Five Minute Meditation – Catherine Kane



Five Minute Meditation – Mindfulness and the Mind/Body Connection For Busy People – Catherine Kane

The practice of meditation has many scientifically documented health benefits, including managing pain, decreasing blood pressure, supporting the immune system, and stress management. An ongoing meditation practice can have a significant positive effect on a person’s health in body, mind and spirit.
Even if the practice is as little as five minutes a day…
(Yes, you read that right.)
While meditating for longer periods is more effective, medical studies have shown that even small periods of meditation, when done regularly, have a positive effect on your health.
Been wanting to get into meditation, but having a hard time figuring out how to open up large amounts of time in your life to meditate? This class will show you an assortment of ways to incorporate meditation in brief periods throughout your life so that you can enjoy the positive effects of mini-meditations right now, as well as have the opportunity to  identify a method that you may wish to devote increased time to in the future.
Open to all levels, from beginners to experienced folks