Panel Preview Occult Jigsaw Puzzle

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Occult Jigsaw Puzzle Panel, Forcing Correspondences:

You can find books with lists and charts of correspondences to use in your magickal work: which tarot card represents the same energy as which rune or Sephirot, or chakra or astrological sign. This drives some of us crazy. There are many real correspondences out there- the Sun and the metal gold and fire, masculine energy, these are the correspondences on which alchemy is based. But when people see that there’s a sun and a moon in the tarot and then try to make the various runes match up to tarot cards or astrological signs, the systems break down and chaos reigns. Come and share in this discussion where panelists will try to figure out which correspondences work and which are forced. Often the problems with such meshing are due to the fact that these systems can be meshed without an understanding or care for the culture of which they originated. This is a form of misappropriation, because these systems are inseparable from the context of culture and language. And sometimes- they just don’t work.

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