. MSG, aspartate, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, and additives are all perfectly legal, but they can be the root of serious health problems. Find out why YOU and not the FDA are the best protector of your health, and how to purge these nasties from your diet.  1.5-2 hours

Witches Heal – Kirk White

The mythic image of the witch as village healer is a powerful one for many modern witches.  We can all vividly recall those images conjured by the Grimm brothers about the old witch living in a thatch-roofed cottage on the edge of the dark forest.  Inside her cottage, the air is filled with the scent of the herbs hanging to dry from the rafters, the earthy smell of roots and bones, and the pungent smell of spices.  There is always a fire in the hearth with a cauldron boiling with some kind of elixir, medicine or maybe just dinner.  Usually a familiar, a cat, dog, toad, raven or other creature stirs in the corner.  It is a shadowy yet welcoming place of wonder and mystery at the intersection of the wild forest and the world of people.  This is a fitting location, for this mythic witch walks the line between the worlds, serving as the perfect intermediary between the mysteries of Nature and humankind. It is this connection with both nature and humanity that gives the witch the power to harm or to heal; the power of life and death.

And let’s face it, many of us wanted to be that healer.  Unfortunately, most of that ancient wisdom has been spread to the winds. In the western world some of it was actively repressed while much of it was simply abandoned.  From his background in several ancient traditional healing systems, renaissance medicine, and folk magic, the presenter has recreated a healing system that honors our village witch ancestors. This workshop is an introduction to this healing system that never was from a place that is not a place and a time that is not a time.  It is mythic, walking between what was, what is, and what could be and because of this, like the village witch, it has great power for change and healing of both Nature and humanity.

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