These are the workshops we accepted so far, we’ll be adding a new batch each month until the schedule is full. We are still accepting proposals, so if you would like to submit one please use the form here. We’ll be back to you within a few weeks.

The Abcedrian System  Gretchen Schork
This system focuses on the planets and the American Alphabet for use in 21st Century magic. The alphabet is assigned to the traditional symbols, making it compatible with other systems, and uses the Triple Septagram as the system’s central diagram. This is a fully useful system, including numeration, sigil design, magical time, and virtually all other aspects of magic presented in other systems (examples: Qabalah and Runes).
This presentation includes a whirlwind tour through the history of the alphabet, uses of alphabets in magic, and how this system is constructed, as well as a few examples of its particular applications to the philosophy of the magician’s place in the magical universe.

Building on RunValdr with Tchipakkan
I’ve been teaching RunValdr for ten years now, and some of you who’ve taken it may want some help trying new ways of using this system. Bring objects you want to turn into magickal objects, practice opening doors to other dimensions, learn how to set wards, talk about which symbols to use for specific types of healing. If you’ve been having problems, let’s address them. This is a powerful system, if you use it, but sometimes it’s easier to learn with someone there to back you up. Prerequisites: a RunValdr attunment and first class.

Cards and Cartomancy, Yesterday and Today with Dan Cassar
Join award winning card game designer Dan Cassar for a tour of the history of the Tarot, playing cards and oracle cards from around the world! Discover how cards have been used as both gaming and divination devices, and then learn the basic techniques of how to create and distribute your own decks of Oracle, Tarot and other kinds of cards.

We’ll explore how from their first appearance in fourteenth century Europe straight through to the present day, cards have fascinated us. Guided by the hand of fate, the deck of cards – originally meant for gambling – came to represent the entire universe, encompassing the past and the future for the curious souls who seek to unlock their mysteries.

The first half of this session will be dedicated to the history and development of different types of cards for both divination and gaming, and the second half of the session will focus on techniques for creating, printing and distributing decks of your own design. 90 minutes

Crafting Magickal & Conjure Oils with Jean Hacker In this workshop we will learn how to craft magickal and conjure oils. We will learn what are the best carrier oils, how to pick ingredients such as herbs, roots, essential oils and curios. How to charge and work with the oils. We will make and take a conjure oil.

Developing and Maintaining Positive Relationships with Your Computer and Other Electronic Devices for Energy and Metaphysical Practitioners with Kathryn Smith
“I hate computers. They never work for me.” How many times have you said that? Come to this class and learn the benefits of approaching your devices from a positive outlook, and ways to integrate them into your practice instead of fighting with them. Your computer doesn’t have to be an adversary. Let’s change that relationship.

Dowsing 101   with Sean Kane
Dowsing is the art of locating objects and detecting energies. Starwolf will show you how to utilize both L rods and Pendulums in finding what you need.  60 min

Dragon Cosmology with David Rea

Dragon Cosmology– Who are they? Where did they come from? Stories of dragons are present on all continents, very few mythological creatures have that in common…but why? Those that question their power are often burned, while those that work with them are healed from the burns inflicted. This class is a sharing of my life with them, working with them, growing with them, and a little bit of their history…from their own words.

E.D.C. for the metaphysical practitioner with Sean Kane
E.D.C. Or Every Day Carry is a term used by the preper/survivalist community for the carried in pocket, backpack or purse on a consistent basis. This principle can be adapted to the Witch, Shaman or Psychic. We’ll go over concepts of what to carry, how to carry, and how to protect what you’re carrying from the wear and tear of life. If you already have a kit, feel free to bring it so we can compare.

Fireology: with Ariel Sirocco
Fire has been an important part of all cultures and
religions, from pre-history to modern day, and was vital to the
development of Civilization.  With such a rich and wide landscape, are
we placing “the idea of fire” in its proper mental, esoteric, and
ritual framework?  In this lecture, we’ll look at the very roots of
“Fire” and its Promethean legacy.  We’ll explore spiritual and cosmic
fire, the “terrestrial fire” of the Tartarus, and how human evolution,
both culturally and anatomically, was touched by this divine
elemental.  In this lecture, we will take the swaddling clothes off
our current understanding of the “fire mythos,” taking these beliefs
out of their modern infancy, pass the fantastic, and into the reality
of the truly unbelievable where fact is always stranger than fiction.
This is a TWO-HOUR CLASS with a PowerPoint presentation and handouts.

Freemasonry & the Golden Dawn:  Old Men’s Mysteries for Modern Men (and Women too!) with Kirk White
This class is an exploration of the history, activities and practices of these two ceremonial groups. We’ll debunk myths, give away “secrets”, talk about magick, and explain how these groups can be used to transform one’s self and one’s world. 

