Concert Rhiannon’s Lark
Fortune Telling with Gemstones
Alyssa Yeager is an artist and businesswoman local to Albany, NY. She has been exploring the metaphysical properties of gemstones for many years, and began the business Guidestones to help people focus on specific goals in their lives using the natural energies of gemstones.
Rhiannon’s Lark Bio: Rhiannon’s Lark is a solo music project created by Alyssa Yeager (vocals, guitar) to express the reality of life as a geek, goddess, and girl. What influences Alyssa’s music? •Playing games since the time she could hold a hand of cards (or maybe a little before) •A love of reading, particularly fantasy •Touring the Earth-centered and pagan festival circuit with the band Telling Point •Spending time each year on the west coast hiking to waterfalls and exploring breweries If any of this sounds like you, listen to what Rhiannon’s Lark is playing now.
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