CTCW is going Virtual this year!

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We have to learn some new skills, which has me a bit nervous, but when do we not have to learn? This will allow CTCW to reach people farther away than could come physically, and also some who couldn’t afford the travel and hotel will be able to afford the $25 cost! But how do we let everyone know that we are happening, and in a new way?

We’re going to have a weekly Podcast!

We’ve got a CTCW channel on Youtube, and I am going to be doing a weekly show: live, so people can call in, I’ll be interviewing some of our teachers, moderating panels, and essentially, we’ll have a free weekly CTCW class or panel, or chat with one of our great folks, as you may have in the Hospitality room, or a hallway. The live shows will be from 8-9 pm EST Wednesdays.

We’ll be using this new platform, Zoom, to share our workshops and panels, and Hospitality (chatting space) this year at CTCW. We’re expanding to a whole week, with evenings Monday through Friday, and full days of Panels and Workshops on the Weekend (with the chat room open at the same time to see old friends and continue talking about topics). Zoom allows us to record our workshops, so we’ll be posting them on You-tube. That way if you miss one, you can watch it later.
When I heard about this, I thought, I can use this to give folks a chance to see what we’re about by doing a talk show and put up an hour a week. That should give us about 20 panels or workshops between now and then to share the stuff we like to, and let people find out what we’re about.

What is CTCW about?

We don’t go for big name guests, but have a lot of experienced people sharing how to do the stuff we are doing. By “Stuff”, I mean Paranormal, Occult, Supernatural, Metaphysical stuff- the stuff that’s not supposed to exist, but some of us use it every day. If we learn how to use it better, maybe people will stop scoffing and start using these useful techniques.
Science jumps on the occult because it wants everything to be replicable. The problem is- it’s something people do. If you run, you can learn to run faster, but none of your “runs” will be exactly the same. If you sing, even when you sing the same song, each time you do, it will be a bit different. If you bake, even though you have a favorite recipe, it won’t come out exactly the same every time.
The Kreskins of the world say that if they can replicate an effect with trickery, that proves that it can be done that way, so it must have been done that way when we do it. Really? In what way is that scientific?

People are nervous about the ‘occult’ because it’s hidden. A lot of it was hidden because if they caught you doing it, you could be punished- even killed. And yes, this was done, many times, by the Church that was trying to make sure that they had a monopoly, because many of the healing and divination and manipulation of odds was done with the help of spirits, that the Church designated as evil. They especially reviled healers because they were very good at energy healing, so it was a huge selling point in early recruitment situations to claim that they did it better. Later, they just wanted to keep people coming back and not accepting help from any other entities. That intolerance was horrible, but I think they’ve stopped that, so we don’t need to hide any more, or complain about what they did. (Only complain about when individuals and groups do bad things now.)

If you define something as impossible, it’s hard to learn to do it well. Any time you want to learn something, it helps to have someone help you- show you better techniques, explain which conditions make things work best, what the best tools are, etc. That’s what we are doing.
If you want to talk about something you do, I’d love to have you come on the show, if you have questions, listen and you’ll be able to ask them. 21st century technology will let us record it, share on Youtube, so others will be able to find out about us. If you have friends who haven’t heard about CTCW, let them know about us, and this will help spread the word.
Times change, the World needs to change for the better. That’s what we’re doing with CTCW. Won’t it be a better world for future generations if we can use all our talents and not pretend they don’t exist?

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We’ve had a few speakers call in that they are unable to attend, Lady AMber Dawn, Tracy Andryc, &

Kirsten Houseknecht. (If you want to send a little healing energy their way, it would not be unwelcome).



But new workshops are added to fill in the schedule (which we hope to publish momentarily) so that you still have more wonderful events than you can attend.  Check the Workshop page.

New ones include: Using Tarot in Fiction Writing- Kathryn Smith

Tarot cards can be a valuable tool for the fiction writer. Ever run into a recalcitrant character who just didn’t want to tell you what was going on in their heads, or get stuck on a plot point where you feel that the answer is just out of reach? Try using tarot to gain insights into your characters. We’ll discuss how to do a reading for a character, or to divine what might happen if you take the plot in one direction rather than another. Your characters are lurking in your subconscious, and the cards are just the tool to help you tease them into the open.

The Ethics of Divination –  Lois Fitzpatrick (a/k/a SewMagical)

Doing readings for others can be fun and enlightening, but it can also be a great responsibility. We will discuss some suggested do’s and don’ts, as well as what your client should expect from you (and the other way ‘round, too!).

Practical Spell Crafting – The quick and messy method -Kat Emeralld

Careful spell crafting involves time and preparation but sometimes the passion/energy of an immediate moment is too good to pass up. This workshop offers practical tips and tricks to conducting spell-work on the fly with minimal tools for maximum result. Spell components are available for minimal cost

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Mike Dolan on the New Normal

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Please join Tchipakkan on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, 3-23-16, 8-9 p.m. est.  (Listen to the archived show here.)
Mike DolanWe’ll be talking about the importance and interest in psychic events/ fairs/ conferences in the modern world.Mike Dolan is a man who wears many hats, he’s a musician (he performed with the group Featherscale, and now alone), a craftsman (practically a wizard in wood who, indeed, makes wands among other things sold through his business Haunted Wood. He teaches, (care and feeding of magical tools at Changing Times-Changing Worlds). He has done painting as street performance, he writes, he consults, and for the last five years he has organized a psychic fair in New Hampshire coming up on April 2nd: the Magick Marketplace and Psychic Fair.

MMarkeplace 2016Almost any weekend you can find some gathering of people interested in magic and psychic phenomena somewhere, and I’m looking forward to asking Mike for his perspective on what it is about this side of our lives that makes us need this sort of gathering. We love the cool stuff to buy, the entertainment, the workshops, and who doesn’t want to get some word from “the other side” on how to make their life work better? I’ll ask him how he finds and chooses the merchants and soothsayers, healers and psychics who make this event so popular, and why there is still a place for this sort of fair in the modern world.

We’ll hear about the event in two weeks, but also about others of which he’s been a part from Pagan Pride Days to working at A Sacred Place.


Please call in with any stories or questions: 619-639-4606

To listen live: open a window on your computer to www.Liveparanormal.com, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on LiveParanormal.com here, and they’re organized by date, topic and guest on Tchipakkan.com .

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