The ABC’s of CBD
For many of us there is so much information out there about Cannabidiol that it makes our head spin, and then we are told that CBD is even good for THAT! Let’s discuss the history of CBD, how and why it works, indications for humans (and pets, too), side effects, legalities, and important considerations. Blais, Orr, Willow Diana

Death Plans
Do you avoid thinking about your death? Have you made a will, left instructions for your funeral, or burial? Do you have an Organ Donor card? a DNR? Do you trust your family to know what to do with your books (who gets your Book of Shadows?) and magickal items? In this hour our panelists will share the plans that they have made for their deaths, and help you decide what is important for you to do for your own planning. Kathryn Smith, Mary Kimball, Sacred Owl

Divination Panel: Pointed Hats vs Lighted Screens
How has the prevalence of Apps and wide accessibility of information on the internet affected the divination field? Divinatory technology evolves. Our magical tools have gone mainstream (even Hollywood). There are apps that claim to replace or equal the seasoned experienced divination practitioners. How do we react to the devaluation of our skills & expertise against such affronts and technological shortcuts?
Coyote Skywoman, Smith, Livermore, Halvorsen

Elders Panel
“I want to pass on whatever I can before it’s my turn for the Rainbow Bridge.“ There are many things that our elders can teach community members, but how do you find those eager to learn? When we lived in villages of 200, you knew who the “weird ones” were, you knew who the elders were. How do you find your students or mentor?
Kane, Jane Sibley, Tchipakkan, Robert Nolan

A medium tells you that your mother is always watching from heaven, people listen to hours of recordings at “haunted houses” to hear whispered voices through static, we leave flowers or a favorite food at a grave, you feel your pet dog curl on your feet in bed, although he died a month ago. There are many views of the experiences that convince us that the dead can contact the living. Heaven? Summerland? Reincarnation? Our panelists will share their views and that formed them.
Willow Taylor, Livermore, Sacred Owl, Tchipakkan, Willow Diana

Healers and Personal Responsibility
As healing practitioners we often see clients redundantly for the same issues. How can we support clients who return to us with the same complaints when they are reluctant to take responsibility for their own healing? The basis of Holistic Healing is often that the practitioner is facilitating a modality that boosts the recipient’s ability to heal themselves. What happens when the healing requires lifestyle changes that the client refuses to implement or is in denial about? How can we best help them while witnessing, holding space, and using what’s in our healer’s’ “tool box”? with Sibley, Martinez, Merritt, Sacred Owl

Occult and Spiritual Content in Fiction – Bane or Blessing? Even when magical fiction is accurate, the argument can be raised that by portraying it as FICTION it relegates real religion, etc. to the realm of fantasy in the mind of the uneducated. Yet it can also be the thing that catches the eye of a newcomer, and makes them look for more information from serious practitioners or books. What’s your position? Come hear our panelists make the case for theirs, whatever they may be.

Coyote Skywoman, Smith, Fitzpatrick

Panel: Self-Care in a Magickal World
We struggle between the worlds, often our spiritual life seems in conflict with our “mundane” life. How we reconcile our actions and daily demands on us with the spiritual connection we hope to achieve? How can we prevent burning out and losing heart/spirit, but instead find balance in our lives? The balance is in balancing the totally of care of our being in all ways, and practices, mundane and Spiritual. Kane, Martinez, Tchipakkan

Shamanism: The World Around Us
Shamans experience the world as a living entity not an inanimate reactive climate. How do we move forward in a social climate where there are arguments over whether climate change is real? How do we deal with corporate encroachment and abuses, loss of song birds, insects, oceanic lives, temperate zone changes, ocean current changes? What can we do as a community to help build awareness and help to resolve balance? The earth itself, and nature know how to maintain and enact balance, it is we, humans, whom need to learn said balance within the living world.
Skywoman, Kaldera, Willow Diana

“Sometimes a Stick is Just a Stick”

How do you know if that there’s a ghost, pixie or another spirit to messing with your electronics, or mood, or whether it’s just a low pressure system or some other “normal” reason. Let’s talk about how to figure out whether it’s our own sub-conscious reinforcing what we really want to do anyway, or a real message from the other side. Baron, Kane, Martinzez, Starwolf

Symbolism: The Hate Among Us
In our current climate of hate being given voice and continued battle between misappropriation of symbols by hategroups vs general practitioners, how do we strive for balance? How can we talk with each other about symbols we give different meaning?
with Sibley, Tchipakkan, Halvorsen

“You Shall Not Pass!” Defense against the Dark Arts Panel
Some say that you cannot heal if you cannot curse. Is the best defense a good offense? What’s the difference between warding and shielding? Some of us use a bubble of white light while some of us call Cerberus to our side. How can we best determine what methods, charms, and tools to use for different circumstances? What are the repercussions? What about the ‘Threefold Law’? AVee Baron, Catherine Kane, Sacred Owl, Starwolf

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