Speaker Spotlight: Catherine Kane

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catherine du feyThis delightful lady is Catherine Kane, “small medium at large”, who has probably done more classes at CTCW  than anyone else. (To see the full list, go to Catherine Kane’s page.)

She is an amazing palmist, an empath, a psychic, and has become a popular author with her accessible and useful books such as Adventures in Palmistry and The Practical Empath.

This year at Changing Times-Changing Worlds Catherine will be presenting bringing back a Touch of Acupressure, a workshop she’s been giving Sunday mornings for years- showing you how acupressure can take care of those aches from sleeping in a strange bed, or being on your feet or sitting in hard chairs, migraines, flaggin energy, sinus issues from breathing hotel air, and a host of other unwanted baggage that seems to come bundled with the good stuff that we come to the con to get. She’ll also be teaching Kaizen: Baby Steps to Work Wonders, a way to tackle intimidatingly large issues by taking tiny steps toward success. We’ve also asked her to bring back her popular Practical Empath because empaths appreciate learning the techniques she’s discovered to make what can feel like a curse into the blessing it can be.catherine du fay

Cathy is also an incredibly talented palmist, and reader of I Ching (and other techniques). If you can’t wait to meet her (or see her again) you can find her and Starwolf on weekends at the Connecticut Rennaissance Faire through the end of October, or soak up her wisdom and wit at her blog Foresight Your Psychic.


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