Leylines and Energy Pools Panel



There are streams and gathering places of energy around the world. Some suggest they are in a regular geometrical pattern, others that they are as irregular as the physical topological features. Some have said that you can tell where ley lines are because birch trees tend to grow along them. Others suggest other plants have that affinity. Some people say they can see ley lines, as some people see auras. Dowsers say they can divert energy streams by pounding iron rods into the ground where they’re running. Many psychics feel the ability to pull energy from these currents. As a common activity among neo-pagans is raising cones of power, there are often pools of left over energy after a circle, and sometimes those pools can become stagnant and the energy can become “bad”, and needs to be removed. Is “grounding” negative energy the best thing you can do with it? Or, as with physical pollutants, is the human population now so large that the planet can no longer cleanse itself of our waste- whether farming, industrial or psychic? If we don’t ground it, how do we treat it ourselves?