Mothers’ Night on the New Normal

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The night before the Solstice is known as Mothernight aka Disablot, Disting, & Modraniht was the celebration /veneration of the Disir or Idisi- the female Ancestors.

People tend to know about the warriors who, when they died, went to Odin’s hall to feast and fight until they became his army at Ragnarok. But what about the women? Well, women who died in childbed, they were counted as having died in battle, but the others, they tended to stick around and watch over the family.

The night before the Solstice is the Norse festival of the Mothers, still celebrated by modern heathens. Yule Eve – On this night (approximately), a Germanic/Scandinavian Midwinter festival known as The Mother Night (or Modresnach) was observed. It was believed that dreams on this night foretold events in the upcoming year. Many of its traditions live on modern Christmas celebrations. The decorated evergreen tree was a symbol of the Tree of Life, or World Tree. The star atop the tree represented the pole star of the Star Goddess. The dinners and gifts were in honor of the food and prosperity given by the Mother Goddesses to their human children. Dreams are prophetic on this night, and this is a good time to contact your gran or great grandmothers for advice on dealing with your problems. I’ll probably brush on some other aspects of northern celebrations that have been transferred to Christmas, but tonight is a night to remember the ladies.

Midwinter Eve also known as St. Thomas’ eve became known for love charms and divination.

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