Funerary Rites for pagans with Lady Cerridwyn aka Anne Rutherford Must pagans replicate the traditions that are prevalent in western society? Are we limited to cremation and internment and traditional burial with viewings and services? What are the historical methods of burial in pagan societies and how might they be replicated in the modern world? Class will include an overview of historical practices, and discussion of modern day options and legal issues. Workshop with discussion.

Get Action             Rebecca Oubouzar
Life is beyond demanding, and “wine-and-bubble-bath” method of self-care is a booming business. But all the STUFF is still lurking outside your candle-lit soaking sanctuary. How do we handle it? How do we do so mindfully, without burning ourselves out? How do we do it when we’re overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed? Let’s find out together. (This class will include guided meditation.)


Getting What You Need with Christopher LaFond
 Astrologically, Mars and Saturn are known as the “malefics,” or “evil doers.” But we all have them somewhere in our charts, and the difficulties they indicate can often simply be an indicator of how to pay closer attention to our needs. This workshop will explore how that works, using some famous examples as well as the birth charts of willing participants. No previous astrological background is necessary; appropriate for all levels of astrological knowledge. 90 minutes

Hawthorn Medicine and Magic with Sean Donahue
Blossoms that beckon with the scent of sex and death. Thorns that guard the fruit. Standing atop the Hollow Hills that mark the entrance to the Faerie realm, Hawthorn is a glyph for the power of the realm whose gates it guards. We will explore the medicine, magic(k), and folklore of this tree. 90 minutes

History of the Occult with Tchipakkan The last 50 years has been exciting, with the 60’s called “the Occult Explosion”, and the New Age. But there have been “New Ages” in almost every generation since the “Enlightenment”, and before that Magick was simply one of the things people studied. Knowing how things began can be useful for directing your attention to what you want to learn next. I’ll run through magic from the beginning of written history to the present, mostly from the European and Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern areas, and leave time for questions.

Introduction to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Kirk White
The Golden Dawn has had the single largest influence on Western occultism in modern history. The concepts, associations and practices of almost every subsequent magical group, including Wicca, modern Paganism and Thelema, were inspired by the Golden Dawn. Through study of hermetic qabalah, astrology, tarot, alchemy, theurgy, astral travel and other spiritual/ personal development tools they became the “gold standard” of ceremonial groups. Join us as we explore some of the history, beliefs and practices of past and current Golden Dawn temples. There will be some “show and tell” and a chance to experience GD ritual firsthand. Prerequisites: An alternative to the Freemasonry and the Golden Dawn talk.

Honor’s Haven Labyrinth

Labyrinth Ritual with Maryalyce Merrit and Davis
The labyrinth is a transformative tool. Its nature is such that to enter it you must choose a path perpendicular to where you wish to travel, and only when you release the goal and embrace the journey to you find yourself at the center. Travelers will be asked to contemplate the ideas of “to Know”, “to Will”, “to Dare”, and “to be Silent” as you navigate the beautiful outdoor labyrinth. You will be met in the center and be offered an opportunity for deep sacred witnessing. Our ritual will be a Reclaiming style rite if self-directed journey done in silence. It will take as long as you need. It can be as deep as you desire. The labyrinth is a tool of service. You are welcome to bring drums, rattles, journals, art supplies as you see fit. Please dress appropriately as we will be outside. Blessed Be.

The Language of Omens: Connecting with Gods When You Can’t Hear Them.  with. Raven Kaldera
Many people complain that they can’t see or hear the Gods, and indeed that gift is not necessarily given to everyone. However, with time and devotion, it’s possible to work out a system of omens with the willing deities who are dear to you, and thus know that They are listening and communicating. This class will discuss how to develop a system of “walking omens” with Gods, and how to cross-check to know when a cigar is just a cigar and not a Sacred Sign.

Lessons from the Kingdom of Freaks and Monsters: Real Diversity in Pagan Groups.  with Raven Kaldera
As Pagans, we like to think that our groups are open to a wide variety of people … but are they really? How do we include and integrate the spiritual needs of people who are queer, transgendered, polyamorous or in other alternative relationships, physically or mentally disabled, non-neurotypical, legal minors, parents, god-bothered, or otherwise not the usual run-of-the-mill idea of a Pagan? Many groups today are moving away from the “initiatory mystery cult” model and embracing a more open, congregational format, and as such will be seeing more of the above sorts. How do we meet the needs of as many people as possible, and when do we have to say “I’m sorry, not doable” to people? This class will discuss real accessibility from the point of view of a very welcoming congregation. 

