Workshop Spotlight: Witching Wellness

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Witching Wellness  with Kirk White
The witch walks the line between the worlds, weaving the forces of the plants, the stars, the elements, the spirits, magic and medicine, mind and body, to bring healing (or harm when necessary) to themselves and their communities. Placed into the magical worldview of medieval European folk medicine and magic, yet also drawing on Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek humoral medicine, we will begin to explore how these forces are woven together and can be used for health, happiness, growth, and balance. We will cover basic theory, learn and practice assessment/diagnostic methods, and learn how to choose or create the right treatment strategy based on those findings. Beginners will leave with a firm foundation on which to begin growing while more advanced healers will gain strategies and skills to better define, refine, and deepen their current skill set. (90 min)

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