Ancestor Panel

Some religions feel that their rites are not just helping them, but preserving their ancestors. In china, Heathen Europeans, modern The Mormons, all feel a strong interaction between the living and the dead of a bloodline. Let’s explore how these practices may be applicable in our lives.

Mentors and Teacher’s Panel

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. But what if they don’t? Or worse, what if the wrong teacher shows up? Let’s talk about teachers/mentors, and students- how to find a teacher, how to know if one’s right for you, the dynamics between teacher and student (including what a student owes a teacher and vice versa), how to successfully teach or mentor, and how to make this relationship work for both of you. Join a panel of two (three) people with lots of experience on both sides of the fence. Expect stories…

End of Life/Death Panel 

We will be discussing dying: how we prepare for it, and what we expect after we die. From Near Death experiences, to “bucket lists”, to arranging what kind of end-of-life care you want, to how you want your body disposed of, how does what you believe about post-death experience impact what you want done during and after your death to your body?

Familiars Panel

Who/what’s helping us and why? Companions of witches, Guardian Angels,  Faerie A familiar is a spirit who works with a worker of magic or a witch. While they’re often thought of as a supernatural pet, familiars can also be fairies, or ancestral spirits, or angels, or totems; and are active partners in the practice of magick. Do you have a familiar? Let’s talk about types of familiars, and different ways of working with them.

Healing Panel

What healing modalities are easier for people to integrate into their daily lives without years of study or millions of dollars?
Kind of a practical tour of self-administered alt healing. We’ll talk about the techniques we’ve tried and worked, and what we’ve learned about it. eft (emotional freedom technique), Bach Flower Remedies, and other flower essences, aromatherapy, nutrition and enzymes, Ormus, dynamind, huna healing techniques, crystal healing, herbalism, Reiki, polarity therapy, massage and other body working techniques.

Crafting as a Spiritual Act

It’s very easy to enter a trance or highly intentional state when working on something beautiful and meaningful, and that makes both the object and the activity spiritually powerful.

Weather Working Panel

Can you change the weather? Should you? How do you do it? We’ll ask our panelists.

Death Rituals

Viking ship burials, cremation, internment, sky burials, mummification,… There are so many aspects of death rituals. An early discussion of anthropology and religion asked two peoples: How much would we have to pay you to get you to eat your dead? and How much would we have to pay you to NOT eat your dead? and each side said that no one could pay them enough to fail in their duty to their beloved dead. Some rites were designed to make sure the dead stayed in their graves- away from the living. Others were designed to help them move from the community of the living to the community of the ancestors. Others are designed to maintain the relationships between the dead and their survivors. Some rites are designed for the living and not the dead. Which are the most important to you and why?

Leylines and energy pools Panel

There are streams and gathering places of energy around the world. Some suggest they are in a regular geometrical pattern, others that they are as irregular as the physical topological features. Some have said that you can tell where ley lines are because birch trees tend to grow along them. Others suggest other plants have that affinity. Some people say they can see ley lines, as some people see auras. Dowsers say they can divert energy streams by pounding iron rods into the ground where they’re running. Many psychics feel the ability to pull energy from these currents. As a common activity among neo-pagans is raising cones of power, there are often pools of left over energy after a circle, and sometimes those pools can become stagnant and the energy can become “bad”, and needs to be removed. Is “grounding” negative energy the best thing you can do with it? Or, as with physical pollutants, is the human population now so large that the planet can no longer cleanse itself of our waste- whether farming, industrial or psychic? If we don’t ground it, how do we treat it ourselves?

New Age Radio shows

Now that “radio” is no longer confined to the airwaves but we can access nearly infinite channels by our computers, our options are much greater, but at the same time, it can be like the proverbial needle in a hay-stack. How do you find the shows that have what YOU want to hear? How do you find the ones you want? What do you want to hear?  New Age

Mythology- new myths for the modern world

In essence a myth is a story that expresses an underlying truth; it explains it in easily understood images and makes it more accessible. It uses symbols so that listeners can access layers of understanding as they think about the myth over the years as they grow, so that it resonates with new meaning each time we hear it. Which old myths speak to current issues, and do you have myths that might help illustrate how we can best resolve the new problems we are dealing with today?

Otherkin Panel

Although many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of those born into the wrong gender body, most modern people have at least heard of it, and understand that it’s possible. What fewer people have heard of is those who feel that they have been born into the wrong kind of body. They describe themselves as elves in human form, or dragons, and are supremely uncomfortable with the body and world with which they must deal.

How can this happen? Can this happen? Do you know any of these people (are you one?).

Happy Squirrel Panel

Since the Simpson’s episode “Lisa’s Wedding” was aired, many new Tarot Decks have included the Happy Squirrel in their cards, although a consensus hasn’t yet been reached about what the card means. How do you feel about adding (or changing) the “standard” cards in a tarot deck? How far do you think it’s reasonable to alter the symbol set when there is an established set of meanings?

Elders Panel

For most of human history elders were the repositories of knowledge. Even after literacy was widespread, there are certain things that one can only learn from those who are experienced. But in the world of the internet, (and elders who sometimes are not as familiar with it as the young) the old are often seen as people with extra physical challenges, and little to offer the community. What new systems are beginning to be set in place? What makes one an Elder? Is it just chronological age? Experience? Can one be an Elder in some area and a youngster in others?

House Sharers Panel: elves, ghosts and others who share our homes

There are many entities who attach themselves to our homes and families. Do you have someone who shares your house with you, or do you wish you did? Wouldn’t you love to have some hobs who helped you with your housework? Do you put out milk and honey at certain times to share with the little people? Do you have a ghost in your attic- or bathroom? What experiences have you had? Some of those who share our space are obnoxious, and not good room-mates and we have to encourage them (banish them) so they stop disrupting our lives. Some are protective and pleasant to have around. We hope for panelists who’ll share their experiences, or their knowledge of the history of these folk in cultures across the globe.

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