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Speaker Spotlight: Rev. Robert Nolan

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Rob Nolan in londonThe Reverend Robert Nolan has been a frequent speaker at Changing Times-Changing Worlds since the beginning of the conference. Tchipakkan heard him speaking about both the how and why of studying the old heathen/pagan ways and bringing them into practice in the modern world at A Sacred Place in Canaan, NH and invited him to share his Old Laws series (Guest Right, The Importance of Your Word, and A Modern Code of Honour). Rob understands the difference between simply accepting a practice because it’s old, and using history to see which ways of doing things have stood the test of time, as well as examining which work best under different circumstances. He’s also spoken about the rights and duties of guest and host, and other aspects of honorable living.

Recently, having observed how difficult it is for men to negotiate the changing moods and cultural shifts of modern life, he has been working to develop men’s activities and rites of passage to make the modern world a more comfortable, effective place to live. He knows history, magick and religion through both study and active practice. He’s worked with many groups from A.S.P. to theĀ  Sagefire Fellowship for the last couple decades. This year he’ll be speaking on Midwifing Deity: Origin of God.Rob-Nolan-Deb-Jarvis-wedding1

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