SkyWolf is a wandering Wolf shaman in search of answers, especially to the question “How can we dream a better dream?” After wandering 15 years in varied alternative communities, he found that the path of Primal Shamanic Spirit Hacker was waiting for him all along. Usually found sharing his famous sacred sangria, he lives to teach, guide, and promote healing to empower others to live passionately. He specializes in shamanic healing especially dealing with trauma, spiritual explorations, and connecting with primal energy. Outside of presenting at events or groups, he leads “Wolven Dreams, Academy of Shamanic Arts & Sciences”, teaching a unique approach to shamanic technology that enables anyone to learn and become effective. As a child, he was raised on Muppets, Addams Family, Marx Brothers, George Carlin, and Monty Python and now has enough issues for a subscription or two. Drawing upon his many years of cyber security (CEH, CISSP), gaming, and fencing, he has a unique way of thinking and presenting. Whether he makes sense, speaks madness, or both is entirely up to you.


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