David “Tyr’s Dragon” grew up on a horse farm just outside Elk Neck State Park and spent most of his childhood wandering through the woods and exploring nature. The inherent balance of nature is what inspired him to seek out a spirituality that matched his observations of the wilderness. In 1996 he began exploring the Wiccan religion as a solitary practitioner. He is a 2nd degree priest in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel and coven member of Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag coven in the Silver Spring, MD area. David graduated from the inaugural class of Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism (located in Silver Spring, MD) in 2012. Dave has been a board member of the Sacred Space Foundation, a Mid-Atlantic esoteric conference, for over 8 years. Dave’s extensive education in the sciences of math, physics, and animal husbandry continually inform and expand his innate spirituality. His experience leads him to no longer see a line between spirit and science; they are intertwined. Dave’s specialization in energy work and creation of sacred space is from combining numerous geometric and physical theories with energy/chi work. This work is useful during his shamanic work as the Guardian/Ward for Gryphons Grove. Dave also uses these skills when working on house clearings\warding.

Dragon Cosmology

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