Making Magical Candles with Patty Taylor
In this class we will have some fun making candles using beeswax, oils, herbs and incense.
You will have the chance to create something with your own hands and intentions for a person purpose.
Supplies and reference books will provided.
Material fee $10.00 per person 60 min

Making Magical Motifs in Hand Embroidery with Sewmagic Lois 
Some folks think they have no creative fire within themselves. Others are sure they do. Either way, using a needle and thread is a time-honored way to nurture the fire within us. Even though it is an ancient art, embroidery is still common in today’s world. It can be used for anything from decorating ritual garb to covering spots and stains on that favorite T-shirt. ( 90 min)

Come learn some basic hand embroidery stitches. All you need is a small wood or plastic embroidery hoop, some lightweight solid color fabric, a needle, and embroidery floss. (INSTRUCTOR WILL HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF SUPPLY KITS AVAILABLE FOR A NOMINAL COST)

Many Faces of Trance with Sarah Livermore
A practical exploration of different methods of trance induction, with primary focus on comparison of hypnosis, meditation, and prayer. No experience or prerequisite courses required. Open to all ages and walks of life. Workshop provides an overview of what trance is, its roll in spiritual practices, trance in mental health, and a walk through of hypnosis, meditation, and prayer in that order. Estimated length 45 minutes.

Mastering the magical energy of the heart with SacredOwl Q Quinones
Learning the the power of the heart through consciousness and meditative awareness. Discussing the different levels of magic through alpha beta delta and theta rems. Showing hoe the heart has been used in different levels of earth magic and religions. How the heart power plays a role in hoodoo, voodoo, Santeria, paganism and Native ideologically ceremony.

Meditative Bead Making with Mary Kimball
Ever try to relax and meditate and found your mind to wonder? In this class, we will make meditative bead lines that you can use to help you concentrate. There will be a collection of beads to choose from to create your line. We will discuss the different kind of beads and properties you may be attracted to and well as how to use the lines once you have created your own.

Norse Working with Jane Sibley
A high energy circle raised in Norse Tradition, in which we will do healing, fertility magic, charging of major tools, distance work, or whatever else needs doing. Once the ritual begins, the room will be sealed and guarded, so please come on time, fed, rested., and pottied.  90+ min

Our place within the Biological: The Hamster Wheel  with Thor Halvorsen
A discourse into the importance of philosophy, institutions & constructs, in regards to how the trickle down effect literally encompasses our worldview, our attitudes, and the long-game consequences of humanity upon our earth.
Discussion points:Global warming, influence of religious institutions, Attitude & the Colonizing mindset, Trade & Commerce, Possible Solutions & Considerations, Steps forward from here..

Releasing Your Limits – An Introduction to E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Catherine KaneWe know what to do to be happy, healthy, successful; to live the life of our dreams. Why don’t we do it? We all have beliefs (conscious or unconscious) that limit us, sabotage our happiness, block us. These beliefs can be hard to break free of. E.F.T. is a simple, quick, fun way to release limiting beliefs and replace them with ones that support prosperity, growth and happiness. It combines belief statements with tapping on energy meridian points to literally change our minds so we can change our lives. Learn practical E.F.T. skills to release blocks and live your dreams.

Rewilding Masculinity with Sean Donahue
What does masculinity look and feel like outside the framework of our patriarchal culture? In my own journey to understand masculinity, and seek healthy ways to embody it, I have looked to our wild kindred who live outside our culture, inhabiting bodies much like our own — the animals and plants. I will share what Deer and Bear, Oak and Devil’s Club have taught me about masculinity, human and wild.

Sacred Symbology for Crafters with Sophia Shultz

Shaking Hands With the Drum  with    Brother Granite
Experience authentic Native American Pow Wow songs with Brother Granite. Over a decade of drumming and story-telling at Pow Wows, fairs, elementary schools, libraries and adult care centers makes this an educational and entertaining program.  This program will teach about traditional Pow Wow Regalia and explain each song performed during the program.  What makes this program extra special is it offers traditional Inter-Tribal Storytelling.  Brother Granite brings the Native American stories alive with his animated use of body-language, special voice inflection and interaction with the audience. Brother Granite will show sacred items during the program and some audience participation will be encouraged.  90 min

Shiva Aghora: Eating with Lepers and Untouchables.  with Raven Kaldera
Aghora is the aspect of the Hindu god Shiva who looks after lepers, untouchables, and anyone who is looked down upon in society. Who are your lepers and untouchables? (Think of that really, really annoying person you cringe to see.) We’ll be learning about the lepers and untouchables in our lives, and doing a small ritual to Shiva Aghora to help us find patience and compassion for them. We’ll also be asking Shiva Aghora for help when any of us become the lepers and untouchables every day in the world.

Sigil Magick with Jean Hacker
Sigils are symbols that are created for magickal purpose. Whether to express or manifest our desire or will, Or to honor or connect to a spirit such as in the case of Veve, or Seals, Sigil magick is the art of using symbols or imagery to manifest a specific outcome or intention.
In this workshop we will learn how to create, charge and work with sigils. We will each create a personal sigil for our desired need or outcome.

