Changing Times-Changing Worlds presents Otherworldly, a weekly Zoom show to bring the sort of thing we do at the conference to your home every week.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 Tchipakkan will be leading a discussion about when one should be afraid approaching the paranormal.

This week we’ll be talking about aspects of the supernatural of which it might be appropriate to be afraid.
Hollywood and folk tales often present the supernatural as scary and dangerous. Some of this is simple fear of the unknown, and some is based on observations made by people who had no idea what they were seeing or experiencing. I think most of us spend a lot of time trying to reassure others that ghosts and magick aren’t dangerous or scary.

I don’t think you should be afraid of the supernatural, or ghosts, or poltergeist (I differentiate between them), but there are many things in the occult world you should approach with caution. Fairies leap to mind. Also some of the older natural forces don’t really care about humans much and are not to be approached. There are places in which the sensitive can feel presences who actively want us to get out. Just as there are kind people and nasty people, other entities can be either, and we can annoy those who are neutral by doing the wrong things (fae still leaping to mind). Supernatural beings should be approached with respect, caution, and as much information about them as we can get. Most ghosts won’t hurt you, but there are some who are not sane, and some who are malevolent.  (The only reason to go ‘ghost hunting’ in a haunted asylum is because you are looking for salable video, but that’s like poking a wild animal with a stick.)
Please let your friends know about this, and invite them to join us, whether they are generally curious, or have some stories they can share with us.

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