Model, Artist, & Witch

I am Conrahsarahteena.  I took that Craft name when I was 11 back in 1993 when I decided that the path that best fit who I was and who I wanted to be was Eclectic Wicca.  I’ve been practicing magick my whole life.  I drifted towards Paganism as a tween, and spent many years studying world mythology, with extra focus on Greek/Roman, Norse, and Egyptian.  My all time favorite ancient culture is that of Minoan Crete.  The society of ancient Crete was one of the most gender balanced of all time, and that really appeals to me as a tomboyish, bisexual, fiercely independent, and adventurous female.    
Photo taken by Joe Wilson.

About 12 yrs ago I did a little stock photography modeling, and gave it up because I was getting married, and more focused on other areas of my life. Fast forward to 2018, and I finally felt the time was right to go through professional training, and get back into modeling. I graduated from John Casablanca’s and then signed with them after graduating. Since then I’ve been in one bridal expo, New Hampshire Fashion Week, a couple of photo shoots with local photographers, and do some promoting for a couple of events.

I paint, draw, and used to do ceramics. All my paintings have a poem on the back about the scene. Each piece is part of a whole world and plot lines that maybe someday I will manage to organize into a book. I prefer doing landscapes or seascapes, but sometimes I paint spiritual images that show the way I perceive various types of beings I’ve encountered through my practice of The Art. I hope to finish enough pieces to put together a show. I also love to write. Creativity is not one thing. I have been passionate about dance since childhood. I’m an artist. This includes my makeup when I’m modeling, the paint on each canvas, the flower pots or offering dishes I’ve made from clay, or words on a page. The spells and rituals I write are part of my artwork.

Psychic development, spells, rituals, astral travel, meditation, herbs, mythology, folklore, and the paranormal have always been part of my life. That list sums my practice of witchcraft. I grew up in a haunted house on a small farm in southeastern IL. I was taught how to do card readings as a toddler using a deck of preschool flash cards intended to teach colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. I learned to use those flash cards for reading the future and for spirit communication. As I grew up I progressed to using various tarot and oracle card decks. I learned to send and receive spiritual messages/signs my grandmother called “tokens” through birds. Later as an adult I learned that was called augury and was a common practice among the Romans. Magick to me is not white, black, or green. It is a tool for personal development, and it is morally neutral. I’m a healer, seer, psychic, medium, herbalist, enchantress, shaman, priestess, and many other things that fall under the umbrella of witch. I specialize in banishing and exorcism. The paranormal has always been a huge part of my life, and shaped who I am.

This year’s presentation:

Many Faces of Trance with Sarah Livermore
A practical exploration of different methods of trance induction, with primary focus on comparison of hypnosis, meditation, and prayer. No experience or prerequisite courses required. Open to all ages and walks of life. Workshop provides an overview of what trance is, its roll in spiritual practices, trance in mental health, and a walk through of hypnosis, meditation, and prayer in that order. Estimated length 45 minutes.

previous years:

The Popularity of Self-help type spells and why they do or don’t work with Rev. HPS Sarah Livermore

Spells for courage, happiness, love, and overcoming a variety of psychological issues are popular and available in books, on the internet, and in every new age shop on the planet. They make up one of the many forms of self-help out there in the pop psychology universe. How do they really work and why do they often fail? A guide to self-help spells and rituals.

Positive Paranormal : It doesn’t have to be spooky or morbid with Rev. HPS Sarah Livermore

The joys of helping others both living and dead. Dispelling common misconceptions about paranormal field work. Positive techniques for getting spirits to interact for great evidence in investigations, without the overused tactic of provoking activity.


Photo taken by Joe Wilson.

Paranormal Aftercare: Restoring Normalcy and Balance Rev. HPS  with  Sarah Livermore

Guidelines for practitioners and clients for how to restore clients’ sense of normalcy after a haunting, curse, or possesion case has been resolved. This includes a basic overview of the trauma of paranormal attack, and tools for healing that trauma.

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