Sociological scope: Two fold kiss of duality: Identity in the  21st Century with Thor Halvorsen
Discussion of the ever open book world of Social Media & Identity aspects, regarding the ever encroaching social media infusion, intrusion, and the balance of public vs private, but also the changing dynamics of society and the implications thereof to our communities.
Also discussed: The wrestling match with hate-group infiltration & propagation & ramifications via association. The importance of community, and how to strengthen that, safely. The need for building up the next generation, or else the legacies pass with our current generation. The aging Crones & Sages.. How we need to look out for each other as we can.

Somatic Prayer with Sean Donahue
What is your body’s deepest prayer? Shifting, focusing, and building sensation and emotion lie at the heart of my magic(k)al practice. It is our Wild Self, our Somatic Self, that can engage most profoundly with the Divine and the Infinite to create “change in conformity with Will,” Drawing on the insights of Wilhelm Reich and Victor Anderson and my own lived experience, I will outline my approach to working with embodied sensation in partnering with the living world for individual and collective healing and transformation. 90 minutes

“The Symbolic Infrastructure of the Tarot: an Evolutionary View” with Mockingbird
Artistic details may in some cases be misleading in modern decks, but the superstructure shines through in the titles and numbers (even if the latter were added later). The structure is “revolutionary”, but we shall examine it backwards to reveal more!

Tea and Cookies with the Ancestors with Sophia Shultz
The ancient Egyptians believed that the ka’s of their deceased required physical nourishment. While they usually included offering tablets or paintings of offerings on tomb walls, some actually paid individuals to bring food to the tomb. On special occasions the family of the deceased might even dine at the tomb. We will remember our ancestors, write their names, and keep them near us as we enjoy tea and cookies (source TBD). While we have our refreshments we will talk about our ancestors and their impact on our lives. Sounds terribly dry, but we did it last weekend at Stones Rising and it was very moving.

Using YouTube and social media to promote your practice with SacredOwl Q Quinones
Techniques and methods in using social media you tube, IGTV, Facebook live, podcasting and public radio to enhance your practice. And to get your message out. How to organize your topic list, timing and length of your videos, how to capture your audience, demographics, targeting and more points to enhance your magical practice. 90 minutes

Walking the Liminal Spaces with Rebecca Oubouzar
As our path unwinds, sometimes we find ourselves in the shoes of Robert Frost, taking “the one less traveled by.” These less-worn avenues often take us between the well-drawn lines of society. We will briefly explore the in-between places in which we walk. (This class will include guided meditation; passing familiarity with pagan and queer terminologies will help, but is not required.)

What Does Your Aura Say About You?   with Loonwitch

Every living thing has an aura; that essence of color,  light,  and energy that emanates from the physical form, creating an invisible force.  In this lecture,  learn what the aura is and how it can be photographed; learn what your aura says about you; how you can strengthen your aura to provide protection and improve your sense of well-being, and discover techniques to see and feel the aura through interactive exercises.  60 min

When the Fire Burns Low with Catherine Kane
Some things are sent to try us. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes we go into survival mode and let our dreams fall away from us. Let’s look at ways to overcome or come back from challenging times, keep our dreams alive and the fire within us burning, and fan those flames higher again if they’ve been burning down

Witching Wellness  with Kirk White
The witch walks the line between the worlds, weaving the forces of the plants, the stars, the elements, the spirits, magic and medicine, mind and body, to bring healing (or harm when necessary) to themselves and their communities. Placed into the magical worldview of medieval European folk medicine and magic, yet also drawing on Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek humoral medicine, we will begin to explore how these forces are woven together and can be used for health, happiness, growth, and balance. We will cover basic theory, learn and practice assessment/diagnostic methods, and learn how to choose or create the right treatment strategy based on those findings. Beginners will leave with a firm foundation on which to begin growing while more advanced healers will gain strategies and skills to better define, refine, and deepen their current skill set. (90 min)

You Can Create Magick!  with Loonwitch
From common household items, you can create magick, stir up energy, manifest your desires, and protect those you love.  This is a fun and interactive workshop where we will discuss the key components of “manipulating” energy and stimulating the senses.  We will create the LoonWitch’s very own Wish Powder, and learn how you can make magick a part of your every day life without having a big price tag on ingredients!

Your Astrology Chart with Christopher LaFond
Though there are many levels to astrology, the most basic levels of reading the birth (natal) chart are fairly straightforward. In this workshop, we’ll unpack one sentence that is the essential key to basic chart interpretation: “… the planets indicate, the signs describe, and the houses locate and empower…” (Deborah Houlding, The Houses: Temples of the Sky). We’ll use the charts of (willing) attendees to see how clear your own charts can be, and how simple the first (and most important) level of astrological interpretation is. This is an excellent introduction for the beginner, or review of traditional (pre-1700) methods for the experienced astrologer. 90 minutes

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